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SRW OG: Divine Wars Stage 26: Separate Paths


Ingram asks Cobray why he saved him, and Cobray says it was to prevent the Gozzo bloodline from using him. Ingram laments that he has to keep repeating his fate for all eternity. Cobray says when the day of Armageddon comes, they will cease their endless wandering. Cobray says factors that will lead the world to ruin are gathering together and that’s what led him to that world. Cobray says they must part and tells Ingram that his will won’t change. Ingram tells Cobray to show him what lies before those who fight fate. When the DiSRX disappears, two orbs of light are seen flying away. On the damaged R-Gun, Viletta tells Ingram she will complete the mission he gave her. Not far off, Shu watches as the lights disappear and says that they were the keys. He adds that they weren’t the only things interfering with the world. He also says that the cause of the dimensional disruption could be hidden on Earth. Shu wonders if it’s chance or fate that the Demonic Overload has set his eyes on Earth. He figures his help isn’t needed and the Granzon flies away. Sanger tells the other they’ve done well and Excellen says it was because of their help. Elzam reminds them of everyone who sacrificed themselves so they could get that far. He tells Rai that their father made a resolution and their actions allowed the truly powerful to be born. Elzam adds that future generations will look down on them, but Rai says the point is that they have a history to relate to. Sanger tells everyone to walk the path of justice and Elzam says they’ll watch over them from the shadows. Before leaving, Elzam tells Leona to stay with the Federation and assures Rai that they will meet again. The Hagane undergoes emergency repairs and is informed of the Kurogane’s departure. Daitetsu says they probably won because Maier and Bian roused their fighting spirits. Tetsuya says they can finally have that drink. Kyosuke and Excellen bring the SRX back to the Hagane. The war against the Aerogators would later be known as the L5 Campaign. Sometime later, the Hagane and Hiryu Kai undergo repairs at Izu. In a changing room, Lefina isn’t certain about the outfit Excellen wants her to wear. Eun tells her that since they’ve gone that far, she should strengthen her resolve. The crew of both ships throw a victory and send off party. Tasuku tries to invite Leona to the beach, but she’ll agree only if it’s not just the two of them. Tetsuya gets drunk after one cup of sake, and Kai comments that Sanger can’t hold his alcohol either. Excellen runs out in a bunny girl outfit and asks if everyone is having a good time. Lefina also comes out in a bunny girl outfit, prompting various amusing reactions from the crowd. Bullet gets a rose bleed and Excellen says his timing is off. Ryoto steps out for a bit and runs into Ryusei. They talk about how they both decided to stay with the military. Masaki tells Kyosuke that he’s going after Shu again and Irm jokes that his new code name should be L-O-S-T. Lune tells Kusuha that she’s going to the Moon. Ryusei meets with Aya, Rai and Radha, who tell him that Ingram and Mai are missing. Ryusei wonders if they made the right choice, and Radha says Bullet saving Kusuha was probably a rare exception. Aya says she thinks Ingram was struggling with himself, and that the Ingram who saved them at the end was the Ingram they originally knew. Aya says she’ll forget the past and move on, but has the feeling she’ll meet Ingram and Mai again someday.

