VOTOMS: Brilliantly Shining Heresy Ep. 2: Alegium


As more parts of Conplant explode, people desperately attempt to escape from the space station. As Chirico faces Teitania, Fyana is rushed away by Larkin and his partner. More explosions rock the station, and Teitania jumps to grab her bazooka. The floor begins to crumble underneath Chirico’s Scopedog, and the entire hangar starts to collapse. Chirico falls to a lower level and stands up just in time to dodge Teitania’s bazooka and escape. Chirico speeds through a corridor as Teitania rappels along the walls with a rope. Chirico reaches another hangar just as Fyana’s capsule is loaded onto a shuttle. Chirico tries to approach the shuttle, but Teitania arrives and fires her bazooka at him. Chirico crashes into a girder while dodging Teitania’s shots, and she uses the moment to jump onto his Scopedog’s head. She asks him why he’s running away, and he tells her to get out of his way. The hangar’s outer door to space opens, and Teitania is almost sucked out into space. Chirico approaches the door and fires at the shuttle’s docking clamps to disable it, but the shuttle manages to take off. The Scopedog then begins to float in zero gravity as the shuttle speeds away. Chirico uses his arm punch on a sheet of metal to propel himself back inside the hangar. Teitania tells Chirico she’s disappointed and wonders why he’s in such a bother about a woman. She then asks Chirico if he fears her, and he asks if she lacks fear altogether. A man from Teitania’s shuttle calls and tells her that soon the shuttle won’t be able to approach Conplant as it falls toward Manaura. Parts of the hangar begin to explode, so Chirico grabs Teitania and speeds away. Chirico drops Teitania inside a cold capsule room and abandons the Scopedog. She asks him why he’s helping her after what’s happened, and he says he’s just helping her sleep. Teitania has a strange reaction when Chirico approaches and chokes him with her right hand. He’s unable to break free, so he shoots both her legs to force her to let go. He then shoots Teitania’s remaining arm and loads her into a cold sleep capsule. Teitania tells Chirico that Fyana isn’t the one they’re after, and Chirico launches her capsule. Conplant then breaks apart into three pieces and crashes onto Manaura’s surface, setting off massive explosions in the desert.

Three days later, Teitania undergoes maintenance at home and recalls walking through a war torn street. She saw her father in a jeep and ran towards him, but then a truck appeared from nowhere and ran her over. As she lay on the ground injured, an angered Montewells shoots the truck driver. Teitania then wakes up and asks Montewells about Chirico. Montewells asks Teitania about her auxiliary brain and why she didn’t let it take control during the battle. Several men discuss the situation with Noskowitz and claim that Teitania wasn’t truly defeated, and Noskowitz counters that Chirico wasn’t victorious either. He thinks that Montewells will try to play it to his benefit and wonders how it will affect the succession of the pope. A few days later, Montewells and Teitania arrive at Alegium on Jiagono as part of the succession ceremony for Pope Theo VIII. Teitania asks what her father’s chances of being nominated are, and a church man named Maori says it’s doubtful, but her recent work might help with that. Montewells greets the decrepit Pope Theo, who can only speak with the help of assistants. Later, Montewells attends an inquiry regarding the Conplant incident, which has devastated parts of Manaura’s surface and left them uninhabitable due to the nuclear explosion. Montewells points out that Chirico was on Conplant, and that there’s no evidence he escaped from it. Montewells adds that Chirico was defeated not by an AT army, but by Teitania the Nextant. A church man then nominates Montewells for the papacy, which seems well received by the crowd. At Manaura’s Ilyshin City, a doctor named Godiba pulls up to the hospital and grabs new supplies. He goes into a room and is shocked to see that a heavily injured patient has vanished. He thinks it’s a miracle that someone so injured could get up and walk away. When he goes outside he sees the patient sitting on a wall – Chirico. Godiba wonders who Chirico really is.


This second episode picks up immediately after the first and keeps moving things along. Even though Chirico had the seeming advantage of a Scopedog, Teitania put up quite a fight, although it ends inconclusively. Some more light is shed on Teitania’s background, and we find out that she was a normal girl until suffering a horrific accident. Being placed in a powerful cyborg body makes her not unlike Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. Unfortunately, Chirico isn’t able to get to Fyana in time, so it’s become something of a chase game with her like it was in the TV series. There’s a lot more political stuff that’s shown within the church of Marteal. The church is currently in the process of replacing its hopelessly old pope who practically looks like a corpse. How convenient that Chirico the Untouchable One should happen to appear, and that Montewells’ super enhanced Nextant daughter was there to take him down. Of course, they don’t know yet that she didn’t finish the job. I’ve seen Chirico survive some crazy things before, but this takes it to a new level. Being on a space station that breaks up, crashes onto a planet and sets off a nuclear explosion is far beyond what we’ve seen until now. I know Chirico has a miraculous healing factor, but even someone like Wolverine would be hard pressed to survive a situation like this. Naturally, Chirico will soon make his displeasure known to all these Marteal schemers.

Overall Rating
Brilliantly Shining Heresy Info

Ryosuke Takahashi
Takashi Imanishi

Soji Yoshikawa

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Yutaka Izubuchi
Yoshinori Sayama

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

Video Release:
Japan 03.21.1994 – 12.01.1994
U.S. 05.14.2019


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