The Wings of Rean Ep. 6: Sakura Tempest


The Ouka-Oh and Nanajin do battle over the Fugaku. Codour describes the wings and swords of Ouka-Oh as their secret weapon, showing off Sakomizu’s aura power. McCabel, Galun and the others head inside the Fugaku while Lyukus receives radio communication from Amahlgan. She pleads with him to not fire over her father’s homeland. Codour grabs the communicator and says he can seek retribution as he’d like here. The Ouka-Oh slices through multiple buildings, causing them to collapse on the people below. Aesap realizes he has to stop the battleships from firing. Sakomizu heads towards the Tokyo headquarters, looking for the Emperor. When American fighter jets approach him, he grows the size of the Ouka-Oh’s wings. Japanese crafts fire upon him, causing him to get even angrier. Sakomizu hears the voice of Jacoba Aon and tells her to help him. McCabel and Alex depart on a carrier craft and discuss the bombs they have placed on the Fugaku. Aesap approaches in the Nanajin and asks his father what he’s doing here. Aesap realizes something is going on and calls out to Sakomizu as they approach the Pabush. Sakomizu lands on the Fugaku to talk to Codour. Lyukus pleads with Sakomizu, but he says even the Japanese have attacked him. Rori and Kanamoto call out to Murassa and Kasumi to continue their attack on Japan. Amahlgan is upset at Sakomizu teaming up with the surface dwellers and bombing the capital of his homeland. Flussu tells Murassa and Kasumi to not attack the American planes that have teamed up with them. Rori thinks the size of Tokyo is too big for even them to be able to destroy it all. Murassa and Kasumi decide to attack the Ouka-Oh. An explosion rocks the Fugaku. Sakomizu and Codour realize it was the surface dwellers. Sakomizu tells Codour she made a mistake trusting them. Aesap goes before Rori and Kanamoto to see what they are doing. Rori says they are going to get a nuclear weapon and stop the consumer culture of Japan. Alex and McCabel return to the Pabush and are reported on the explosions on the Fugaku. Sakomizu attacks the Pabush in his Ouka-Oh. Alex rushes out saying their fleet has been recognized by independent countries and Japan. McCabel comes out to plead with Sakomizu. Sakomizu thinks their attacks will make Japan a colony of the U.S. McCabel says the two of them will rule the world. Sakomizu calls McCabel a Garou Ran and says not to interfere. He slices through the Pabush and says after their victory it will become part of the Hojo army. Aesap says Rori and Kanamoto are being pushed around by the Aura Power. He is contacted by Lyukus and returns to the Fugaku. Lyukus hugs and kisses him upon his return. Aesap asks if there’s any way to stop the bombing. Codour’s hands won’t stop shaking and she says Sakomizu has become a holy warrior. One of the American planes fires upon the Nanajin, and Aesap slices through it. Aesap hears a song of the Ferario as the ship blows up. Lyukus is brought inside and her step-mother slaps her. Codour calls out to Kottou to destroy both Tokyo and the Ouka-Oh, saying that Sakomizu’s delusion has exploded and they’ll become Garou Ran. Sakomizu flies above them, having heard the conversation. He accuses Codour and Kottou of sleeping with each other and plotting to take over after the battle. Sakomizu readies his sword to attack the Fugaku.

