VOTOMS Ep. 11: Counterattack


In the chapel, Borough and Iskui order the Phantom Lady to kill Chirico if she sees him in battle, but she refuses and leaves. Iskui is shocked that a Perfect Soldier can disobey orders. At the Battling arena, the police tell Chirico that if he drops his gun and surrenders they won’t kill him. Instead, he jumps out and fires his gun to blow out some of the lights on a Garshim. The police begin firing, and Gotho tells Chirico that the mission disks for the Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom are ready. The custom Scopedog then comes out of the hangar, and all the police are shocked to see the Red Shoulder mark. They begin firing, and the Scopedog attacks and destroys some units. The police continue to attack and destroy the Scopedog. They move in to investigate and laugh when they think they’ve managed to kill Chirico. Chirico sneaks up behind them in his custom Scopedog and opens fire on the Garshims. The police are caught off guard, and Chirico kills them all. He then speeds away, followed by the others in a truck. The truck heads for police headquarters and blasts through a police barricade. Iskui is informed that Chirico is heading his way, and he orders his men to hold Chirico off for an hour. A doctor hooks the Phantom Lady up to a machine to check her for abnormalities. He doesn’t find anything physically wrong, but Borough asks him to check her time indexed memories for three weeks earlier. He is convinced that Chirico had some contact with her that has affected her conditioning. After a few moments, the doctor pulls up an image and clears it up, revealing Chirico. Iskui doesn’t understand how that contact would lead to her defying them, but Borough thinks something else may have happened before her conditioning began. He asks the doctor to go all the way back to her first memory on her birthday and further beyond that. The doctor finds a memory that shouldn’t be there, and the image displayed is of Chirico on Lido. Borough realizes that the Phantom Lady has somehow connected Chirico with her own existence. Iskui pulls a gun out to shoot her, but Borough stops him and says they can’t let everything they’ve worked for go to waste. He thinks there’s still a way to use her as a Perfect Soldier.

An officer informs Iskui that Chirico is in sector 21. Chirico fights off several Garshims as well as a helicopter. The helicopter fires missiles at Chirico, but he manages to destroy it. He then evades several more Garshims and heads for the police headquarters. Rochina monitors the police channels and is interested in how things will change when Chirico runs out of ammo. Chirico hides from some Garshims and sees that he only has one cartridge left for his rifle. The Phantom Lady wakes up and refuses Iskui’s orders to sortie. Borough asks her why she’s afraid to fight Chirico, and she says she doesn’t know but just can’t. Borough tells her that she only has to disable his AT, and he promises that they won’t kill Chirico. The Phantom Lady then agrees and launches in her Brutishdog. Chirico approaches a highway and spots more than a dozen Garshims approaching him. He blasts one of the supporting column and destroys a piece of the highway along with 14 Garshims. A helicopter attacks from above and causes serious damage to the Scopedog. Chirico abandons it and jumps down to another area where Vanilla and the others are waiting with a fresh Scopedog. Chirico takes off in his new Scopedog and reaches the police tower. He blows away the cops surrounding the entrance and is attacked by the Phantom Lady’s Brutishdog. He escapes and uses a service elevator to reach the upper levels of the tower. He then goes on a rampage and destroys one of the connecting tunnels in the tower, nearly killing Iskui and Borough. The two manage to escape, and Chirico comes under attack once again by the Phantom Lady. He tries to punch her, but she dodges and slams the Scopedog up against a wall. Chirico is knocked unconscious and his cockpit opens. The Phantom Lady gets out of her Brutishdog and approaches Chirico, but he pulls a gun on her. Rochina monitors the situation and sees that Chirico is now in control of the police tower. He sends a message to Battentain to deploy the military forces. Chirico holds the Phantom Lady hostage and asks her if she plans to kill him. She says she won’t, so he cuts her ropes. He asks her what her name is, and she answers Proto One. He says that isn’t a name, but she tells him it’s all she’s ever been called.


Chirico goes on the assault and completely turns the tables on Iskui and the police. He inflicts an amazing amount of damage on the police by himself using only three Scopedogs. The first was some nice bait, and he definitely planned things out by having his friends prepare another Scopedog for him to switch to in mid-battle. The police forces are devastated, and it looks like Rochina will have the Melkian military move against the members of the Secret Society. Chirico is finally alone with the Phantom Lady/Proto One, and you can already see that a bond is forming between them.

Overall Rating

Armored Trooper VOTOMS Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Ryosuke Takahashi
Soji Yoshikawa
Toshi Gobu
Jinzo Toriumi

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

52 episodes; 4 compilation OVAs

Japan 04.01.1983 – 03.23.1984


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