Xabungle Ep. 23: Rag, Come Home to Our Open Arms!


Supplies are loaded onto a landship as Horla meets with Karas Karas. Karas wants to forget about the Iron Gear, which he says is headed for Point L. Horla departs. Karas’s men think he should have cooperated more with Horla, but Karas is confident his power will increase when his younger brother Gully returns. He has kept from Horla that he does in fact want revenge on the Iron Gear for messing with his bazaar. Meanwhile Gully’s landship is heading through a canyon and is suddenly struck by an enemy force. He orders his Walker Machines and other landships to fight them off. The Iron Gear passes nearby, spotting the smoke from the attack. Elchi refuses to change their path which would delay them. Jiron asks if anyone has brought Rag food; they have not due to the fear of making Elchi mad. Elchi yells at Jiron as he departs the bridge to make some food for her. Plopopieff and his dancers try to warn Jiron as he makes Rag some food and he tells them off, saying three days have passed. He brings the food to Rag, who is held captive in a bed with bars around it. Rag just sits there silent and angry but tells Jiron he can stay when he is about to go. Rag starts eating and shows happiness towards Jiron despite tearing up at the spicyness of the sandwich. Jiron asks if he was too harsh towards her and she says no, but she eventually grows frustrated and throws her drink at him. Suddenly the Iron Gear is rocked by an explosion. Enemy Walker Machines are spotted on the cliff above. Elchi wants to rush past them and Jiron wonders if they should scout out for Horla’s forces. Meanwhile Rag, who was able to break from her cage due to the explosion heads out on a Xabungle. Elchi gets angry at Jiron, thinking he let her out. Rag says to let her be and that she’s not betraying them, but Jiron quickly heads out on the other Xabungle. Gully’s men spot Rag’s Xabungle. Elchi orders her forces to fight off the enemy breakers. Rag’s Xabungle makes its way near Gully’s forces but is quickly struck by them and falls down a cliff. Jiron approaches and fires with his Xabungle, which is still in vehicle form. One of Gully’s Walker Machines attacks Jiron but Jiron transforms his Xabungle and fights them off, then attacks the cannons on the landship. Jiron confronts Gully who blames the Iron Gear for the attack. The two fire at each other with pistols.

One of Gully’s landships approaches the Iron Gear. Geraba, who had secretly caused the conflict in the first place, reports back to Horla, who tells him to return. Jiron and Gully continue to shoot at each other. Jiron departs to attack a Walker Machine that had confronted Rag. Rag departs her Xabungle and fires at it with a bazooka, which enables Jiron to defeat it. Gully is knocked out and one of his men says that they should retreat. Rag climbs up to the deck and fires upon the bridge of a landship. Elchi watches, saying she doesn’t care about Rag and she should drop dead. Jiron picks up Rag and flees. Meanwhile, Gully’s landship arrives where Karas’s forces are. Karas sees to the mortally injured Gully who tells him about being attacked by 2 blue Walker Machines. Karas gets angry, saying he was going to go easy on Elchi, but won’t now. Meanwhile one of the captured men tells Elchi they were part of Gully’s forces and heading for Karas’ bazaar. They are worried about what will happen but both sides argue about starting it. Jiron wants to apologize to Karas, and Dyke and Blume say they will go with him. Elchi demands Rag be locked back up and that she may have killed Gully. Jiron tells Chill to take care of Rag as he departs on one of the Xabungles. Horla meets with Karas again, who offers him help in the battle to come. The dancers lock Rag up, telling her about a weakness in the bars she can exploit and ask her about her earlier claims of trying to steal the Iron Gear. They say they will help her but she seems to have dismissed the notion. Repairs occurs on the second Xabungle. Karas approaches on his landship Greta, wondering if he should have waited for his wife to arrive. He begins the attack and Elchi calls for the others to join her on the bridge. Elchi refuses to let Rag go so she can help them but Chill heads to her cell to let her out. Rag wants to stay, saying she went out first earlier to make up for things but Elchi wouldn’t forgive her. Elchi says to fight for the others sake since they’ll all be killed. Rag slips out of the cell and heads to the bridge, shoving Elchi out of the way. Jiron and the others find Karas gone and see Gully’s grave, realizing he must have headed out. Rag runs to the second Xabungle so Kotsett can go back up to the bridge and help there. Rag’s Xabungle attacks several cannons on the Greta. Karas asks where Horla was, since he was supposed to help. Horla tells Geraba to let out smoke so they can claim to have had engine trouble. Karas orders them to use the crane to attack the Xabungle and it knocks the Xabungle off. Karas’s underling says they should retreat and he agrees. Later, Rag wakes up with Jiron having returned and many tending to her. Elchi gets angry seeing them from the bridge and falls out the window.


A fast paced episode; I would have expected the two battles we get in this episode to be split across two episodes ordinarily. Rag immediately fights for the Iron Gear to redeem herself. If anything she is too aggressive and her attack kills Gully, which will soon cause problems for the Iron Gear with Karas Karas. Gully is talked up quite a bit by his older brother but barely makes it through half an episode before being killed. Much of the Iron Gear‘s crew has already forgiven Rag which makes sense given how long they had fought together (particularly the Sand Rats), aside from Elchi. Elchi’s attitude is presented as extremely over the top in this episode, but we shouldn’t forget that Rag literally tried to murder her not that long ago. Horla continues scheming; after Karas initially declines his help he fools Gully’s forces and the Iron Gear into fighting each other then gets Karas on his side as a result. I do question why he felt the need to bow out of the fighting and fake engine trouble though. Is he trying to take out Karas?

Overall Rating

Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Yoshiaki Akutagawa
Yoshiyuki Tomino

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

50 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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