VOTOMS Ep. 48: Successor


The Secret Society Flagship flies on an automatic course through an area filled with dozens of large black cylinders. Fyana tells Chirico that she’s scared and thinks that he’s growing apart from her. She says she doesn’t understand him anymore, and he tells her he wants to find out what’s going on. The ship’s maneuvering thrusters automatically fire to dodge the cylinders. Wiseman transmits a message, and the Schmitel twins theorize that it’s a form of telepathy using sonic vibration to send a message to the recipient’s nervous system. They wonder if Chirico, Killy and Rochina have some sort of shared past that connects them to Wiseman. The ship flies out of the field of cylinders and approaches an artificial moon. Wiseman’s message states that Chirico is to be brought before him, and Killy intends to be the one to do it. He has Rochina and Fyana locked in a room while Gotho and the others are locked inside a storage room. The ship flies into the artificial moon and touches down on a landing bay. Killy leaves the ship with a guard escort, along with Chirico and the Schmitel twins. Three guards come to execute Gotho and the others, and Vanilla asks about Chirico. They say Chirico left with Killy, and Vanilla asks if he can have a last cigarette before dying. Vanilla takes several puffs of the cigarette and attacks the guard. Gotho and Coconna knock several crates over to take care of the other guards. Fyana asks Rochina what will happen to Chirico, but the guards tell her to shut up. Vanilla opens the door and enters the room with the guard captain held hostage. He wonders what they should do with Rochina, and Rochina says he knows where Chirico is going. The five sneak out of the flagship, and Gotho tells Rochina he won’t give him a gun because he’s a dangerous man.

Chirico, Killy and the Schmitel twins walk through the long corridor. On Melkia, Battentain and the senior officers continue to debate about what to do in regards to Quent. Another call is made to convene the Galactic Assembly, and this time Battentain agrees. Killy’s two escorts are knocked to the ground when they come in contact with an impassable barrier. They make a second attempt, and the Schmitel twins say the barrier must keep out those whom Wiseman doesn’t want to enter. Chirico passes through the barrier, followed by Killy and the Schmitel twins. Rochina explains a little about Wiseman to the others and says he will tell them nothing more. Fyana worries about Chirico, but Coconna jokes that Chirico is immortal. Rochina says that’s indeed the truth because Chirico’s life energy flows directly from Wiseman. Four guards from the flagship enter the corridor and open fire at Rochina and the others. Vanilla fires back, and Gotho stays behind to provide cover fire while everyone else runs away. Rochina approaches the two guards by the barrier and says he is under orders from Killy to go to Wiseman. His lie is spoiled when Vanilla and Gotho come running around the corner making a lot of noise. Fyana runs away with Gotho and the others, but Rochina hides between two narrow walls. Chirico and the others reach a dead end, but a wall opens up to reveal a set of stairs and a doorway filled with yellow light. Killy orders the Schmitel twins to stay behind, and Wiseman sends a message saying that only Chirico is allowed entry. Chirico enters the doorway and is teleported to another chamber. Wiseman speaks to Chirico through flashing lights, and Chirico says he doesn’t mind that Wiseman has controlled his whole life. Wiseman reveals to Chirico that he was born out of the history of the Astragius Galaxy and is an Overman. He wants Chirico to become his successor, and Chirico gladly agrees. Wiseman sends a message to Killy telling him that his role in the world is over, and a blast of energy comes out of the doorway and kills Killy. Chirico emerges from the doorway with his destiny as a Child of God before him.


Everything is clear now. Chirico’s incredible piloting and survival skills result from him being an Overman. It makes sense now why he is a better pilot than both Fyana and Ypsilon. Wiseman has manipulated Chirico’s entire life so that he could eventually become the ruler of the Astragius Galaxy. At the same time, it seems the Gilgamesh and the Balarant will be working together to discover the secrets of Quent. Killy certainly isn’t happy to know that his sole purpose was to bring Chirico to Wiseman, but he doesn’t live long enough to be able to complain much. Chirico accepts Wiseman’s offer to become God, and he certainly has an evil look on his face when he returns from Wiseman’s chamber. What is he planning?

Overall Rating

Armored Trooper VOTOMS Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Ryosuke Takahashi
Soji Yoshikawa
Toshi Gobu
Jinzo Toriumi

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

52 episodes; 4 compilation OVAs

Japan 04.01.1983 – 03.23.1984


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