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Star Driver Ep. 11: How to Use Cybodies for Personal Gain


A police light flashes. Simone wakes up in Kanako’s boat from an unpleasant dream. She goes to Kanako’s room and says good morning to her. She thinks about how no matter how late she stays up, Kanako is always up before her, working. Kanako tells her that Takashi is at practice. The two head to school and Simone pauses, watching Takashi in practice. In class, Kanako asks Takuto if she thinks their class lacks pizazz. She says she talked to her husband the night before and wonders if he was with another woman. She talks about how revenge on a philandering husband is one of the top reasons wives cheat. Simone thinks of how she hates Kanako. Kanako announces to the class that now that midterms are over she’ll be holding a party for everyone at the pool on her ship. Later that evening many gather around the pool. Kanako asks Wako to sing while Takashi plays the piano. As she sings, Takuto thinks about how great this island is, talking towards his grandfather. Ruri asks Takuto about Wako’s singing and if he’s fallen for her again. Takashi and Simone walk up to Takuto and Takashi asks about if he’d like to give him another shot in a dual with his dual sword technique. Takuto declines, saying playing the piano suits Takashi more. Takuto asks where Sugata is. At that moment Sugata is walking through the park and comes upon Reiji sitting on a bench. Sugata asks if he is a student and says he hasn’t seen him before. Reiji says this is the best place to view the sunset and claims to be an artist who retired from painting a while ago due to a lack of subjects. He still believes he has one more painting clamoring to be let out in the world. Sugata says he should release it into the world. He tells Sugata to feel free to talk to him again if he comes upon him. Reiji comments on Sugata being beautiful as he leaves. Meanwhile the Glittering Crux Order of the Cross meets. Kanako claims her brigade, the Adult Bank has ownership over all the Cybodies. Simone thinks of how extraordinary she is. Marino claims the Adult Bank has been using the Cybodies for personal gain for a while and Simone wonders if she’s been overestimating Kanako. That night Simone brings Kanako a call from her husband about their anniversary as she receives a massage from Takashi. Kanako is amazed he remembers and says she’ll call back later. Simone’s inner thoughts reveal that Kanako’s husband is her father, something unknown to all parties and something she only found out a year ago herself. She flashes back to being in the hospital after being in a car accident a year ago. Leon Watanabe was shown on the news, getting married to Kanako. Simone’s sister Mylene tells her Leon is their real father. Her mother, Melisande was Leon’s secretary and gave birth to her and her sister. Simone, whose real name is Pamela was told by her sister to work for Kanako under a secret identity to learn about this woman that their father left their mother for. Simone requests Takashi try and fight Takuto again now that Cybodies can be regenerated, wanting him to surpass Kanako. He says he’s been stripped of his emblem and asks her to activate her Cybody Daletos. Simone says she doesn’t have the ability to fight, but he says he can fight using her Cybody.

Marino watches Mizuno and the other Drama Club members from outside the window. Kanako expresses anger at Simone’s request to use her Cybody and says there will be a special guest tonight. Simone shows her emblem and says she is capable. She thinks about all the time she has spent with Kanako, more so than she has looked in the mirror. She puts on her mask. Mizuno arrives home and finds Marino in a rather dour mood. She tells Marino she is going to be an actress and Marino reveals she was watching her. Mizuno thanks her, thinking she is doing so out of love and upon noticing the wind jumps outside on a bus as it drives off. Marino thinks of how she is watching out of love, but doing so over Takuto. Meanwhile Takuto talks to Sugata and Wako, showing surprise that Sugata is going to participate in a play. Wako tells Takuto how Sugata did so impressively on his own when he was younger. Simone heads to the electric bier and apprivoises with her Cybody. Time stops and Takuto, Sugata and Wako appear in Zero-Time. The Daletos appears before Takuto, as does Takashi who is permitted inside by Simone. Marino comments on Benio trying something like this before and failing but Midori claims this time is different. Takuto apprivoises with the Tauburn, which appears. Takuto transforms into the Galactic Pretty Boy. Takashi pulls out the star sword Amesthyse. Takuto calls for his star swords, Emerald and Sapphire. Takashi tells Simone to concentrate all her energy into the sword and let him handle the controls. The Daletos charges at the Tauburn and the two do battle. The Tauburn jumps back and Takuto comments on the sword being powerful. Takashi attacks with the Divine Snowstorm attack, causing many beams to head at the Tauburn. The Tauburn jumps away from the Daletos and the two charge at each other. Sugata claims two against one isn’t fair and rises his hands towards the sky, causing a pillar of light to appear. With this, the Tauburn cuts off both arms from the Daletos. Takashi is knocked out of the Daletos which explodes. Time returns to normal. Sugata tells Takuto to not worry about him falling into a coma and leaves. Kanako believes that Simone gave up the fight being worried for Takashi and is okay with it. Mylene comes in the room, shocking Simone. Kanako claims she is her best friend. Later once they are alone, Mylene looks over Simone, being happy that her scars are gone. Simone questions about her being sent here for revenge. Mylene claims that Kanako had Simone apprivoised with a Cybody to save her after her accident a year ago. Mylene says their mother introduced Leon to Kanako and that she must have felt Leon needed Kanako’s skills more than their mothers. Simone goes to see Kanako and asks why she didn’t say anything, knowing Simone wasn’t her real name the whole time. Kanako says the circumstance was romantic. Simone thinks of how she really hates Kanako.


This episode provides a lot of focus on Simone, Kanako’s maid and comes off rather similar to early episodes in the show where we’d get some focus on a character who would end up being Takuto’s opponent for the episode. While it was a little different than I was expecting (after the last 2 episodes I figured Ginta would be Takuto’s opponent), it nonetheless came off as a bit formulaic. Looks like Mizuno may be providing some singing to open each Cybody fight now after all, with her doing it for the second episode in a row here. Simone’s back story was somewhat interesting, but I question if in the end it is going to really matter to the plot since she is a relatively minor character in a show with so many other characters to focus on. Maybe somewhere down the line she will take out Kanako? At the very least Kanako being the one who saved her years ago was an interesting twist. Sugata coming to Takuto’s aid during the fight doesn’t make much sense given past explanations about how using his ability would put him into a coma. He ends up perfectly fine here with no explanation whatsoever. At least Wako and Takuto showed some worry over it. This episode also has Sugata and Reiji meet for the first time and I wonder if that will lead to something later on. Although in the last episode my impression was that Ryousuke was the creator of the various ‘R’ paintings, this episode makes me wonder if it is Reiji instead.

Overall Rating
Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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