VOTOMS Ep. 13: Escape


Dozens of Melkian army Scopedogs parachute into Woodo and surround the city. Iskui is convinced that Chirico works for the military, and Borough blames him for not taking care of Chirico earlier. Iskui knows that the Melkian military must be investigating the Society, but Borough doesn’t think they know too much. In the subway, Gotho tells Chirico they’ll be able to escape because the subway heads directly to the airport. Rochina announces that the Melkian military is occupying Woodo, and he demands that all the police forces surrender. He also demands that Iskui send out a representative to inform him of what they plan to do. Rochina knows that if an attack begins, they’ll try to move Fyana out of the city. Killy orders Iskui to resist by any means possible. He tells Iskui that he should be grateful the elite Melkian AT forces are destroying a useless city like Woodo. The police begin firing at the Melkian forces, and the Scopedogs invade the city. The Scopedogs plow through the police and destroy their Garshims and gun emplacements. Several Scopedogs attack Fyana’s limo, but her police escorts manage to destroy them. Chirico tells Gotho that he wants to go back to Woodo because he has things to take care of. Gotho tells Chirico that their association is now over, and they won’t help him anymore if they run into them. Just as Vanilla stops the railcar, an explosion in front of them blocks the subway path. Chirico crawls up through the rubble and walks into a war zone. He finally tells the others about the secret mission on Lido and how he was used to steal the Prototype Perfect Soldier. Gotho and the others finally understand why Chirico has a vendetta against the police and say they can’t forgive people who tamper with humans. Chirico asks them if they’re going to escape, but they say they might not be able to with a battle raging. Iskui is informed that Killy wants them to fight to the last man and will not be sending reinforcements. He tries to run out of his office, but a Scopedog blasts open the door and kills him. Rochina walks in and isn’t pleased that their only link to the Secret Society is dead.

Another group of Scopedogs attacks the limo and forces it to crash into a pile of rubble. When they investigate they find that Fyana is gone. Chirico and the others walk through the city and overhear military communications on the radio of a ruined Scopedog. They realize that Borough is heading for the jijirium storage site. Several Scopedogs stop a hearse heading out of the city. One of the pilots orders Borough to open the coffins in the back, but Borough says it’s just the bodies of two old people who had their heads blown off. The soldier is disgusted and tells Borough to leave. Chirico and the others use a push cart to get to the armory. Rochina asks if there’s any sign of Fyana, and he’s told that a hearse left the city and went towards the armory. He orders half of the Scopedog forces to re-deploy and surround the armory because Fyana is there. At the armory, preparations are made for Borough and Fyana to escape. Fyana asks if she can take a shower, and Borough tells her to do it quickly. Chirico and Vanilla split off from Gotho and Coconna to make themselves harder targets to hit. After Fyana finishes showering, Chirico comes into her room and asks her to escape with him. She tells him she thought she could do that earlier, but she has to stay with Borough or she’ll die. The Scopedogs arrive at the armory and commence their attack. Coconna tricks a Scopedog pilot by spray painting his lens; when he opens his cockpit, Gotho knocks him out from behind. Chirico comes over to them and takes control of the Scopedog. Borough takes Fyana to the heliport where Secret Society reinforcements are arriving from. They take off in a heavy helicopter while Standing Tortoise ATs move in and attack the Scopedogs. Vanilla steals a police helicopter and flies off. Chirico fights off some Scopedogs and hides when he spots the Standing Tortoise. Rochina orders his forces to retreat when he hears that the Society has sent in reinforcements. Massive explosions cause Woodo’s central tower to crumble. The entire city falls in on itself and is completely destroyed. Chirico wonders where everyone went and thinks to himself that he doesn’t want to be left alone.


The first arc of VOTOMS ends on an explosive note. Although the story dragged on quite a bit throughout the arc, the end is very satisfying with a large citywide battle between the Melkian military, the police and the Secret Society. Iskui is abandoned by Killy and meets his fate, although his partner-in-crime Borough manages to escape. Chirico is briefly reunited with Fyana, but she tells him she can’t go with him because she needs the jijirium to live. Although Chirico started of as a cold, heartless loner, he’s slowly changed into someone who can care about others. He finally views Vanilla, Gotho and Coconna as friends. He risks his life in an attempt to rescue Fyana. In the end, everyone is separated amidst the utter destruction of Woodo City. We’ll see what the future holds for everyone after this.

Overall Rating

Armored Trooper VOTOMS Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Ryosuke Takahashi
Soji Yoshikawa
Toshi Gobu
Jinzo Toriumi

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

52 episodes; 4 compilation OVAs

Japan 04.01.1983 – 03.23.1984


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