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SRW OG: The Inspector Stage 20: The Young Raptor


Tetsuya is given command of the Kurogane by Ratsel, who says he’ll be fighting on the front lines. Sean says Tetsuya just became the captain of a Space Noah class earlier than planned, but Tetsuya says he’ll serve as acting captain instead. Sean says the Einst have gone into hiding and Shu says they’re a bigger threat than the Inspectors. Lefina says they’ll head to the Earth Cradle as planned and Shu takes his leave, saying he has other things he needs to do. The Hiryu Kai arrives at the Earth Cradle and asks to dock in accordance to their alliance, but Archibald gives the order to attack. The Hiryu Kai shoots down the missile strike and moves away. Archibald sees it as a feint and Agilla sends out Ouka, Seolla and the forces the Shadow Mirrors left behind to collect samples. Egret says they should prioritize their own safety and Archibald suggests sending out Egret’s kids too. Wodan looks at Sophia and vows to protect the Earth Cradle and Magus as well as defeat Sanger. Ryukooh and Cybuster shoot down more missiles before Ouka and Seolla arrive. Kyosuke prepares to launch in the combat ready Gespenst Mark II Type SA and asks Marion to take care of the Alteisen. She says she’ll make it into something better than the plan Kyosuke submitted. Arado gets ready to launch in the Wildwurger which is now equipped with the stag beetle crusher. Marion reminds him of pattern TBS and Arado is sure he’ll use it someday. He’s told the Wildfalken has appeared and Kyosuke encourages Arado before he launches. Seolla goes after Latooni but Arado intercepts her. Some of her memories resurface, but Seolla ignores them and fires on Arado. Arado approaches her without fighting back and Seolla reminds him they’re enemies. He says that might be true now, but they weren’t before and won’t be after. This triggers more of Seolla’s memories and causes her pain. Ouka interferes but the Fairlions engage her. Arado tries to remind Seolla of who she really is, commenting on her boobs, lack of sex appeal, and her childish panties but that only angers her. Thurisuz and Anthuz arrive and attack Arado. Arado fires back but the Bergelmirs regenerate any damage. Thurisuz curses that Arado’s data was used to make them, and Anthuz explains it was because Arado had the strongest body of the boosted children. Thurisuz hates that and says he’ll destroy Arado to end the humiliation. The Wildwurger is hit with the Bergelmir’s six plagues and crashes to the ground while Seolla cries into her hands. Egret tells Uruz that they’re leaving, saying there’s no need follow along with Archibald and if anything happened to Uruz the plan would need to be altered. Seolla continues crying and remembers Agilla’s reconditioning that convinced her Arado killed everyone from The School. She says that Arado didn’t, and the image of evil Arado in her head morphs into the Bergelmir. She cries for him to stop and fires.

Thurisuz avoids the shot and Seolla moves to defend Arado. She apologizes repeatedly and says her memories are back. Anthuz muses that Thurisuz helped Seolla get her memories back, and Thurisuz says she just became more defective. Arado asks who they think they are, and Anthuz explains that they are the Machinery Children who will replace humans and defeat the aliens and monsters in their place. Arado and Seolla go after them and Thurisuz asks what puppets with cut strings can do before launching his six plagues. Arado fires and misses, but Seolla shoots a few down. Lamia destroys the rest and says that a puppet with cut strings can become human. A group of R-Eins join the fight and Thurisuz calls Arado defective but Arado says the Machinery Children are the same since they use his data. Seolla shoots off the Bergelmir’s hand while Arado crushes the cockpit with the stag beetle crusher, killing Thurisuz. Anthuz mocks Thurisuz and activates the GEIM system, saying there’s no time limit since he was made to match the system. He knocks back Arado and some R-Eins prepare to fire, but Kyosuke destroys them. He tells Arado to show them the true power of the Wildwurger. Anthuz chases Seolla who can’t shake him off. Arado purges the Wildwurger’s jacket armor which increases its speed and he sends Seolla the pattern TBS data. They attack in combination and Seolla is happy to realize that the Wildfalken knows the Wildwurger just like she knows Arado. They hit Anthuz with the Twin Bird Strike and kill him. Seolla tells Ouka that Agilla rewrote their memory and the others try to convince Ouka as well but Agilla calls her back so she retreats. Tetsuya asks Daitetsu to watch over them and the Kurogane surfaces. Wodan waits on top of the Earth Cradle for Sanger.


The Einst are keeping quiet for now so the attack on the Earth Cradle begins. Tetsuya is appointed the captain of the Kurogane, but he insists on only being the acting captain since Daitetsu is still the captain in spirit. The whole purpose of killing Daitetsu was to develop Tetsuya, but it loses some impact here since the plotline of Tetsuya always being second best to Lee was omitted. Still, I loved how he put on Daitetsu’s hat at the end. The rest of the episode is dedicated to The School storyline, and Seolla finally breaks free from Agilla’s mind control. Together her and Arado kill two of the Machinery Children, but there’s still more work to be done.

Overall Rating
SRW OG: The Inspector Info


Masami Obari

Yuichiro Takeda
Tatsunosuke Yatsufusa
Takanobu Terada

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Masami Obari
Kazutaka Miyatake
Tsukasa Kotobuki
Mika Akitaka
Masahiro Yamane
Kazue Saito

Character Designer(s):
Keni’chi Hamazaki
Risa Ebata
Masahiro Yamane
Yukihito Ogomori

Musical Composer:

26 episodes

Japan 10.01.2010 – 04.01.2011
Streaming 10.01.2010 – 04.01.2011


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