VOTOMS Ep. 8: The Deal


Coconna and Vanilla jump into a pile of jijirium to celebrate their successful theft. They plan to divide the jijirium evenly into four portions, but Chirico says he doesn’t want any of it. Vanilla says that they all worked as a team, and Chirico replies that he isn’t one of them. Everyone begins to argue about who gets Chirico’s portion, but Chirico ignores them and goes outside to look at the sky. The Phantom Lady visits the chapel and kneels down to pray. Iskui tells Borough that whoever is supporting Chirico must be in the city, and he’s going to make sure they don’t leave. Rochina’s men report that the police have the city on lock down and aren’t allowing anyone to leave. Rochina knows that Chirico hasn’t left the city and that the police are looking for him. He believes that if they can find Chirico they might find the Prototype as well. Coconna returns to the hideout and wakes up Vanilla and Gotho, who are both passed out and drunk. She tells them that the jijirium is useless now because the police have locked down the city and won’t let anyone go. Vanilla yells at Gotho for insisting they stay and celebrate, but Gotho points out that Vanilla didn’t object to getting drunk. As Vanilla and Coconna argue, Gotho begins to laugh by himself. They think he’s going senile, but he says he has a plan. They won’t have to think about escaping if they sell the jijirium to the police. Vanilla and Coconna think that’s a crazy plan, but Gotho insists that he could set it up. Chirico agrees with Gotho, and Vanilla comments that it figures Chirico would go for the most dangerous plan. Killy calls Iskui and demands to know where the jijirium is. Iskui explains that it was stolen, and Killy isn’t pleased with Iskui’s failure. He tells Iskui to use the final option because they can’t allow things to get more out of control. Borough says that using the final option would be a great opportunity to test something in battle. Elsewhere, the Phantom Lady is escorted to her limo.

The Melkian spies report to Rochina that Gotho appeared out in the open and was arrested by the police. At the police tower, a cop interrogates Gotho and demands to know where the jijirium is. Gotho says he’s willing to sell it, and the cop threatens to beat him. Gotho explains that if he’s killed, his friends will sell the jijirium to someone else and leave the city. Iskui watches from the other side of the interrogation room and agrees with Gotho’s proposal. Gotho says he wants three billion gildans in gold, and Iskui tells him to be at the abandoned coliseum in three hours. Gotho returns to the hideout and tells everyone that the cops are going to pay three billion gildans. Vanilla asks Gotho if he was followed, and she says he was but that the managed to ditch them in a funeral procession. Chirico says that he wants to accompany Gotho as his bodyguard. Coconna drives the jijirium truck to an area patrolled by the police and abandons it after getting their attention. Gotho drives into the coliseum alone and calls out to Iskui. Several spotlights shine down on Gotho, and Iskui tells him he has guts to come alone. He asks where the jijirium is, and Gotho says it’s on the way to the police now. Iskui receives a phone call that the truck has been recovered. A large officer brings out a briefcase filled with gold. As Gotho walks over to it, he’s surrounded by cops. He pulls out a remote and threatens to blow up the jijirium truck, but Iskui doesn’t care and tells Gotho to leave. Gotho gives a signal as he drives off, and Vanilla drives in a truck carrying Chirico’s Scopedog. Chirico attacks the cops and their Garshim vehicles. While the cops deal with Chirico, Vanilla and Gotho grab the briefcase. Once all the cops are dead, Vanilla gives Chirico the signal to leave. Chirico instead approaches Iskui and demands to know why they’re trying to kill him. A Brutishdog piloted by the Phantom Lady enters the arena and attacks Chirico. Vanilla and Gotho escape. Chirico fires at the Phantom Lady, but she is able to perfectly dodge his attacks. She then uses some flames as cover and takes shots which blow the shoulders off the Scopedog. The Phantom Lady continues her attack and blows off one of the Scopedog’s legs. She then points her Gatling gun at Chirico’s exposed cockpit, and he wonders who could possibly have such skills.


There’s definitely some fallout from the jijirium heist. The city is under lock down, leaving the four accomplices trapped inside. Gotho has a pretty savvy idea in selling the jijirium back to the cops, and it’s risky knowing that someone like Iskui can’t be trusted. We finally see in this episode what the Prototype Perfect Soldier can do- fight with amazing skills in an AT. Up to now, Chirico hasn’t really fought anyone on an equal skill level, but the Phantom Lady really did a number on him. Unfortunately, it means that Chirico has been once again captured by the police.

Overall Rating

Armored Trooper VOTOMS Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Ryosuke Takahashi
Soji Yoshikawa
Toshi Gobu
Jinzo Toriumi

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

52 episodes; 4 compilation OVAs

Japan 04.01.1983 – 03.23.1984


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