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SRW OG: The Animation Ep. 2: People = Parts


Aerogator Megillots destroy a city and Wilhelm von Jürgen clutches his wife and son’s bodies. He cries that it wouldn’t have happened if his ODE System was used. Present day, Gilliam explains that the ODE (Omni Dendro Encephalo) System was developed under Bian Zoldark so Rai asks if it was related to the Divine Crusaders. Kyosuke reminds them that DC was destroyed and Tetsuya doesn’t think it could be related to the Bartolls, which were developed after the Inspector incident. Gilliam explains that Professor Wilhelm von Jürgen brought the ODE system to Wong Industries. He says it’s a mobile weapon network and Excellen wonders if it was meant to control unmanned machines. The Hagane gets a message that a university in Osaka is under attack. Gilliam goes on about how the ODE system was designed to control a large number of units with minimal manpower. Rai asks about the woman they found inside the Bartoll and Gilliam says the military was lied to. He says the ODE system runs on an organic core and that any human can be used. Excellen asks about those left behind and Gilliam answers that they are looking into their similarities. They are informed of the attack in Osaka and the Hagane takes off. Bartolls use gas on the students and police officers. The ATX and SRX teams prepare to launch but Ryusei says there could be captives in the Bartolls and wonders if there’s any way to save them. The Bartolls collect the people and transport them away. The Hagane crew wonder where they’re taking them and Gilliam says they will be used for Bartoll parts. He adds that the university has many talented people and thus better parts. Bullet wonders about Kusuha and Gilliam says their knowledge would be very valuable, thus not likely to be used right away. Kyosuke tells Ryusei not to have any doubts and that they must prevent the people from becoming parts. Ryoto tells them the woman passed away and that humans inside the Bartolls can no longer be saved. The Hagane arrives and both teams launch. The Hagane fires its impact guns, but all the Bartolls dodge. Gilliam concludes that the Bartolls instantly relay combat data to the other units using the ODE system so the same attacks won’t work twice. Gilliam says they must have secretly mass-produced them at Wong Industries’ factory and Tetsuya wonders if Jürgen could be there. Excellen prepares to attack, but the ATX team is called back to the Hagane. They are told they’ll head to Wong Industries’ factories in Dalian, China to investigate. Viletta prepares to launch in her R-Gun Powered and reminds the SRX team that using the same attacks won’t work. Ryusei tosses one of the R-1‘s G-revolvers into a group of Bartolls and uses the other one to shoot it. It explodes and destroys several Bartolls. Tetsuya tells the ATX team to make sure they rescue any captives and Kyosuke asks how they’re going to get through the enemy force. Tetsuya says they’ll clear the way and points the Hagane ‘s cannons towards Dalian. The Bartolls move to avoid the shot and the ATX team launches, flying through the gap. The Bartolls turn to chase but are destroyed by another shot from the Hagane.

The Hagane shoots down more Bartolls, but is hit by a barrage of missiles. Ryusei destroys a Bartoll with his T-Link Knuckle, but misses a second one. Rai misses with his chakram and Aya with her strike shields. Enemy reinforcements arrive. The ATX team continues on to Dalian and Excellen wonders why Jürgen created the ODE system. Kyosuke says it was anti-alien system but Excellen wonders if that’s all. She says according to the data he was a pleasant family man and wonders why he’d create a system that exploits humans. Kyosuke says there are people who will do anything to achieve their goals but Bullet adds that the original ODE system didn’t require a living core. He wonders if something happened to Jürgen to make him change. Bartolls arrive and the ATX team scatters. Excellen fires but misses and Kyosuke uses his plasma horn to destroy a Bartoll. Bullet is hit with missiles and Excellen is kicked away. She notices how vastly different their skills are and they notice that the Bartolls move like Lamia’s Angelg. Ryusei is overwhelmed and Ryoto confirms that they’re moving like Lamia but that there’s nothing organic in them. Ryusei continues to have trouble, as does Rai. Aya takes some out but barely dodges the attacks of others. Gilliam says they can’t let the battle drag on and asks for permission to use pattern OOC. Tetsuya approves and tells the R-Gun to launch. The R-1, R-2 Powered and R-3 Powered combine into the SRX and pulls out its ZO Sword. It uses the Tengo Tenga Mutekigiri twice and takes out several Bartolls. The Hagane open fires and the R-Gun goes into its metal genocider mode. The SRX grabs it and fires the Hyper Tronium Buster cannon, sweeping the area and destroying 90 percent of the Bartolls, with the rest retreating. Rai reports that the plus parts are severely worn and Viletta says they won’t be able to combine again any time soon. Ryusei notes that they barely got through it and wonders how the ATX team is doing. The SRX team is recovered and the Hagane heads to Dalian. The Alteisen Riese slams into a mountain and the Grungust Type 3 and Weissritter are hit with missiles. Bullet says their numbers keep increasing and Kyosuke tells him not to back down. They’re surrounded by Bartolls but Masaki Andoh, along with his cat familiars, Kuro and Shiro, arrive and destroys them with his Cybuster. Bullet wonders what he’s doing there and Excellen says he must be lost. Masaki says there seemed to be a disturbance on the surface world and he decided to check it out but Excellen says he still got lost. Masaki wonders if the Bartolls are Inspectors and destroys them with his Cyflash. The rest retreat and Masaki asks if they should go after them. Kyosuke says their goal is the factory and Bullet flies to it. Excellen scans the area but doesn’t detect any forms of life and Kyosuke says it’s a trap. A bomb explodes and Bullet is caught in it. The Grungust digs out of the ground and Kyosuke says their nest must be elsewhere. Back at the Hagane, Gilliam reports that the space forces found a large number of Bartolls in the vicinity of an old factory used by the Inspectors in the last war. He adds that Wong Industries had restored it. Tetsuya says they’re going to go and verify the enemy’s objectives. Gilliam adds they have to stop the ODE system and Masaki asks if it’s just them. Mai says it’s a good chance to save their friends and Tetsuya says if they don’t do it by a certain time the space forces will launch a nuclear attack. Kyosuke says it’s a race against time. At the factory Bartolls unload captured humans and Seolla, Latooni, Arado and Kusuha wake up in a different room. They see a Bartoll with Lamia inside and she tells them to get away. Four more Bartolls enter the room. The Hagane leaves the atmosphere and Tetsuya designates the factory as Hellgate. Thousands of Bartolls launch and the Hagane continues forward.


After moving the plot forward with an explanation of the ODE system, the teams head back into action. The SRX appears in this episode and its combining sequence is definitely one of the cooler ones I’ve seen. It easily wipes out the Bartolls, but as usual it over heats and can’t be used again. It’s a shame it won’t get another appearance. Fan favorite Masaki and his Cybuster also show up and show off its power. This isn’t actually Cybuster’s first anime appearance, as it actually had its own anime loosely based on its SRW self. This episode is full of more great fight scenes that are just plain awesome. Now that the Hagane is heading to the source of the Bartolls they have quite a bit to accomplish next episode.

Overall Rating
SRW OG: The Animation Info


Jun Kawagoe

Satoru Nishizono

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kazutaka Miyatake
Junichi Moriya
Hiroshi Ando
Kazue Saito
Yasuhiro Saiki

Character Designer:
Ryo Tanaka

Musical Composer:
Tsuneyoshi Saitoh

3 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 05.27.2005 – 12.23.2005
U.S. 10.23.2007


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