One month later, the Hiryu Kai is out in deep space. The Octo team goes out to do combat exercises. Tasuku asks Leona while she decided to go with them, and she answers that she’d never be bored with him around. Leona warns him that she’ll give him a punishment worse than Katina’s if he is unfaithful to her. At Mao Industries on the Moon, Ryoto and Kirk go over plans for the Huckebein Mark III. Rio brings them some tea, but they don’t notice her. Kirk asks Ryoto to be the test pilot, since the machine uses the T-Link system. At Izu, Garnet and Giado tell Kai that they’re leaving the military because Garnet is pregnant. Kai congratulates them and asks about Latooni. Garnet says Latooni wants to stay in the military and Kai says he was considering scouting Latooni for the new Aggressors unit. Garnet says that even if they’re far away, Latooni is still family. Ryusei, Aya, and Latooni see Kusuha off at the air port. Ryusei wishes her luck at the Tesla lab and Aya apologizes for getting her involved. Ryusei also apologizes, but Kusuha says it turned out to be beneficial for her. Ryusei asks her to forgive Ingram, and Kusuha says that he gave her the power to protect others. Ryusei asks her to say hi to the ATX team for him and Kusuha boards her flight. Irm and Rob work on the Grungust Type 3, and Rob says the data Kusuha provided them was a big help. Irm finds it funny that a few days ago the higher ups were demanding the SRX Project be frozen. Rob tells Irm that they found the R-Gun and Irm wonders if Ingram purposely left it behind. Gilliam thanks Viletta for helping them find the R-Gun and asks her why she wants to join the SRX team. He also wants to know the truth that only she knows, and she admits to infiltrating Earth in Ingram’s place. She says Ingram freed her of any control, and Gilliam asks who was controlling the others. Viletta says it was probably the system that the creator of Neviim uploaded his personality into, but that system was lost when Septuagint was destroyed. Gilliam asks about the aliens at the Antarctic and Viletta says they weren’t Balmar. Gilliam wonders if things are going in reverse order from his world. He definitely thinks there is something in this world. He tells Viletta he’ll keep her identity a secret and let her lead the SRX team. While on her plane, Kusuha sees the Cybuster out her window. Masaki, lost as always, arbitrarily decides to fly off in a random direction. The ATX team goes on a mission to mop up DC remnants and Excellen teases Bullet about not being able to go meet Kusuha. Eita wonders where Daitetsu stays, and Tetsuya tells him his granddaughter came to see him off. They wonder what Daitetsu’s face would be like, but Daitetsu interrupts them and the Hagane takes off. Viletta introduces herself to Aya, who apologizes that the other two aren’t there. Viletta says it’s fine since they’re on leave. Aya comments that it feels like they’ve met before. Latooni waits for Ryusei in front of a shop where he’s buying souvenirs. Ryusei buys a Gespenst Type-TT model kit for himself, much to Latooni’s dismay. He then shows her that he bought something for his mother as well. Ryusei asks Latooni if she’s really fine staying in the military, but she says she wants to search for Ouka, Arado and Seolla – her friends from The School. Ryusei says she’ll find them and they part. Shine finds Rai at a cemetery in Kyoto and thanks him for saving the Earth. They visit Cattleya’s grave and Rai says the F in his name stands for Fujiwara, Cattleya’s maiden name. He had adopted it after he left the Branstein family. They find flowers already on the grave, and Rai knows they’re from Elzam. Ryusei returns to his home, where Yukiko is waiting to welcome him back.


Released on the final DVD, this episode wraps up a lot of things rather nicely. The bit at the party was hilarious, especially everyone’s reactions to Lefina in a bunny girl outfit. Excellen didn’t get much of a reaction, but that’s probably because no one’s surprised she’d do such a thing. Everyone goes their separate ways, but you can still feel the strong bond between them all. At the beginning of the series they were all strangers, but now you can see how much they’ve grown together over the course of the show. Getting such an effect is rather hard to do when you have such a large and diverse cast, but Divine Wars pulls it off nicely. Another thing this episode does is drop tons of hints and foreshadowing. At the end you’re left with a lot of questions regarding Cobray, Shu and Gilliam’s cryptic speeches, but hopefully this is a sign that a second season is on the way. If it is, it definitely needs more episodes and a bigger budget. Even if we don’t get a second season, this episode is a fine send off for the characters we’ve come to love. As a whole, Divine Wars is a fun series. Sure, it’s loaded with every cliche from both super and real robot shows, but that’s the point! It’s a melting pot of everything we love about all things mecha! The CG and the animation may be a bit subpar at times, but the DVDs fix a lot of the mistakes for a more refined version. Divine Wars is good entertainment.

Overall Rating
SRW OG: Divine Wars Info


Hiroyuki Kakudou

Takanobu Terada

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Kazutaka Miyatake
Seiji Ono
Junichi Moriya
Hitoshi Kamemaru
Toshiaki Sugiura
Kazue Saito

Character Designer:
Yuji Ikeda

Musical Composer(s):
Yoshihisa Hirano
Naofumi Tsuruyama
Takuya Hanaoka

26 episodes

Japan 10.04.2006 – 03.29.2007


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