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SRW OG: Divine Wars Stage 9: Hagane, Move Out!


Ryusei runs a simulation in the R-1, but it shuts down before he can fire. Rob wonders what’s wrong and he is told that the T-Link system suffered too much strain and the safety shut it down. Rob finds it odd because the system wasn’t even on and tells Ryusei to call it a day. He tells his crew to investigate and wonders if the T-Link system responded to Ryusei. Ryusei asks if the R-1 will be able to move and Rob tells him to be patient. Ryusei says he’s in a rush because they need all the firepower they can get to stop the DC. Rob suggests he pilots the Wildraubtier since it’s the R-1’s prototype. Ryusei is still dissatisfied so Rob says he’ll step up R-1’s adjustments too. He adds that the enemy won’t wait so he should use take what little fire power he can get. Aya is hooked up to a machine and cries out in pain during a test. Her values increase until there are abnormalities in her brainwaves and Kenzo cuts the test. Aya apologizes and Kenzo says since it’s a miniaturized T-Link system, the strain is much higher. Aya says she can’t let the Hagane take an incomplete R-3 onboard and Kenzo tells her severe headaches and memory confusion are side effects. Aya says she’s prepared and Kenzo reminds her to do her periodic T-Link connections during the mission. Ingram speaks with Viletta Vadim and asks her how things are going on the moon. She says the UCC has taken control and will probably overrun Mao Industries. She tells him the R-Gun’s Tronium engine needs adjustments and that she’ll send it to him on the Hiryu Kai. Rai looks angrily at a news item about his father and Elzam meets with Tempest. Elzam says their mission is to attack the Hagane at Izu and steal the SRX prototypes. Tempest says they should be above stealing but Elzam says if they must use enemy weapons to drive off the aliens, then so be it. Tempest wonders if the mission should fail and Elzam asks what his reason for fighting is. Tempest says it’s for revenge. Kusuha looks at the Hagane but Rio Meilong tells her only authorized personnel are allowed. Kusuha says she’s a nurse on the Hagane and they introduce themselves. Rio shows Kusuha around the Hagane and Kusuha is amazed that Rio knows the layout already. Rio mutters that it’s her father’s work and Kusuha passes Ryusei. They both stop and turn around, surprised to see each other. Rio jumps in and asks if he has a problem but Kusuha explains they were classmates in high school. Ryusei is about to ask what she’s doing there but the alarm goes off. DC forces at detected and Daitetsu orders the PTs to launch and the Hagane to start her engines.

Lions easily destroy the fighter jets and Elzam contacts the base. He demands they hand over the Hagane and the SRX prototypes but Laker refuses. Elzam says they’ll have to choose between surrender or death. Laker replies that he won’t choose either. The Lions, which include Tenzan’s, approach the base along with Elzam in his Guarlion Custom Trombe. Daitetsu contacts Laker and tells him the Hagane will launch. He says the enemies mission is to capture the ship and the base, otherwise they would have used cruise missiles already. Laker gives the ok and the Hagane begin launch procedures. Ingram tells Giado, Garnet, Latooni, Aya and Rai to defend the base while him and Irm engage the enemy. He tells Ryusei to launch as soon as the Wildraubtier’s adjustments are done. The launch bay floods and the Hagane begins moving. Kai tells Giado, Garnet and Latooni to clear the area when the Hagane launches and he’ll give them a proper send off. Ingram and Irm engage the Lions and Ingram destroys one. Elzam flies past them and Irm warns Rai. Elzam easily dodges the base’s missiles and Rai’s attacks. Rai sees the emblem on the Guarlion and realizes it’s his brother. Kai is surprised and Garnet wonders who he is. Latooni explains that Elzam was a member of the elite Aggressors unit along with Kai. Elzam tells Rai he’ll defeat him if he can’t understand their father’s cause. Rai dodges his attacks and asks if he’ll sacrifice more innocent people like his sister-in-law. Elzam tells him to follow his own path if he can and Rai says he’ll surpass him. The Hagane launches and emerges from the water. Tenzan and two other Lions approach it, but the Hagane‘s impact cannons shoot down the two Lions. Elzam makes a pass and scores several direct hits but Tempest tells him to retreat so they can launch a tactical cruise missile. They retreat and the Hagane detects the missile. Daitetsu tells them to intercept, but Eita reports they’re too damaged to do so. They think of other ways to shoot it down and Rob suggest they use R-1’s boosted rifle. Tetsuya says it’s impossible but Rob says they can use the T-Link system to lock onto it. R-1 is lifted to the deck but it shuts down. Ryusei tries to start it back up as the missile draws closer. Ryusei begs the R-1 to start up and asks it what it was created for. He pounds the console and it starts up. Ryusei aims and Rob tells him to imagine hitting it and the T-Link system will respond. Ryusei locks on and shoots the missile down. The Hagane emerges from the explosion unharmed and Laker says their hope is going forward. Ingram, Irm, Aya, Rai, Giado, Garnet and Latooni head for the ship. Elzam watches on and tell his troops to retreat. He says he’s looking forward to next time.


It seems that in mech anime, it’s near impossible for warships to get proper maiden launches. Though at least this time around they’re fully staffed with quite a few mechs onboard. Ryusei and Kusuha are quite surprised to see each other and they’ll have quite a bit to talk about later. Probably the most notable moment in this episode is the inclusion of Elzam’s theme song, the infamous Trombe! BGM, which is quite popular with fans. Elzam and Rai have bad blood between them and Rai mentions Elzam’s wife. The R-1 stops working several times but manages to come through in the end and shoot down the missile. You might think Ryusei hitting it and it suddenly working is stupid, but it probably had more to do with the T-Link system responding to his will. Now the Hagane is off to DC Headquarters, but it certainly won’t be an easy trip.

Overall Rating
SRW OG: Divine Wars Info


Hiroyuki Kakudou

Takanobu Terada

Mechanical Designer(s):
Hajime Katoki
Kunio Okawara
Kazutaka Miyatake
Seiji Ono
Junichi Moriya
Hitoshi Kamemaru
Toshiaki Sugiura
Kazue Saito

Character Designer:
Yuji Ikeda

Musical Composer(s):
Yoshihisa Hirano
Naofumi Tsuruyama
Takuya Hanaoka

26 episodes

Japan 10.04.2006 – 03.29.2007


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