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SRW OG: Divine Wars Stage 10: The Elemental Lord of the Wind


Masaki flies around in the Cybuster and says since Bian is the leader of the DC, they only need to find their headquarters to locate Shu. Shiro says they’ve heard it a hundred times already and Kuro wonders when they’ll get there. Masaki says they’ll find it eventually and heads off in the direction he thinks it is. Alder reports to Bian about Tempest’s failure to capture the Hagane. He says they can’t ignore a ship with Tronium and that he believes the Hagane will either head to Europe or into space. Bian suggests they might go to Aidoneus but Alder thinks it’s ridiculous. Alder suggests assigning Tempest to find the Hagane and Bian agrees. Bian thinks that when you do the unexpected, it becomes a surprise attack. Ingram talks to Rai about his family and Rai assures him he isn’t a spy. Ingram asks if he’ll point a gun at blood relatives and Rai says he will. He leaves and is met by Aya, who asks if he’ll leave the ship. Rai says he has no reason to, and she can tell that to Ryusei, whom Rai knows is hiding behind a corner. Rai tells him that he shouldn’t hesitate to fight Elzam because he’s Rai’s brother and adds that he’s best to run away anyway since he wouldn’t stand a chance. Ryusei runs at him but Aya stops him. Rai walks away and Aya says they have to support him because no one can fight family with a clear conscience. No enemies are detected around the Hagane and Tetsuya says they’ve managed to avoid pursuit. Daitetsu says they need to worry about their next step since the DC occupied Wake base is ahead of them. Daitetsu says they’ll take back the base since it will be good practice for Aidoneus. At Wake Island, Tenzan reports to Tempest that the check ups on the new model Barrelions are done. He asks about the Hagane and Tempest replies it’s only a matter of time. Tenzan looks at data on Tempest’s computer and asks if it’s an enemy. Tempest explains it’s an unknown that has been seen in several places. Tenzan says they just need to shoot it down and that he’ll do it with his new model. Giado sits down at in the cafeteria and sees Kusuha and Ryusei sitting together. He says he’s surprised he got a date since he only seemed interested in robots. Garnet sits down and says there’s no date atmosphere between them. Kusuha and Ryusei say how surprised they were and Garnet tells Giado not to eavesdrop. Kusuha explains that since she wanted to be a nurse, she couldn’t let the fighting drag on and let more people suffer. She says she decided to help the people who are trying to stop the fighting since it’s all she could do. Ryusei says he’s not against it because people have their own reasons for being where they are. He adds that he’s been newly motivated and is going to help with the R-1‘s tuning. Kusuha notes that he hasn’t changed. Giado sees Ryusei leave and wonders if they broke up. Garnet says they’re clearly just friends. She suggests he go ask them himself but stops him when he goes to. At Izu, Sakae asks why Laker approved the Hagane‘s attack on Wake and Laker answers that he respects Daitetsu and had no reason to object. The pilots are briefed about their attack on Wake and Irm says they have a nasty intercept system there. Ingram says the flight capable units, the WildschweinGrungust and Wildraubtier will take out the intercept system and the Hagane will take the base afterwards.

The Hagane stops outside the base’s defenses and surfaces. Ryusei asks Ingram if missiles are all they have to worry about but Ingram says they’ll probably have to deal with Armored Modules too. Rai suggests switching with him if he doesn’t feel up to it, but Ryusei says he didn’t say that. Ingram says it’s a battle against time and Irm adds that if they fail, in the worst-case scenario they would be toast. Aya assures Ryusei and Giado says they’d be worried if their hot head got shot down. Garnet says they’re used to being on standby thanks to Giado. Ryusei says he’ll do everything he can but Latooni says it won’t be enough unless he gets results. Irm, Ingram and Ryusei launch and Wake detects them. Tempest says PTs wouldn’t wander in alone and figures the Hagane is nearby. Tenzan says he’ll take care of them and Tempest tells him to draw them to the second defense line since they don’t know about the Barrelions. Ryusei wonders why they haven’t fired yet and they see the Barrelions. They wonder if it’s a new type of gun battery and Ryusei fires. Tenzan says he’ll take care of it and jumps into the air. He fires back and Ryusei barely dodges. Tenzan chases after him and dodges a shot from Irm. He orders the others to fire and the Barrelions launch. Irm, Ingram and Ryusei manage to dodge and Ingram tells them to fall back. Rio reports them in combat with new model AMs and Daitetsu orders the ship to head to the island. Tetsuya objects but Daitetsu says if they stay, they’ll be attacked by the AMs and if they flee, submarines will probably attack them. Given the circumstances, Daitetsu says it’s best they move forward and attack with all their forces. The Hagane is detected and Tempest orders the rest of the Barrelions to attack. Tempest thinks a single Federation ship shouldn’t be hard to take down. Irm says the Hagane is coming and Ingram says that’s what he expected. He adds that Daitetsu is the kind of man who’d choose advancing over retreating if the risks were the same. He tells them to take down as many enemies as they can. The Hagane and its PTs engage the Barrelions. One gets by Garnet, but Latooni shoots it down. The Hagane takes damage and Rai shoots a Barrelion down. He notes that it takes more damage than Lions do. Another wave comes and Rai wonders what Ryusei is doing. Ryusei tries to lose Tenzan, but he stays on his tail. The Hagane is surrounded but Daitetsu orders them to break through. Tenzan closes in on Ryusei, but a high-speed object is detected. The Cybuster arrives and Tenzan orders his men to shoot it down. Masaki easily dodges and Ryusei recognizes him as the one from Antarctica. Masaki says they’ve finally arrived but Shiro wonders why the Granzon would be there. Masaki says he’ll get rid of all the guys in his way at once but his cats don’t think he should use it. The Barrelions approach the Cybuster, but Tenzan gets a bad feeling so he retreats. Masaki flies in and uses the cyflash to destroy all the Barrelions. The Hagane takes no damage and fires on the base. Tempest gives the order to abandon the base. Ryusei says he’s been saved by him again and Daitetsu wonders if he’s an ally. Masaki loses strength and Shiro says he used too much prana with the cyflash. Masaki faints.


The Hagane crew goes into battle, but are surprised by the appearance of the Barrelions. It was quite clear the DC would overpower them, but thanks to Masaki and his lack of direction, they’re saved. Kusuha tells Ryusei her reasons for being in the military, and he quickly accepts it, which is nice to see. He still can’t seem to get along with Rai though, as they almost come to blows again. On top of being a “war is just a game” type of guy, Tenzan is now also an “I’ll take it down with my new model” type of guy. However despite this he does run away when he knows he’s beat. The spirit of the game carries on into the anime here with the team’s lighthearted conversations before going into battle. While this was hardly one of the funnier ones, it does show that despite going into a near hopeless situation, they can still be positive about it. The overall lack of angst is always great to see.

Overall Rating
SRW OG: Divine Wars Info


Hiroyuki Kakudou

Takanobu Terada

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Kazutaka Miyatake
Seiji Ono
Junichi Moriya
Hitoshi Kamemaru
Toshiaki Sugiura
Kazue Saito

Character Designer:
Yuji Ikeda

Musical Composer(s):
Yoshihisa Hirano
Naofumi Tsuruyama
Takuya Hanaoka

26 episodes

Japan 10.04.2006 – 03.29.2007


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