Xabungle Ep. 31: If You Toy With a Woman’s Heart


Elchi dreams of a rose dissolving and a doll becoming evil. She flees through a dark street with Dr. Manet telling her she must fight. Ghostly hands grasp at her and she cries out. Meanwhile, a large group of Salt members travel across a frozen lake. In the Innocent dome, Elchi awakens, with Dr. Manet in front of her. Billam reports to Innocent leader Arthur Rank, accompanied by a couple of guards and a bald man named Kashim King. Rank is happy that strong people have appeared and wishes he could meet them, and is not worried like Billam is. Katakam along with Rag stands before members of Salt, who happily call out to him while Jiron and the other Sand Rats watch. Jiron doesn’t want to help out Salt and is waiting for Rag to join up with him. Blume fights with him when it becomes clear he is still concerned with Elchi. Katakam talks of how the Iron Gear will join them and in its Walker Machine mode smash the Innocent. Kotsett shows up and wonders if they are really going to join up with Salt. Meanwhile, Billam proposes to Rank that they stop providing technology to the civilians. Rank permits it, but tells him not to be too strict with them. Timp comes out of an elevator to meet up with Billam and they drive off. Billam wonders where Biel is, saying he has disappeared. Billam wants Timp to promise to never betray him, but he has nothing to say. Billam wants to plan an operation to take out Jiron and the Iron Gear. Timp wants Elchi in return and Billam agrees, after he waits a bit first. Katakam continues his speech before Salt, talking of how they will become wealthy. Jiron and the others are getting tired of how he keeps going on and on. Katakam, Rag and some others try to climb onto the Iron Gear with a Walker Machine with no luck. Katakam comes up afterwards and declares the Iron Gear will be Salt’s flagship, pointing to the flag his men are putting on it. He thinks even the Innocent won’t be able to withstand their strength. Rag happily agrees to show him around the ship and continues to gloat towards his men after Rag fires the Iron Gear‘s cannon. Meanwhile, Dr. Manet comes to see Elchi who is no longer suffering from headaches. An alarm starts going off that the Iron Gear is approaching Point J and many robot guards run through the hallway. Elchi tries to make her way out during the chaos, seeing much of the Innocent’s forces departing the dome. Katakam leads a force that heads towards the dome. Rag happily heads out on a Xabungle. Jiron, the Sand Rats and Kotsett are concerned with the attack and want to retreat while the Salt members and Rag blast away at their Innocent enemies. Elchi, traveling on one of the crafts, is struck and falls off her craft to the snowy ground.

Kotsett yells at Jiron to head out on the Gallier. Jiron is hesitant to do so but ultimately gets in and takes off, although without a copilot as Chill is left behind. Timp, taking part in the attack is happy at how things are going with Billam in comparison to Biel. Jiron calls back asking for someone to bring the Gallier a rifle. Dyke is nearly struck by the reckless members of Salt firing. Kotsett tells Plopopieff to attack the relay point directly, which the Iron Gear does. This surprises Timp, who orders his forces to directly attack the Iron Gear. Elchi struggles with headaches as she tries to get up. Dyke flies past her on a hovergy and notices her. Elchi wonders if she is seeing things and asks Dyke if he’s really there. Dyke thinks she just has gunpowder in her eyes and takes her off with him. In the Innocent dome, Dr. Manet complains to Billam, saying it is too early and they shouldn’t expect results yet. In a flashback we see her trying to brainwash Elchi into desiring to kill Jiron. Blume is happy to see that Dyke has recovered Elchi. The Innocent dome takes a hit, and Dr. Manet tells Billam they should have someone recover Elchi. Billam orders drones to be sent out. Katakam thinks the Innocent will be finished in no time with how successful they’ve been thus far. Jiron attacks and wonders where Timp is. Timp is about to attack him but falls off the cliff he is on. Katakam happily approaches the dome. Billam is mad at Biel letting the civilians get so strong and orders a Gibros landship to be provided to Timp. Elchi is tended to by Plopopieff and Lovely Rose in the Iron Gear, but she insists she take part in the battle. She steps out on the deck and thinks back to her brainwashing when she is shown the Gallier as her enemy. Chill shows up with a bazooka which Elchi takes from her and runs onto the battlefield. Kotsett and Fatman also realize Elchi is with them. Elchi approaches the Gallier and Jiron happily grabs a hold of her with its arm. She fires right at the cockpit as soon as he brings it up towards its head. Jiron is shocked to realize Elchi was firing at him, thinking she was joking. Jiron starts getting upset and lets Elchi down to the ground as she declares she is going to kill him. Jiron flees, tears coming out of his eyes. Jiron jumps out of the Gallier and tries to stop Elchi, but she runs from him. Elchi turns and faces him head on, trying to kill him with her bazooka. Jiron tries kissing Elchi to see if that will snap her out of it, to no avail. Elchi starts suffering from a headache and turns to herself, but only for a moment before brandishing a pistol on Jiron. Jiron runs to get help. Katakam tells his forces to head into the Innocent dome. Jiron runs towards the Gallier, using a grenade to knock it down so he can get back in. Timp grabs a hold of Elchi and orders the Gibros to retreat and meet him elsewhere. Jiron makes his way into the Innocent dome and the communication room where he is able to communicate with Arthur Rank. Rank seems excited to see him. Suddenly the connection goes out. Katakam and Rag come in and Rag tells him that Haiya, who was supposed to watch her has failed and she’s been taken back by the Innocent.


A lot of stuff going on in this very fast-paced episode. The Iron Gear has formally gotten together with Salt, who leads an attack on the Innocent dome. I was surprised to see just how quickly the battle started and escalated, and we see Salt defeat the Innocent and take the dome fairly easily. Katakam comes off as quite the blowhard, with Rag being the only one of our heroes who is impressed by him, but he does succeed quite a bit in this episode. Meanwhile Elchi has been brainwashed by the Innocent into seeing Jiron as her enemy and comes close to killing him. Rescuing Elchi is so important to Jiron, but it is going to be harder than ever now. We also finally get to meet Innocent leader Arthur Rank in this episode and he gets to meet Jiron as well. Rank seems to be similar to Biel in that he is encouraging the civilians to become stronger rather than completely subjugating them.

Overall Rating
Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

50 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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