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SRW OG: Divine Wars Stage 21: Misgivings


Karl and Albert flee Geneva in a Lady Bird transport plane. Nibhal contacts them and says he’s glad they’re safe. Karl demands an explanation because they agreed Geneva would be left untouched. Nibhal says there was a change in circumstances, and Karl asks if Nibhal’s country and the Aerogators are really in contact with each other. Nibhal says his country doesn’t know anymore than Karl does, and Karl says it evens out the incident in Antarctica. He wants Nibhal to open communications again, but Nibhal says there’s no need. Bugs appear and destroy the Lady Bird. Nibhal laughs and tells his aid that all the members of the EOTI council died at Geneva. Nibhal wonders about the Aerogators’ intentions and notes that he can only observe from the sidelines. The Kurogane parts ways with the Hiryu Kai and Hagane. Kyosuke thinks back to Sanger telling him that they can’t go back to the way they were before. Sanger had added that Kyosuke should walk the path he believes in. Leona meets with Daitetsu and tells him that not all the DC remnants were under Adler. She says it’s not the time to for humans to fight amongst themselves and that the Kurogane is heading for the Earth Cradle. Tetsuya wonders if they could team up with the other DC remnants, but Leona says it would be difficult. Daitetsu says they’re headed back to Izu and Leona asks to go with them, as per Elzam’s orders. Daitetsu agrees and adds her to the Hiryu Kai’s battle roster. Aya tells Rai and Latooni that Shine will be just fine and that she’ll get plenty of rest at Izu. Rai meets with Leona in the hallway and she tells him that she’s joining them of her own will. Leona notes that Rai still can’t forgive Elzam and says that Elzam had no choice but to kill his wife during the Elpis incident. Rai repeats that he can’t forgive his brother or his father, which is why he left the Branstein family. Leona says she’s sure Rai understands his father and brother’s feelings somewhere in his heart. The fact he left the family but didn’t change his name is proof of that. In the Earth Cradle, Sanger and Elzam meet with Egret and Sophia Grace. Sophia says she just wants to ensure the survival of the human race and has no intention of taking over the world. She plans on cutting contact with the surface and going into cryo-sleep. She wishes Elzam to take anyone not related to Project Ark with him in exchange for not interfering. Elzam understands and Sanger adds that they have to each go on their own missions to ensure the future. At Izu, Norman tells Laker about Operation SRW, the offensive on Neviim. Norman says that the Hagane and Hiryu Kai will be the core group and that they have to finish completion of the SRX project units. Laker notes that they have no choice but to launch an all out attack, since they don’t know where the Aerogators will strike next. He finds it odd that they haven’t already attacked the Moon or the colonies. Ingram sees that the adjustments to the Grungust Type 2 are going well, but Rob says they’re having problems with the R-3. He asks for a delay in the test, but Ingram says he intends to test OOC. Rob objects, but Ingram says they’ve done enough. Katina, Russel and Tasuku discuss how the ATX is going to an exercise in China while they’re to stay at Izu with the Hiryu Kai. Leona joins them and Katina introduces her to the others. Tasuku tries to invite her to dinner, but she wonders how well suited he is for the Giganscudo. Katina tells Russel to show Leona around. Katina tells Tasuku he doesn’t stand a chance, but he says it’s just the beginning. In the cafeteria, Ryusei asks Aya if he could have permission to go visit his mother. Aya says she could let him after their next mission. Ryusei and Tasuku run into Bullet, who asks them where Kusuha is. They see the Grungust Type 2 out the window and go to check it out. Bullet wonders who’s piloting the Type 2 and Ryusei wonders if it’s Ryoto. They ask Rob, but he hesitates to answer.

Ryusei and Bullet confront Kusuha about being the pilot of the Type 2, but she says it’s something she decided herself. She can’t just do nothing when everyone else is fighting. In a meeting, Ingram gives the SRX team the status of their units. He tells them they’ll practice pattern OOC, which lets the R-1R-2 Powered and R-3 Powered combine into the SRX. Ryusei asks Ingram about the T-Link system and why Kusuha is able to use it. He asks what special ability is needed, but Ingram ignores him. Later, Ingram meets with Aya and tells her he’s letting Ryoto pilot the Wildschwein. Aya asks what will happen if she fails OOC, but Ingram says it’s not an option. She also says she feels uneasy about hiding the truth about the T-Link system and Yukiko from Ryusei. Ingram understands and says he’ll tell the others the truth after the test. He tells Aya to be confident and kisses her. The Hagane heads to Peking and Lune wonders why it wasn’t attacked. Kyosuke notes that none of the other major bases were attacked either. Excellen wonders if the Aerogators are thinking of post-occupation. Kyosuke notes that they haven’t occupied any cities but Excellen adds that they did abduct their soldiers. The Hagane gets a report that Peking is under attack and they enter battle status. The Hagane’s forces engage the Megillot bugs in the city. Bullet notes the massive number of enemies, but Kyosuke tells him to hang on until Masaki and Lune arrive. Rai takes out some bugs with his R-2 Powered’s Hi-Zol launchers, but he notices that his Tronium engine is becoming unstable. The Cybuster and Valsione arrive and use their Cyflash and Psychoblaster to wipe out most of the bugs. A Huleh warps out and launches its humanoid Zechariah units. Kyosuke wonders why the enemy is showing a new card. The Hagane prepares to attack the Huleh and Ingram asks permission to send out the R-Gun, R-3 Powered, and the Grungust Type 2. Ingram checks the location of the R-1 and R-2 and launches in the R-Gun.


This episode serves as a build up to the new war against the Aerogators. First up, Karl and Albert meet their ends, and it’s obvious Nibhal was behind it. Nibhal is a complete mystery, but it’s clear he’s not aligned with the Earth or the Aerogators. Where his true allegiances lie have yet to be revealed. Leona joins the team and tries to reason with Rai, but he still can’t forgive his family. There’s a guest appearance by Dr Sophia Nate, leader of the Earth Cradle. She’ll play a crucial role in OG2. The military is getting ready for Operation SRW (guess what that stands for), everyone is questioning the Aerogator’s intentions, and the SRX project continues along. We learn that the R series mechs can combine together. You’d never know just by looking at the individual units, but somehow they combine realistically into another awesome looking mech. Definitely a testament to Hajime Katoki’s skill as a mecha designer. Ryusei finds out about Kusuha becoming a pilot and you can tell he doesn’t really like the idea, but he respects her decision. This is way different from the game, where he got really mad and demanded that she quit. Lots of problems arise with the Aerogators bringing out their humanoid mechs, but Ingram is calm and acts like everything is just as planned. Something big will happen next episode.

Overall Rating
SRW OG: Divine Wars Info


Hiroyuki Kakudou

Takanobu Terada

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Kazutaka Miyatake
Seiji Ono
Junichi Moriya
Hitoshi Kamemaru
Toshiaki Sugiura
Kazue Saito

Character Designer:
Yuji Ikeda

Musical Composer(s):
Yoshihisa Hirano
Naofumi Tsuruyama
Takuya Hanaoka

26 episodes

Japan 10.04.2006 – 03.29.2007


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