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Star Driver Ep. 7: A Faraway World


Takuto stares out the window in school. Ruri says hello to him, commenting on the absence of Wako and Sugata. Takuto recalls watching Wako cry over Sugata, who lays in a deep sleep in bed. Wako cries in Takuto’s arms over Sugata apprivoising to protect her, knowing that he’ll never be able to wake up. The teacher calls on Takuto to answer a question and he admits he wasn’t paying attention. Within their base, various Glittering Crux members talk about seeing the King’s Pillar and that Samekh has been resurrected. Reiji arrives at the meeting speaking of the appearance of the King Pillar and that Sugata has apprivoised with his Cybody. Kanako blames Keito’s Bougainvilleae Brigade for this happening but Keito claims this could have happened at any time. They wonder if Sugata is dead and Reiji says they must confirm his current condition. He too places the blame on Bougainvilleae. Keito goes to see Mami by the shore, saying they need to finish the job and she has permission to battle him. Takuto heads to the Drama Club meeting place but finds only Sarina there, who says they are not meeting today. He thinks he heard her talking to someone but she said it was just rehearing a monologue. She asks him to stay for coffee. She tells Takuto that Wako has been doing a purification ceremony, hoping for Sugata’s awakening. Takuto says he is worried and is wondering if there’s anything he can do. He thinks of the trio of them not being a trio, but just a couple plus one. Sarina says Wako and Sugata are burdened with a fate they can’t even imagine and wonders how they can ever find happiness. She can’t imagine a future where they can find happiness and there is nothing she can do to lighten their load. But then, Takuto came to the island and upon bonding with them she thinks Takuto would be able to lead them to happiness. Takuto flashes back to eating with Wako and Sugata when he first arrived. He also thinks of other times when they were together. Sarina says even just being by their side is worth something. Takuto rushes back through the woods to Wako’s home, finding her grandmother there. She asks when he received the Tau emblem and he says a year ago. She tells Takuto that Wako is at the cove and gives him permission to go see her. Upon getting there, Takuto calls out to Wako, surprising her.

Wako asks Takuto why he’s come and he says it’s because he’s worried and wanted to see her. Sakana sings in her cage. Mami gets into the Electric Bier and apprivoises. Wako and Takuto find themselves in Zero-Time. They see Sugata, unconscious, nearby. Kanako comments on Sugata’s appearance meaning that he is still alive. Mami’s Cybody, Kaphrat appears and she demands a rematch with Takuto. Takuto blames her for what happened to Sugata and apprivoises into the Tauburn, which appears from the sky. Takuto becomes the Galactic Pretty Boy. Mami says the island belongs to them and that outsiders will be eliminated, firing at the Tauburn. Mermaidolls appear as well and attack the Tauburn. The Tauburn knocks them away. The Kaphrat starts swimming below the ground, firing at the Tauburn from underwater. Takuto fires a Tau Galaxy Beam but is unable to stop the Kaphrat. Kanako wonders if Mami is going to go out of control again. The orb protecting Sugata is destroyed and he starts falling, but Takuto catches him with the Tauburn. Sugata awakens from his sleep. The Kaphrat bursts from the water and turns into a bladed form. The Tauburn quickly turns and slices through it with its star sword. Time returns to normal. Takuto and Wako both comment on Sugata having woken up and rush towards his home. Wako’s grandmother stops them, asking what Wako is doing dressed in only a robe. Jaguar opens the door to Takuto and Wako as they arrive at Sugata’s home. Tiger calls for them to come in and they arrive, finding Sugata gone. Takuto says he woke while in Zero-Time. Wako says to wait. Suddenly the King’s Pillar appears outside. Sakana continues telling her story to Reiji, saying that the King offered Sam his crown and that his intent all along was to relinquish it to the one who brought him the blue blood. Sam refused his offer, saying all he wanted was his galactic ship so he could sail through the galaxy. Reiji tells Sakana that listening to her story is what keeps him going. She says that the King accepted Sam’s request and gave him the galactic ship. He also tells him that in order for the ship to sail, he would be required to take all the red blood from the girl he loves and use it to power the ship. Within a crater caused by the King’s Pillar, Sugata stands, the emblem on his chest disappearing. Benio, Tetsuya and Joji, wearing their masks, wait for him there, telling him the position of Emperor, head of the first Brigade has been left vacant for him. They notice something is wrong with him, as he doesn’t respond. Benio walks up to him. Takuto rushes into the crater. Benio tells Tetsuya and Joji to keep Takuto away from Sugata and she moves into kiss him. Takuto frees himself and rushes up to Sugata who doesn’t respond. Takuto slaps him and he regains consciousness. Sugata rises his hands in the air and the Glittering Crux members flee, fearing he will use the King’s pillar. Wako runs into the crater and Takuto tells him that it is alright and Sugata is back to normal. Sugata asks Takuto if he’s the one who hit him. He tells him to be careful, wondering if he wants to be killed.


Things continue from where they left off in the previous episode, with Sugata having entered into a deep sleep due to using the King’s Pillar. It only takes Sugata an episode to awaken, and it isn’t really clear what caused it, whether it was Wako’s praying for him, Takuto’s friendship or something else. By episode’s end it seems that he is back to normal, although I wonder if Benio kissing him will lead to something nefarious occurring. Previous episodes indicated she had the ability to control people with her kiss. Mami returns for a second episode to battle the Tauburn with her Cybody after last episode left out the typical Cybody fight. Sakana’s story about Sam has a morbid twist and I look forward to seeing how it wraps up.

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Star Driver Info

Takuya Igarashi

Yoji Enokido

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shigeto Koyama
Yasuyuki Kai
Takahiro Shikama

Character Designer(s):
Yoshiyuki Ito
Hiroka Mizuya
Misa Mizuya

Musical Composer(s):
Satoru Kousaki

26 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 10.03.2010 – 04.03.2011

Theatrical Release:
Japan 02.09.2013


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