VOTOMS Ep. 22: Contact Blast


Coconna asks Gotho for a new dress because her last one was burned. He promises to buy her a new dress once the war is over and he has gained his profit. Coconna wants to open a new club and wonders why Vanilla had to volunteer to be a pilot. Gotho says the war will be over soon after Chirico’s team finishes its mission. Vanilla’s helicopter flies reconnaissance near the Ramoh Temple as Chirico’s team is picked up by AT Flys. At the palace, Borough tells Ypsilon that Ramoh Temple was destroyed and that Chirico was responsible. He says it’s clear that Chirico wants to take both Fyana and Ypsilon, so Ypsilon asks for permission to launch the special AT team. Borough says there’s no point in doing that because Chirico’s team changed course and is heading somewhere else. He tells Ypsilon to be ready to launch in a moment’s notice. In another part of the palace, Fyana takes a jijirium shower. Potaria asks Chirico what their real orders are, and Kan Yu tells him to shut up. Potaria says he wants to know what he’s risking his life for if they’re being dropped in the middle of enemy territory. Chirico explains that their objective is to take out the Snapping Turtle that has been attacking their forces in every battle. Vanilla spots several Veela tanks and comes under fire. He dodges their cannon fire and radios for help. The AT Flys swoop in and drop the ATs in the forest near the tanks. Vanilla assists by flying in low and destroying an attack. While the others attack several tanks, Kiderra slides down a hill and rips a tank in half. Shako knocks another tank down the side of a hill for the final kill. The AT Flys pick up everyone and drop them in a new boat. Vanilla wishes Chirico good luck and flies off. Kan Yu tells Chirico that he knows what the true objective is. He says Chirico will have everyone gang up on the Snapping Turtle while he grabs Fyana. He tells Chirico that he shouldn’t mind who takes credit in the end because they’re all following orders.

Ypsilon enters Fyana’s room while she combs her hair and tells her that Chirico destroyed their secret base at Ramoh Temple. He says the Melkians have sent Chirico to kidnap both of them. Fyana says she is afraid to fight and that as each day passes her fear grows. Ypsilon says he will protect her, and Borough comes in to tell Ypsilon about an emergency meeting. At the meeting, a map shows the progress of Chirico’s unit. They have destroyed Ramoh Temple and a tank group, and it is believed they plan to cross Crescent Moon Lake to attack the palace from behind. Kanjelman realizes that they’ve underestimated their enemy and have been losing all along. He says that battles such as these will lower the morale of the troops. Ypsilon asks for permission to launch the special AT unit, and Kanjelman authorizes him. Later, Ypsilon sees Borough about the problem with Fyana. Borough calls Killy to get his opinion about sending her back to headquarters. Killy believes that the only way to fix Fyana is to remove her initial shock over Chirico by having her see him at the moment of his death. Killy orders Ypsilon to kill Chirico and tells Borough to kill Fyana if the plan doesn’t work because he has no need for defective equipment. As the boat travels across the lake, Kiderra asks Chirico about the Snapping Turtle. Chirico tells him that his standard AT movement patterns will be no good against the Snapping Turtle. Suddenly, the boat is capsized by several Standing Turtles. Chirico jumps into the water with his Marshydog and spots Ypsilon in the water. In the sky, Borough flies overhead in a helicopter and forces Fyana to watch Chirico fighting. Chirico uses his custom anti-PS mission disk, but he’s in a disadvantage in the water. Ypsilon relentlessly attacks Chirico and causes substantial damage to his Marshydog. The cockpit is breached, and water begins to rush in. Suddenly, Fyana knocks Borough aside and tries to take over the helicopter from the pilot. The helicopter flies out of control and passes over Ypsilon before crashing into the ground and exploding.


Ypsilon finally gets his chance to go after Chirico, and this chance is also Fyana’s last opportunity to live. Killy is ready to have her killed, and Borough would surely go along with those orders. Ypsilon certainly would not approve of that, because in his own way he’s in love with Fyana. He manages to surprise Chirico’s team and do some damage to them. Although Chirico’s Marshydog is waterproofed, it’s not really made for underwater combat like Ypsilon’s Snapping Turtle, and this is evidenced by Chirico’s performance in battle. It’s very likely that Fyana saved Chirico’s life at the last minute with that helicopter stunt. Will she survive such an explosion? Of course she will, considering that she’s in the preview for the next episode. Kind of kills the suspense, doesn’t it?

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Armored Trooper VOTOMS Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Ryosuke Takahashi
Soji Yoshikawa
Toshi Gobu
Jinzo Toriumi

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

52 episodes; 4 compilation OVAs

Japan 04.01.1983 – 03.23.1984


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