The Ouka-Oh is attacked by Aura Battlers from the Aploghene. Murassa and Kasumi join in attacking him, slicing at its wings. Sakomizu’s face starts to age as he battles other Aura Battlers. The Aploghene aims its fire at the Ouka-Oh as well. Amahlgan’s colleague says they won’t be able to return to Byston Well if the Wings of Rean are destroyed, but Amahlgan says they’ll have to go ahead with it anyway so their kin can rest in peace. Rori and Kanamoto attack the Pabush, looking for the nuclear warhead. The Wings of Rean appear from the Ouka-Oh. Lyukus says her father is corrupted. Aesap flies to the Aploghene asking Amahlgan if there’s anything they can do. Amahlgan has Elebos go with Aesap, thinking she can call out to Jacoba Aon. Rori and Kanamoto grab a pair of warheads from the Pabush and fly off. McCabel laughs, thinking this might be easier than fighting with those from Hojo. He believes that if the capital is devastated they will need his help and it can be blamed on Washington. Alex is upset, saying he cooperated to protest against Washington and not to kill so many people in Tokyo. He orders McCabel be apprehended and taken away. Rori and Kanamoto bring the nuclear weapon towards Sakomizu. Aesap flies towards them, trying to stop them. Elebos hears Jacoba Aon’s words, telling her to pray. The Ouka-Oh grabs Rori’s Aura Battler, but Rori flees. Aesap chases after Rori, who says he’ll detonate the bomb before he can be caught. Sakomizu, now aged, doesn’t want Tokyo to disappear. A large number of paper dolls appear from Elebos’s hands and appear before Sakomizu. Sakomizu tosses the nuclear weapon but Aesap is able to grab it in his Nanajin. The Nanajin and Ouka-Oh ascend into the air. The Ouka-Oh strikes the Nanajin and grabs the nuclear weapon. He calls for the Wings of Rean to hear his prayers. The Ouka-Oh’s wings grow to a tremendous size, covering the sky over Tokyo. The nuclear weapons explode over the wings, which shield Tokyo from the blast. The Ouka-Oh’s wings dissolve. Codour realizes Sakomizu has passed away. Lyukus calls for Aesap, who lands in his Nanajin. Aesap and Elebos get down on the Fugaku. Aesap tells Lyukus that the Wings of Rean and Ouka-Oh were able to absorb even a nuclear explosion and that they’ll be able to reach an agreement with the Japanese government. The Aura Ships start shaking due to an increase in energy from the nuclear explosion. Lyukus gets in the Nanajin with Aesap. The Aura Road appears and the Aura Ships all fly into it, bringing them to Kastanga Hill. Alex leads a helicopter to pick up Aesap. Aesap’s parents find him by the wrecked Nanajin and meet Lyukus. Alex tells Aesap that he’s going to be stationed in Japan and will reunite with Aesap’s mother. At a later point in time, Aesap and Lyukus visit a grave for Sakomizu. Cherry blossoms fall from the trees and Lyukus says her father is smiling. The cherry blossoms surround Lyukus and carry her away. Aesap starts crying and screams out for Lyukus who is carried away by the Wings of Rean.


This is a pretty good final episode, nothing particularly great, but I would say it wrapped up the show in a more satisfying manner than the other Dunbine OVAs. Seeing a Tomino anime conclude with only one character (Sakomizu) dying is quite the surprise given his past history, showing just how beyond his “Kill ‘Em All” days he is in his more recent works. Sakomizu suddenly aging while piloting his Ouka-Oh reminds me of the fate of Poseidal from Heavy Metal L.Gaim, although it isn’t really explained here. That Codour and Kottou are having an affair is yet another reference to the original Dunbine series where the same was happening with Louser and Bishot Hate. Rori and Kanamoto become even more ridiculous here, wanting to detonate a nuclear weapon over Tokyo which Sakomizu ends up stopping at the end. Looked like we would have a happy ending with Aesap and Lyukus in the end there, only to have her suddenly return to Byston Well. Overall this OVA was a bit better than I expected it to be. Not great by any means, but the longer length in comparison to the other Dunbine OVAs definitely helped and all the action on Earth did not harm it as much as I thought it would.

Overall Rating
Wings of Rean Info


Yoshiyuki Tomino

Yoshiyuki Tomino
Jiro Takayama

Mechanical Designer(s):
Tamotsu Shinohara
Takumi Sakura

Character Designer:
Masashi Kudo

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

26 episodes

Japan 12.16.2005 – 8.18.2006


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