Rayearth Ep. 37: Revive, Hikaru’s Sword!


Aska summons multiple swords to attack Fuu but she blocks them with her magic. Fuu says she must leave right away and restrains Aska with her wind. Fuu gets her glove returned to her and equips her clothes and armor. She apologizes for being so rough and asks Aska why she’s in Cephiro. Aska says she wants to be the Pillar so she can do whatever she wants and become as beautiful as Emeraude was. Fuu asks who she wants to become beautiful for and Aska glances as Sang Yung. Fuu says if Aska becomes the Pillar she won’t be able to fall in love anymore and explains how it works. Aska finds it pitiable and Fuu tells her about how easily Cephiro can crumble. Aska still doesn’t want Fuu to go, but Ferio busts through the door. The ninjas attack him but he fights them off. He takes Fuu by the hand and they run off, Fuu telling Aska they should have some tea next time they meet. The ninjas give chase but Ferio beats them. Fuu asks Ferio why he’s there and he says he doesn’t want to let someone else have what’s dear to him. They’re cornered on the deck of the fortress but they escape on the back of a giant bird. Fuu is upset that Ferio put himself in danger and tells him to consider how she’d feel if something happened to him. He says the same to her and she thanks him. Fuu then has a vision of Hikaru in danger.

Nova viciously attacks Hikaru and knocks her down. She says she hates everything Hikaru loves and loves Hikaru because she hates herself. Hikaru is shocked to hear she hates herself and Nova tells her to ignore the outside world and just play with her. Presea interferes and reminds Hikaru what she’s fighting for. Hikaru stands and Nova’s attacks are unable to harm her. Hikaru says she’s going back to the others but Nova won’t let her go. Hikaru declares she’ll fight for her promise to the others, as well as for her own heart. She summons her sword and launches an attack that overwhelms Nova. Lantis arrives and sees Nova’s spirit leave Hikaru’s body. She tells him she’ll kill Hikaru and leaves. Presea wakes up and checks on Hikaru. Lantis holds Hikaru as she wakes up. She apologizes to him and says she loves him before passing out. Umi and Fuu are distracted by their worry for Hikaru and Debonair appears before them. Debonair says her powers are still growing and they can’t win because her powers come from the hearts of the people. She attacks Umi but Ascot takes the hit. Debonair also attacks Fuu and Ferio, but Fuu manages to block it. Debonair is about to attack again but Clef teleports them all back to the castle. Umi runs to a collapsed Clef who says he’s glad she’s safe before passing out. Debonair says everything is futile because Cephiro will soon be hers. Alcyone starts glowing and Lantis continues to hold an unconscious Hikaru in his arms.


This episode had Ferio fighting ninjas. Awesome. We learn that all Aska really wants is for Sang Yung to like her but I doubt it’s necessarily for her to try that hard. Fuu tells her the truth so hopefully she’ll change her mind about the whole Pillar thing. Hikaru finally fixes her sword but it was pretty anti-climactic. She simply declares her intention to fight again and voila. If it was that simple I don’t think they needed five episodes to get to that point. Some interesting things did get brought up and not resolved, namely Hikaru’s feelings for Lantis and her hatred for herself, but I guess that will come into play later. Oh, and Debonair is evil. I’m not sure if you caught that or not.

Overall Rating
Rayearth Info

Toshihiro Hirano

Nanase Ohkawa (CLAMP)
Keiko Maruo
Osamu Nakamura

Mechanical Designer:
Masahiro Yamane

Character Designer(s):
Atsuko Ishida
CLAMP (manga)

Musical Composer:
Hayato Matsuo

49 episodes

Japan 10.17.1994 – 11.27.1995


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