Xabungle Ep. 12: The Mysterious Mysteries of the Innocent


Jiron, in the Xabungle, spots relay point P off in the distance, by a forested area where an Innocent dome is. Jiron spots a lot of trashed Walker Machines nearby and realizes he’ll have to get in through the Iron Gear. Meanwhile on the Iron Gear, Kotsett, Elchi and others count blue stones. Chill asks about the relay point and Elchi says it’s like heaven. An underling contacts Bigman’s Devarace Galan upon seeing the Iron Gear. Bigman thinks Death Valley would be the best place to attack the Iron Gear and launches his landship. On the bridge, Rag and Blume are surprised to see Elchi and Chill practicing a bowing greeting for the Innocent. Elchi praises the Innocent, claiming they are high classed and cultured and live in domes with swimming pools, gardens and trees. The Sand Rats, Rag in particular are annoyed by this, saying that way of life wouldn’t cut it outside and Elchi should become an Innocent if she likes their ways so much. The Iron Gear passes through Death Valley, a shortcut to relay point P. Suddenly a large group of Walker Machines start firing upon the ship. Kotsett and Fatman show up on the bridge to help. Plopopieff, Lovely Rose and their dancers try to avoid shots hitting the deck of the ship. The Sand Rats head out on Walker Machines to defend the ship. Soon, the Devarace Galan appears before them. Dyke and Chill head out on the Xabungle, but Dyke is unable to transform it into its humanoid form until after Rag kicks it with her Walker Machine. The head of the Xabungle won’t rise out of its chest, causing Dyke to almost be knocked out of it. Bigman orders a second landship to appear behind the Iron Gear and trap them in a pincer attack. Elchi wonders why Bigman is attacking them and hopes for Jiron to appear. Suddenly, Jiron appears in his Xabungle, exciting everyone. Jiron grabs an enemy Walker Machine and forces its pilots to fire upon their allies. Elchi orders Kotsett to move the Iron Gear forward. Jiron joins the others on the deck of the Iron Gear as it approaches, and it forces Bigman to pull back. Bigman becomes fearful of them fighting too close to sacred ground as they near the relay point. Elchi also grows fearful of them fighting so close as well and orders them to stop firing. Bigman’s ships head off. Elchi orders the Iron Gear to land, but when it hits the ground an electric current shoots through the ship, forcing it to ascend. A small craft, a hoverheli, carrying an Innocent android approaches and Elchi provides her license number, saying she wants to exchange goods. She is authorized entrance. The Iron Gear heads a gate and docks inside. Elchi, leading Jiron and the Sand Rats, says they exchange things here for blue stones and there are business offices about. They enter a chamber where they are sprayed with gas and move forward on a conveyor belt which Elchi calls the gate to heaven. Jiron thinks Timp wouldn’t have been able to enter a place like this.

Elchi, Jiron and the Sand Rats enter a lively town within the dome where there are various shops. Elchi continues to talk up how cultured the Innocent and this area is. Jiron spots a large wall and Elchi tells him that is where the Innocent live and they can’t go in. Jiron thinks Timp must be inside. The Sand Rats are fascinated by a fountain and drink from it. Elchi says this is to teach them about culture when they worry about whether they’ll have to pay. They soon head inside a building where a series of identical looking female androids work on typewriter-like terminals. Elchi goes to one of them, requesting to exchange blue stones for computer chips and some other merchandise. She is told hours of operations are over for today and to come tomorrow. All the androids descend into the floor. That night while eating, the Sand Rats complain. Blume wants to explore but Elchi says doing so at night is forbidden. Later, Jiron looks out the window, thinking about if Timp is behind the wall and that he’ll search tomorrow. A shutter automatically closes on him. The next morning, Jiron sneaks up to the wall and climbs up a tree that enables him to see various houses in it. He spots Timp walking by. Jiron is shot off the branch by several Innocent androids in hoverhelis telling him he’s forbidden from looking in the residential area. Meanwhile, Elchi is summoned by Dowas, who says there is an irregularity with her license as she didn’t go through the proper name changing procedures. He refuses to trade with her. Rag starts yelling at him and he orders Elchi and Rag to be arrested and their blue stones seized. Dyke, Chill and Blume run outside to tell Jiron. Police sirens go off and they soon flee, throwing a hot dog vendor into the pursuing vehicle. They continue to flee and head through the conveyor belt-area where they had entered the dome. They return to the Iron Gear and tell Kotsett who is very worried. Jiron says they will get Elchi and Rag back by force. A number of Innocent androids run into the Iron Gear and start firing at them. Jiron runs up into the Xabungle. Elchi, Rag and Dowas watch. Elchi is worried about Jiron and they are allowed to speak to him over the loudspeaker. Jiron attacks the Innocent forces firing at him. Suddenly another member of the Innocent, first grade Overseer Biel comes down into the area and says they’ll listen to what he has to say. The fighting over, they are allowed inside where Biel apologizes for his subordinate’s behavior earlier and that he’ll accept their license, although they’ll have to pay for damages. Elchi consents to this and apologizes for the other’s actions. Jiron asks Biel if he knows of Timp, and Biel says no. Jiron says he is a Breaker hired to instigate conflict, but Biel laughs at it, calling it a rumor. Elchi slaps Jiron. As they leave, Dowas asks if letting them go is okay, and Biel says it is good to have people who break the law, saying the inhabitants of the world are entering a new age, although it may be going a bit too fast.


We seem to be alternating good and bad episodes, as this one is a considerable improvement from the last one. We first get a decent sized battle between the Iron Gear and Bigman’s forces. From there, the rest of the episode takes place in the Innocent’s dome. This is our first time seeing the Innocent up close, and they live up to expectations, appearing far more advanced than the Old West styled society we have seen on the show thus far. Jiron’s pursuit of Timp continues to bring trouble, as does his fighting back, until Biel steps in. Things don’t appear to be going Elchi’s way either until Biel’s arrival. Her level of obsession with the Innocent makes one wonder if she’ll want to stay here rather than continuing to travel in the wilderness on the Iron Gear. One funny moment early in the episode has Dyke and Chill breaking the fourth wall, claiming the Xabungle is the main mecha of the show.

Overall Rating

Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Yoshiaki Akutagawa
Yoshiyuki Tomino

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

50 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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