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SRW OG: Divine Wars Stage 6: Blue Devil


The spaceship is identified as the AGX-04 Flower and Shu comments that the “guests” are good actors for using it. It launches a shuttle and Aya wonders if it’s the Aerogators. Ryusei prepares to attack but Aya stops him, reminding him that they were ordered to hold fire. On a shuttle, Sanger Zonvolt listens to a message from Elzam V. Branstein. On it, Elzam tells him they’re making their move and that humanity must go through a violent struggle to grasp it’s future. He says he’ll wait for Sanger to join them. Sanger goes to the hangar and tells Kyosuke Nanbu, Excellen Browning and Brooklyn “Bullet” Luckfield to board their machines because they’ll meet up with the Hiryu Kai soon. Bullet wonders if they’ll board the Hiryu Kai directly and Sanger says they’re behind schedule as it is. Bullet wonders why they’d have a new model unveiling in Antarctica and Excellen suggests they’re using it as a cover to have a big party. Bullet asks Sanger but he says he doesn’t know either. He thinks of how the ceremony is a cover for the meeting and mentally apologizes to his team for not telling them the truth. Albert meets with the “guests” and Tetsuya wonders if the meeting will really determine the Earth’s future. Daitetsu thinks of how they’re going to sell out the Earth to save their own hides. Shu leaves the meeting and says he has no reason to stay any longer. He says it’s time to get things started and activates the Granzon. Eita reports it and Daitetsu says there’s only one man who can make it move. Shu says it’s time to end the farce and destroys the Flower with a black hole cluster. Bugs fly out and start attacking the base. Eun detects the battle and several Bugs approach the Hiryu Kai. Lefina orders the Octo team to launch, but Eun says they’re already ready to go. Katina Tarask, Russel Bergman and Tasuku Shinguji launch in their Gespenst Mark IIs and charge towards the Bugs.

Russel attacks but gets his shoulder blown off and his Gespenst topples. Another wave attacks Tasuku but he manages to avoid them. They’re about to attack again but are destroyed by Excellen and her Wiessritter. Kyosuke arrives in his Alteisen and says the ATX team will handle the Bugs. He destroys a Bug with his heat horn and another two with his chain gun and revolver stake. Excellen destroys another Bug with her Oxtonuge rifle and asks Bullet to take care of the rest. Bullet uses his Gespenst Mark II Type-TT‘s T-Link rippers to destroy two Bugs. Katina curses the ATX team for showing off and Russel points out more incoming Bugs. The Bugs head towards the Hiryu Kai but Sanger is waiting there with his Grungust Type 0. He swings his zankantou, sending out an energy wave that destroys all the Bugs. Sean remarks on the ATX team’s strength and Lefina asks about the base. Eun tells her they’re still in combat. Aya destroys a Bug and Rai saves her from another She asks where Ryusei is and Rai says he’s fine. Aya notes that the battle has calmed down but Rai is attacked from behind. Aya looks and is surprised to see the Granzon destroy a Gespenst. It turns to her and attacks, destroying her arm and knocking her back. Shu turns his attention to the Shirogane and says it’s time for the finale, charging another black hold cluster. Daitetsu tells Tetsuya to take down the Granzon at all costs and Shu says that the shot will mark the beginning of a new battle. Ryusei tries to attack him from behind but the Granzon fires, knocking him back. The black hole cluster completely destroys the Shirogane‘s bow. Shu says there’s no point in using them if they put up such a meager resistance and turns to Ryusei, who is still trying to attack, but his Gespenst is badly damaged. Shu is about to stab him with his sword, but Masaki Andoh and his Cybuster appear, stopping Shu’s sword with his own. They break away and Shu says he’s surprised Masaki followed him. Masaki says he won’t forget what Shu did in Lan Gran and asks if he’s going to destroy the surface too. Shu says it’s not his intent yet and he was simply showing those who tried to use him how weak they are. They cross swords again and Masaki says they’ll settle it there. Shu says he refuses and uses his Graviton cannon to create a high gravity field, making the Cybuster unable to move. Shu says he has to pay Bian a visit and leaves. The gravity field disappears and Masaki’s cat familiar Kuro asks if he’s going after him. Masaki says the reading’s gone and wonders who Bian is. Masaki’s other cat familiar, Shiro, says they don’t have much information and Masaki says they need to investigate. They leave and Aya and Rai ask Ryusei if he’s alright. He says he’s fine and wonders about the Cybuster. At Aidoneus, Elzam tells Bian it’s time and he stands in front of a crowd who start chanting “DC.” On November 3rd of Space Era 186, the curtain was raised on what would later be known as the DC War.


A lot going on in this episode. There are many introductions starting with Sanger, Kyosuke, Excellen and Bullet of the ATX team. In the game, Kyosuke was the other character you could choose to start off as. There are fan bases for both the ATX and SRX teams. I myself like both teams, but I’d probably say I prefer the SRX team due to future members. Also appearing are grumpy heterochromian fan creation Katina, her defense support Russel and her whipping boy Tasuku. Two fan favorites also appear, being Elzam and Masaki with his famous Cybuster. Quite a few plot developments as well. Shu shows how unstoppable his Granzon is, shooting out black holes and manipulating gravity. From his comments it would appear that the “guests” were not the Aerogators. Who exactly these “guests” are has yet to be revealed in any of the OG games. Bian has finally made his move and the DC war has begun.

Overall Rating
SRW OG: Divine Wars Info


Hiroyuki Kakudou

Takanobu Terada

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Kazutaka Miyatake
Seiji Ono
Junichi Moriya
Hitoshi Kamemaru
Toshiaki Sugiura
Kazue Saito

Character Designer:
Yuji Ikeda

Musical Composer(s):
Yoshihisa Hirano
Naofumi Tsuruyama
Takuya Hanaoka

26 episodes

Japan 10.04.2006 – 03.29.2007


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