The Wings of Rean Ep. 2: The King of Hojo


Aesap sees various bizarre sights as he falls through the Aura Road. Each of the various aura ships, as well as the fighter jets travel through the Aura Road. Aesap and Lyukus appear underwater where they encounter a Ferario named Elebos. Elebos says they are in Whala-Kahlane, which is located underwater. A voice tells Elebos to bring them to Sungalika and a tornado appears which carries them away. Near Hip Kerene, castle of Hojo, a light appears in the sky and the aura ships appear, crashing nearby. Amahlgan comments on them being able to get into Sakomizu’s territory. He asks Kiki if she is ready to send out the aura battlers. Sakomizu orders his forces to head after the Aploghene and asks to be connected with Kottou. Codour, Sakomizu’s wife, orders the ship Fugaku to be sortied once ready. Kottou tells Sakomizu that they were in the Upper Realm and that the Jinzan was sunk by the Americans. Aesap and Lyukus are before Jacoba Aon, an old Ferario woman, who criticizes Lyukus, knocking her around in the air. She says she used the Wings of Rean to stop her father’s ambitions and mother’s arrogance. Jacoba says Aesap called for the Wings of Rean, although he says it never crossed his mind. Jacoba tells Lyukus to put the boots on Aesap and that this was not a coincidence as even the Ferario alone can’t open the Aura Road. Jacoba says Lyukus’s father build the aura machines to drain the aura power from Hellicon in an attempt to return to the Upper Realm. Lyukus says this was only because it was requested by Codour, his second wife. Jacoba says they should leave it to the will of Byston Well. Elebos brings the Wings of Rean boots. Aesap wonders if they will fit him. Bugs try to fly into the US-1 plane that has landed in Byston Well. The pilots spot the F-35 fighter jet nearby where Rori and Kanamoto are calling for help. An aura battler lands nearby. Kiki, piloting it, asks Rori and Kanamoto if they are alright. She heads over towards the plane. Aesap looks around the odd landscape where small babies are sitting inside the blossoms of flowers. Lyukus says this is Kastanga Hill, where the souls of aborted and miscarried babies are born. Elebos leads them forward towards a wall of wind which she says will lead them back to the common land. Elebos says she will lead them and jumps in, being carried away by the wind. Aesap and Lyukus are hesitant, but jump in together as some Ferario watch. The Wings of Rean appear after they head in and it helps them fly back towards the castle, which is also being approached by some Aura Battlers. Codour and Sakomizu are surprised to see that Lyukus has the Wings of Rean and that they are being used by the boy that is with her. Aesap and Lyukus land on the balcony. Lyukus criticizes Codour, causing Sakomizu to say she could be executed, surprising Aesap. Aesap introduces himself to Sakomizu and tells him that he is from the Upper Realm. Sakomizu says he is not hesitant to show his powers and ignores Lyukus, who says they should return to their castle and lead their country. Sakomizu asks Aesap if he can materialize the Wings of Rean of his own will. He orders Aesap and Lyukus locked up and orders Kottou to see if Aesap has the discipline to be a holy warrior. Sakomizu thinks that Aesap will be useful when they invade the Upper Realm, after they defeat Amahlgan. Sakomizu gets on a small winged craft and flies away.

The Aploghene heads over a river surrounded by cliffs. Amahlgan asks Kiki why she can’t send out the aura battlers and she says there is only one pilot other than herself. Amahlgan says he wants them to launch anyway, that he’ll join them, and that they’ll only be attacking the enemy’s ship, not their castle. Aesap is called by the US-1 plane pilots on his cell phone, who are with the Renzan ship. Lyukus and Aesap are locked up in a room. Lyukus says they have been locked up because a holy warrior with the Wings of Rean has stormed the castle. Aesap says there’s no way he could summon them. Aesap walks out to the balcony and Lyukus says there is nothing they can do. Elebos flies up and says she can help. She creates a long string that she ties to a pillar on the balcony, enabling Aesap and Lyukus to grab it and climb down to the cliff below. They can see a military base below them where Sakomizu’s aura battler and other aura battlers are being prepared. Lyukus climbs down despite Aesap’s attempt to stop her. She leads him to an aura battler which she says has no name yet. Lyukus shows Aesap how she can control it with Aura Power. The Aploghene ascends and Amahlgan departs on an aura battler with Kiki and Hebe, another pilot. Sakomizu heads out on his aura battler, Ouka-Oh. He flies by where Codour is to greet her. Kiki finds that her aura battler can’t keep up with his. Amahlgan finds The Ouka-Oh and starts a battle with Sakomizu, telling Kiki and Hebe to leave. Sakomizu slices one of the limbs of Amahlgan’s aura battler. Rori and Kanamoto fly their fighter jet right between them. Sakomizu spots the aura battler that Lyukus and Aesap are on and blames Aesap for bringing Lyukus out to the battlefield. Aesap says she is simply teaching him how to control the aura battler, the Nanajin (No Name). Lyukus says she doesn’t want to see her father overcome by delusions. He says eliminating the root of evil in this land and defeating the U.S. are not delusions. Lyukus says he must reconsider, as he could not get to the Upper Realm when he used the Wings of Rean. Lyukus jumps out of the Nanajin’s cockpit and runs off. Sakomizu tells Aesap to become a holy warrior, and then slams the Nanajin to the ground. Sakomizu says he’s impressed because the aura battler didn’t get damaged and asks Aesap if he’s like to become prince of Hojo. Sakomizu tells Aesap he forgives him and his friends.


The setting switches to Byston Well where things are a bit more interesting than the first episode. We see the interesting realm of Kastanga Hill, which was also referenced in Garzey’s Wing and see the head of the Ferario, Jacoba Aon, who has a considerably different appearance than that in Dunbine. Sakomizu and his wife, Codour, remind one of the Lufts from the original series; Sakomizu threatens his own daughter with execution mere moments after seeing her again, which reminds one of how harsh Louser was with Riml. We get to see the Aura Battlers in considerably more detail in this episode, as well as getting to see them in use. The Aura Battlers boast some interesting designs; they are considerably more complex than those in Dunbine although still remain quite similar looking. The fighting doesn’t last that long, but overall this is an interesting start to things on Byston Well and comes off as a stronger episode than the first.

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Wings of Rean Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Jiro Takayama

Mechanical Designer(s):
Tamotsu Shinohara
Takumi Sakura

Character Designer:
Masashi Kudo

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

26 episodes

Japan 12.16.2005 – 8.18.2006


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