VOTOMS Phantom Arc Ep. 2: Kummen


In Melkia’s Kummen kingdom, guerillas fight a civil war against the government forces of President Pol Potaria. Rebel Diving Beetle ATs fight against government Standing Tortoise ATs in the streets of the capital. Vanilla, Coconna, Gotho and Shako arrive at Kummen by plane, and Coconna wonders if they’ll find Chirico. Gotho jokes that coups happen several times a day in Kummen and gives Vanilla and Coconna a bouquet. At the presidential palace, an aide named Luminal tells President Potaria that they have to surrender because the coup forces are retreating. Potaria asks about General Samsatt, and Luminal reminds him that Samsatt surrendered. Potaria asks about General Gana’s capital defense force, and Luminal explains that they can’t contact him. Potaria walks into his office and recalls when he was younger and campaigned against the greed of the old monarchy. Potaria wonders why all this has happened, and Luminal tells him that his escort has arrived. Gotho tells the others that there really is a coup going on, but people in Kummen are used to them. Gotho then drives them in a jeep through the ravaged city streets, and Vanilla is shocked to discover that Potaria is the president. They head into the jungle, and Vanilla points out that they’re near the old Assemble EX-10 mercenary base. Elsewhere, Potaria tells Luminal that he wants to speak with General Kan Nam again, but Luminal thinks that’s pointless because Kan Nam is against Potaria’s modernization project. Potaria recalls a meeting where Kan Nam objected to a plan to create a dam in the jungle. Potaria wonders if he was wrong, and Luminal answers that people’s hearts sway easily. As Gotho drives through the jungle, Vanilla and Coconna are surprised to see that the Fantom Club has been rebuilt. Vanilla recalls what it was like when the original club burned down 30 years earlier. They go inside and find that the new club is exactly like the old one, including a stage and piano. Gotho tells them they need to get ready for when the club opens. Coconna dresses up in a reproduction of her old winged dress, while Vanilla dresses up as a bartender. As Potaria’s convoy travels through the jungle, he asks Luminal if they’re heading for Kummen’s secondary capital Honan. Luminal explains that by going to Honan they’ll be out of Kan Nam’s reach, so they can plan a counterattack. Potaria looks at an invitation to the Fantom Club and asks Luminal to change their course.

The piano plays on auto as Coconna sings her old song for a crowd. Potaria’s convoy pulls up to the Fantom Club, and Coconna wonders where Chirico is as she drinks a beer at the bar. Vanilla tells Coconna that she’s too pretty and that he might fall in love with her all over again. Gotho tells them that their special guest has arrived – Potaria. Luminal asks Vanilla to make a good cocktail for Potaria since he’s tired. Potaria notes that everyone has put on some age in the last 30 years and asks about Chirico. He says he owes Chirico his life several times over, so he was hoping to see him. Vanilla brings Potaria an original drink, Vanilla & Coconuts, and Potaria apologizes for not being able to bring their silver anniversary gift. The easy going atmosphere is interrupted when two helicopters fly overhead and fire missiles at the convoy and club. Potaria wonders if his position was leaked to Kan Nam’s forces. The soldiers want Potaria to leave, but he insists on staying and fighting. Vanilla tries in vain to put out the fire because he doesn’t want the same thing to happen again. Shako borrows Potaria’s custom Standing Tortoise and destroys one of the helicopters. Gotho and Vanilla drag Vanilla out of the burning Fantom Club, and several Diving Beetles emerge from the jungle and attack. Shako targets the Diving Beetles and is surprised to see a Strike Dog attack and destroy all of them. Coconna and Vanilla are convinced it must be Chirico, until the Strike Dog opens fire on Potaria’s men. Shako opens fire on the Strike Dog, but he jumps behind some trees to dodge his attacks. Vanilla accidentally crashes the APC into Shako, and Shako says this is probably the same pilot from Woodo. Vanilla drives away as the Fantom Club collapses, and Luminal directs him to some nearby temple ruins. The Strike Dog pilot emerges from the ruins and demands to know where Chirico is. Potaria asks if the pilot isn’t after him, and the man says they’re all just bait to lure Chirico out. Shako opens fire on the Strike Dog, and it responds by shooting at the APC. The Strike Dog then stops the APC and rips the door open, grabbing Potaria with its claw hand. The pilot threatens to kill Potaria unless Chirico comes out from where he’s hiding. Vanilla tries to convince the man that they’re searching for for Chirico. Luminal asks if they can negotiate, and the pilot squeezes Potaria and tosses him aside. The Strike Dog then leaves, and Potaria comments that he’s become part of the old order. He says the country became new when Prince Kanjelman dies, and it’ll be renewed again when he dies. Potaria then apologizes to Kanjelman and dies in Coconna’s arms.


The second episode takes us back to Kummen, which was the location for the second arc of VOTOMS. We never saw what happened to Potaria after Chirico and the others left, so it’s interesting to see him as the president. However, the tables have turned, and now he’s the ruler that the people are fighting against. Potaria always wanted to modernize Kummen, which put him into conflict with many of his countrymen. That seems to have been the cause of this current coup. Despite being on the losing side of the coup, Potaria makes a detour to visit his old friends. Gotho has rebuilt the Fantom Club to its original appearance, but unfortunately it comes under attack and suffers the same fate again. The mystery pilot attacks again, and I wonder where he got a Strike Dog, which in VOTOMS was a custom high performance AT built for the Perfect Soldier Ypsilon. This guy has managed to outfight Shako twice now, so it’s possible that he may be a PS himself. Whoever he is, for some reason he’s also searching for Chirico. Following Fyana’s death in Brilliantly Shining Heresy, this makes Potaria the second character to die after the end of the TV series. Who knows what will await Vanilla and the others at their next destination, Sunsa.

Overall Rating
Phantom Arc Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Fuyunori Gobu

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer(s):
Hiroki Inui
Yasuaki Maejima

6 episodes

Video Release:
Japan 03.26.2010 – 10.27.2010
U.S. 07.23.2019


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