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SRW OG: Divine Wars Stage 7: The Divine Crusaders


Bian makes a speech and says humanity has nowhere to run and needs to fight off the aliens. He announces that the EOTI has become the Divine Crusaders and will overthrow the corrupt Federation Government and fight off the aliens. The crew of the Hiryu Kai watch the broadcast and Bian tells of how it was destroyed by the Aerogators when they tried to go past Pluto. Bian says that the Federation hid the truth and Sean says that since Bian has Meteor 3, there’s no doubt the aliens exist. Bian adds that they might have hid it to prevent panic, but goes on to say that they are going to be invaded. At Izu, Laker asks for Ingram’s opinion and he says DC’s technology is several years ahead of the Federation’s. He adds that while the Federation has superior numbers, it will be an uphill battle. Bian goes on and says they need a government with military strength and assures everyone they will not turn their weapons on those they’ve sworn to protect. In the hospital, Kusuha asks a nurse if they’re going to war. The doctor says there’s no choice if aliens are invading them and it will be everyone’s problem. Kusuha remembers the bug attack and wonders how Ryusei is doing. At Antarctica, the SRX team watches Bian’s speech and Rai says the United Colony Corps are probably also supporting the DC. On the space colony Elpis, UCC commander Maier V. Branstein is told Bian’s speech has ended. He orders his troops to attack and Lions start taking over Federation space facilities. On Earth, Lions engage Federation Messer fighters and take out bases. Kusuha watches the news and says how horrible it is. The doctor says it’s war and adds that he’s been reassigned to a field hospital. With a smirk, he remembers out loud that Kusuha wanted to be a nurse. Nibhal Mubhal tells Chairman Karl Schtleseman of the EOT Investigation Committee that the DC and UCC pose a problem and Karl asks if he’s accusing him of orchestrating it. Nibhal says that the man who arranged a meeting with the “guests” wouldn’t do that. He asks if Karl could have done something to prevent it since the EOTI is under his jurisdiction. Karl tells him to watch his mouth because he’s just a liaison. Nibhal excuses himself and says he’ll report matters to his country. He leaves an a man reports to Karl of the Federation’s losses and that UCC troops are amassing to attack the Hiryu Kai. Karl asks about Albert and is told he was injured, but nothing life threatening. Karl curses Bian and Maier for interrupting his talks with the aliens but says he won’t give up.

The Hiryu Kai along with other Federation ships come under attack and a ship is destroyed while another loses control. The Hiryu Kai manages to avoid enemy fire but another Federation ship is attacked. Lefina orders the Hiryu Kai to shield it, but Sean says it might already be too late. He suggests they retreat but Lions close in from above. Sanger’s Grungust Type 0 easily takes them out and Bullet reports more incoming. Sanger takes some out with his Hyper Blaster and Excellen and Kyosuke take out more. Bullet takes one out and senses Cosmolions arriving. They avoid the ATX team’s attacks and another wave of them arrive. The ATX team is ordered to retreat because the space station Columna is already under attack by a separate enemy force. They fall back but notice Sanger is missing. Sanger tells them he’ll hold the rear while they escape. He blocks some attacks and destroys Cosmolions with his zankantou and boost knuckle. He easily takes out many Cosmolions with his sword, but Elzam arrives with Julia Heinkel and Leona Garstein of the elite Troye unit. They fly around Sanger, hitting him several times before he’s able to block them. Sanger recognizes Elzam’s machine and blocks some of his attacks, but is hit. The Cosmolions surround Sanger and open fire. Sanger flies out of the smoke but Elzam holds him at gunpoint. He tells him to surrender or die.


Bian announces to the world the existence of aliens and the formation of the Divine Crusaders. Bian’s motives seem righteous enough and are quite AEUG-ish, wanting to depose a corrupt government. If those are his true intentions or not is still up for questioning though. The DC is easily able to gain the upper hand due to the element of surprise and superior technology. Kusuha is seen again after missing for a few episodes and it’s quite obvious the doctor is trying to manipulate her. This probably has to do with Kenzo’s wanting her to be a psychodriver like Ryusei. Introduced in this episode are Maier, Julia, Leona, Karl and the mysterious Nibhal. Sanger shows off his skills with his sword but Elzam gets the upper hand. We’ll have to wait to see his fate.

Overall Rating
SRW OG: Divine Wars Info


Hiroyuki Kakudou

Takanobu Terada

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Kazutaka Miyatake
Seiji Ono
Junichi Moriya
Hitoshi Kamemaru
Toshiaki Sugiura
Kazue Saito

Character Designer:
Yuji Ikeda

Musical Composer(s):
Yoshihisa Hirano
Naofumi Tsuruyama
Takuya Hanaoka

26 episodes

Japan 10.04.2006 – 03.29.2007


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