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SRW OG: Divine Wars Stage 11: Masaki’s Decision


Ryusei admires how cool the Cybuster is and asks Rob about it. Rob says the structure is like a Tesla lab design but he doesn’t know anything else. He says who ever made it was a genius and Ryusei wonders if aliens built it. Rob says it’s different from EOT and they won’t know more until they ask Masaki. In the infirmary Kusuha tells Rio Masaki’s name and she’s surprised that he’s Japanese. Ryusei and Aya enter and ask how he’s doing. Kusuha says he’s asleep and hears Kuro and Shiro talking. She screams and the cats jump around the room. Rio is surprised the cats are talking and Ryusei wonders if they’re robots that look like cats. Shiro says that’s stupid and Masaki wakes up. He asks where he is and says he can’t stay when he’s told it’s a Federation ship. He tries to run out but falls. Aya catches him and he says he has to see the captain. Aya tells him not to rush and that she’ll escort him. Ingram tells Daitetsu that Masaki was in the registry, but he had disappeared not too long ago. Ingram adds that he’d be a great help to the Hagane since they need all the firepower they can get. Masaki barges in and asks where Bian is because that’s where Shu is. Tetsuya asks if he means Shu Shirakawa and recalls what happened at Antarctica. Ingram says they’re heading to Aidoneus and asks Masaki to join them. Masaki says big groups aren’t his thing and tries to leave but stumbles again. Ingram tells him to think it over while he gets some rest. Julia reports to Elzam that the Troye unit engaged with the Hiryu Kai during re-entry and will arrive at Aidoneus later. Leona thinks engaging the Hiryu Kai was a bad idea but Julia tells her they couldn’t have ignored it. She adds that Leona needs to be more flexible. Their carrier detects the Hagane. Masaki wanders around the ship and Kuro and Shiro find him. They tease him for getting lost and run into Kusuha. She introduces herself, as do the cats. Kusuha says she’s never seen talking cats before but they explain they’re familiars. Kusuha gives Masaki a health drink she made. He reluctantly accepts it and drinks it in one gulp, collapsing afterwards. The alarm goes off and the Hagane detects several Cosmolions. It surfaces and Leona asks if it’s wise, since they can’t afford to waste time. Julia says she wants to see the power of the Hagane. The PTs launch.

The Lions attack the Hagane and engage the PTs, none of the units taking any real damage. They keep dodging each other’s fire and Rai notices a crest on the Lions. He tells the others it’s the Troye unit and Latooni explains it’s an all female elite squadron. Irm says he would have taken it easier if he’d known sooner, but retracts his comment after dodging a shot. He says they’re using fancy maneuvers despite using space units. Leona flies over to Rai and contacts him. He’s surprised she’s joined the Troye unit but she says it’s the Garsteins’ duty to protect the Branstein family. She says she doesn’t want to fight him and asks him to join her. He declines and they aim at each other. Eita detects a new unit and identifies it as the Granzon. Shu orders Julia to withdraw and Leona tells Rai next time she’s shoot him down. Hagane‘s PTs aim at the Granzon and the Cybuster flies out. Shu says he didn’t expect to run into Masaki and Masaki asks why he’s with the DC. Shu says he wouldn’t understand and asks Masaki to introduce him to the others. Masaki tells him to do it himself so he does. Shu apologizes for having to meet that way and says he’d like to see their strength. He challenges them to come at him but Daitetsu orders them to retreat. Tetsuya objects but Daitetsu says Shu wouldn’t seriously fight them, because if he did, they’d be sunk already. Ryusei also objects but Rai tells him not to put his teammates in danger again. They withdraw and Shu thinks it’s a prudent decision. Masaki tries to attack but Shu fires a black hole cluster, destroying a small island and damaging the Cybuster. Ingram fires at Shu and asks Masaki if he’s going to die. Kuro tells him he can’t fight alone and Shiro adds it takes courage to retreat. They withdraw and Masaki tells Ingram he’ll stick around for a while. Julia reports to Elzam that they’ve arrived to escort Sanger and the new model AM, the Guarlion Custom. Afterwards, Leona tells Elzam she met Rai and wonders if they can somehow resolve it peacefully. Elzam says they’re each following their own path and Leona says Rai’s probably still upset about Cattleya. Elzam says Rai will probably never forgive him but that his wife still lives in his heart. Aya asks about Masaki’s health and he says he was fine after having Kusuha’s drink. Ryusei is surprised he drank it and adds that it does the job, but tastes awful. Kusuha arrives with another drink but Masaki says he needs to work on the Cybuster and runs away. The others follow suit and escape. Ingram enters and Kusuha asks if he’ll try it. He does and says it’s not bad. After Kusuha leaves, he falls to his knees. A soldier asks if he’s all right and Ingram hobbles back to his room.


Picking up where the last episode left off, Masaki is taken in by the Hagane. Still a bit weak after using too much prana, he is the first to encounter one of the deadliest weapons in existence: Kusuha’s health drink. Of all the characters from countless mech anime that have appeared in SRW games, only four people have ever been able to bear it, actually liking the taste too. Not to be outdone, Leona also has a secret weapon up her sleeve but we won’t be seeing that. All comedy aside, the battle in this episode didn’t happen as it did in the game. Bian was actually supposed to show up instead of Shu, and Shu would have shown up later. Not much gets done in this battle, as everyone kept dodging everything. However, this goes to show that even nameless grunts have skill and don’t get shot down so easily. We get more insight on Rai’s family and it’s confirmed that Rai resents Elzam for what happened to Cattleya. Now that the Cybuster is in their arsenal, the Hagane continues onward to Aidoneus.

Overall Rating
SRW OG: Divine Wars Info


Hiroyuki Kakudou

Takanobu Terada

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Kazutaka Miyatake
Seiji Ono
Junichi Moriya
Hitoshi Kamemaru
Toshiaki Sugiura
Kazue Saito

Character Designer:
Yuji Ikeda

Musical Composer(s):
Yoshihisa Hirano
Naofumi Tsuruyama
Takuya Hanaoka

26 episodes

Japan 10.04.2006 – 03.29.2007


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