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Star Driver Ep. 5: The Meaning of Mandrake


Keito works in her laboratory and then departs. Someone hiding inside grabs a vial. The next day, various members of the drama club work out outside. Takuto notices numerous girls watching. Sarina introduces Takuto to Tsubasa Aoki, a part-time member of the drama club responsible for lighting and audio. Tiger and Jaguar come onto him. Sugata tells Takuto that the drama club has a lot of part-time members, but only the 6 full-time members know of the Cybodies and Glittering Crux. Suddenly there is a brief earthquake. Tsubasa goes to see the school nurse, Midori Okamoto. He is surprised to learn she knows his name and she makes some excuse about it. After he leaves, Midori opens her desk drawer, revealing an album full of pictures of handsome boys at the school. The Headmaster comes in, showing her pictures of a possible date for her. He is not that surprised when she declines, knowing that she is into pretty young boys as shown by the various pictures of them on the wall. Later, Midori walks down the hall and spots Kanako kissing a boy through the glass. Keito walks by and tells her she should remember the names of the girls, as she is the advisor to the science club that Keito is president of. She says someone has been stealing chemicals from the science club and they’ll need to think of a way to stop it. Keito asks if she is going to stop the behavior of Kanako, but Midori says kissing is not against the rules. Meanwhile, members of the Science Guild of the Glittering Crux analyze the brainwaves of Midori as she sits in the Electric Bier. After she gets out, her second in command, Hideki Shibuya asks her why she, a fellow researcher, became a nurse at the school. The next day an attractive new girl impresses many of the boys in class and kisses one through the glass. Kanako comments on how vulgar it is for a girl to ask for the kiss. At lunch, many of the boys gather around the new girl, who says her name is Hina. Takuto and Sugata, talking to Sarina and Wako comment on the strong scent emanating from her. Wako imagines the entire school worshipping Hina and Sarina can again tell what she is thinking. Hina winks at Sugata and Takuto. She blows kisses at many of the boys, including Tsubasa who doesn’t seem into her. The Headmaster talks to Takuto and the others about the new girl. Suddenly another earthquake hits. People realize that Hina has vanished. The Headmaster says he feels like he has seen her somewhere before. Keito catches Midori in the laboratory, who makes an excuse about being there. Keito comments on Midori being the one to steal the chemicals from the lab, a love potion called Mandrake. She says hitting on students is against school rules. The two make the Glittering Crux signals to each other and realize they are both members. Keito says that the love potion couldn’t actually be used; it is only effective on a teenager, but is also fatal to them. She thinks as pilot of the Yudoc Cybody, Midori is the only one who could use it. Takuto gets a note from Hina.

Takuto, Sugata, Wako and Sarina eat at the cafe, having found a picture of Midori as a teenager, showing her to look just like Hina. They think she is using the power of a Cybody to reverse her age. Sugata thinks she is causing the earthquakes. He is worried about the volcano from the north island erupting due to the North Shrine Maiden’s shrine being broken. Sarina shows a letter that had been provided to Sugata and that it has a scent on it. Takuto shows the letter he got from Hina and says he will look into it. This gets the others suspicious since Hina is promising ultimate pleasure in the letters. That night Takuto goes to see Hina on a bench. Takuto comments on her sending the letters out to a number of men and she says she is only doing so to those she likes, the number of which is a secret. She grabs his hand and moves into kiss him, but another earthquake hits. Hina moves into kiss Takuto again and he asks if she is causing the earthquakes. She doesn’t seem to care about it, saying it isn’t against the rules. She reveals that whoever defeats Takuto will become leader of the Glittering Crux and that he should prepare himself. Hina disappears. Sakana continues telling her story to Reiji, saying Sam and his girl found where the Emperor Squid was, but Sam was hesitant to go there due to the conditions so the girl scolded him. Sam left her in the cottage and headed out on his own. Midori, as Hina heads to the Electric Bier and gets in, summoning Zero-Time and the Cybody Yudoc. The Tauburn appears and Takuto transforms into the Galactic Pretty Boy. Hina is impressed at how attractive Takuto is but calms herself down. Takuto summons the Emeraudo and Sapphire star swords and charges at the Yudoc, which forms a barrier around itself. Hina realizes she can’t take another hit from the star swords, and bounces around, avoiding Takuto’s attacks due to her ability to see a few seconds into the future. This ability also enables her to grab and slam the Tauburn to the ground. However she starts lusting over Takuto and he launches the Dynamic Galactic Cross-Slash attack, enabling him to defeat the Yudoc. Time returns to normal and Midori, now back to her present age exits the Electric Bier. She pulls off her emblem and gives it to Keito, who asks if she was defeated due to being mesmerized by the enemy. She says he is the real deal. The next day Midori looks at a picture of Tsubasa in her album and he comes into the nurse’s quarters, asking for a counseling session, saying he can’t breathe when he thinks of her. She happily lets him in and closes the door.


Things return to the normal formula in this episode, fleshing out another side character, this time school nurse Midori Okamoto/Professor Green, who becomes Takuto’s opponent at the end. The nurse is quite the pervert over the boys in the school, something that is quite well known amongst everyone it seems. Much of the episode comes off as a high school drama and comedy rather than a mecha series, but by this point the viewer has to just accept that this is the way they are approaching this show and go forward with it. This episode’s battle is over very quickly (not helped by all the stock footage of the Tauburn appearing), but at least it makes sense with Midori’s character. Why Tsubasa was avoiding her earlier in the episode but is into her at the end of the episode is a mystery to me. Makes you wonder if she is using the love potion still, but then why didn’t it work earlier? Maybe he is just into older women.

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Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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