X-ATH-07-DA Scallops SL


Unit type: experimental heavy-class armored trooper
Overall height (with extra armor): 4.677 meters
Overall height (without extra armor): 4.588 meters
Dry weight (with extra armor): 8.973 tons
Dry weight (without extra armor): 8.144 tons
Full combat weight (with extra armor): 9.577 tons
Full combat weight (without extra armor): 8.592 tons
Armor thickness (with extra armor): 8-21mm
Armor thickness (without extra armor): 5-15mm
Muscle cylinder system: 2P-LJ-S4
Gliding wheel speed (dry weight, with extra armor): 75.9 km/h
Gliding wheel speed (dry weight, without extra armor): 100.5 km/h
Gliding wheel speed (full combat weight, with extra armor): 43 km/h
Gliding wheel speed (full combat weight, without extra armor): 52 km/h
Gliding wheel power: 399 hp
Control computer: MCT-228-AC
Polymer ringers (PR) liquid type: DT-MS
PR liquid power: 11.5 hp per liter squared
PR liquid capacity: 230 liters
Reserve PR liquid tank capacity: 25 liters
PR liquid replacement time: 57 hours
Armament: >50mm machine gun x 2, iron claw x 2
Additional extra armor armament: missile x 4
Crew: 1



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