Xabungle Ep. 37: The Varied Kaleidoscope of Women


Caron Cal leads her underlings into an Innocent dock at nighttime, but the alarm soon goes off as they have been spotted by Elchi. Caron says she doesn’t take orders from her and Elchi gets upset at Caron and her forces getting a head start. Caron laughs about being able to help herself to the Iron Gear while Elchi struggles to make her way out a door. Elchi gets into the last remaining vehicle but is approached by Dowas who tells her not to get so flustered. Elchi is willing to kill her former allies in order to get in good with Kashim King. Dowas tells her she has been provided her own personal landship to use and this should show who they favor more among her and Caron. Meanwhile the Iron Gear makes its way through the snowy wilderness, but the ship shakes as it hits the environment around it. Chill calls for Jiron and the others to come up to the bridge where they find Kotsett in a crazed state. Jiron puts his hand to Kotsett’s forehead and realizes he is burning up. Kotsett claims he is alright, but passes out. He is taken to Plopopieff who says he has a 104 degree temperature and has rat fever. Jiron wants to head to Point H, thinking they will have a vaccine to save Kotsett. Jiron tells a reluctant Dyke that he needs to pilot the iron Gear for now. Chill thinks of Medick and they decide to head towards him instead. Jiron wants to go ahead to tell him they’re coming, but they feel he is needed to protect the ship so Chill goes out on a Hovergy instead. A crazed Kotsett needs to be held down. Meanwhile, at a campsite, Medick calls out to Maria Maria, finding her carrying around some supplies. A kid tells Medick there is a Legg Walker Machine heading their way. Medick tells him to reach out to Katakam and tell him the camp is in danger. Caron leads her forces towards the camp, thinking that an attack will draw out the Iron Gear. On the bridge of the Iron Gear, Jiron struggles with steering. Plopopieff finds that Kotsett has left the medical room. Kotsett approaches Jiron from behind, appearing better. Kotsett suddenly goes into a crazed state, punching Jiron and attacking the others with a wrench. He starts smashing all the equipment on the bridge, finally getting knocked out by Jiron from behind with a metal pipe. Plopopieff claims this is the third stage of the rat fever and the next will be the last. Chill makes her way to a cliff over Ralo Canyon where Medick’s camp is. She spots the camp being attacked by Caron’s forces. Medick tells Maria to bring the patients to a nearby cave while he will help defend the camp. Chill helps in the defense, knocking Caron off her Walker Machine. Chill tells Medick about Kotsett catching rat fever. Caron has her forces depart, knowing others are attacking the Iron Gear. Suddenly some forces led by Katakam arrive.

Katakam tells his forces to retreat while Rag works on fighting off Caron’s forces in the Xabungle. Birin comes to help and Caron attacks her. The two appear to know each other. Caron lets Birin go and flees. The Xabungle is taken down by an attack and Katakam calls out to help. Katakam asks to stop the fighting. Maria heads off on the Hovergy with Chill. Caron tells her forces to draw the Iron Gear to where she is, where they will take it down. Lovely Rose and her dancers drag a tub of snow across the deck of the Iron Gear, hoping it can be used to cure rat fever. On the Iron Gear bridge Dyke has difficulty with the communication system. Chill lands the Hovergy on the deck and heads inside with Maria. She makes her way to the medical room as does Jiron and the others. They find that Kotsett is going absolutely crazy on his bed, then passes out, his heart stopping. Maria starts applying CPR, asking for an oxygen tank. Chill tells Jiron a Walker Machine is coming so Jiron, Blume and Dyke head out to defend the Iron Gear. Maria provides instructions to Plopopieff. Jiron and Chill head into the Gallier and take off. Maria has gotten Kotsett breathing again and uses a defibrillator on him. One of the enemy Walker Machine pilots heads out, hoping for the Iron Gear to follow her. Maria tells Jiron that Kotsett won’t die and he needs to now focus on saving Medick. Rag calls out to Birin, asking why she isn’t helping. Birin can’t believe her sister is working for the Innocent. Katakam runs to Birin’s Legg Walker Machine but she refuses to get off and heads out, telling herself she’ll stop her sister. She acts as a decoy, leading Caron and others with her, but then accidentally runs into another Walker Machine. Caron leads several Walker Machines onto the Iron Gear, with Blume trying to fight them off from the bridge. One of them throws a lit grenade into the bridge, which Fatman throws out just in time. Caron makes her way up to the bridge. Blume is surprised to find that Kotsett has returned to the bridge and he is able to shake off many of the enemy. The Iron Gear transforms into its Walker Machine mode and Kotsett orders the forces around. Rag slaps around the enemy pilot she was fighting and the Iron Gear is able to take out others. Later, the battle over, Caron thinks of how they won’t be getting any money or swords with this. She thinks things could have been settled easily if Birin wasn’t there. Meanwhile Katakam asks Birin if she can keep fighting for Salt. Birin says yes, her sister chose her way of living and she has her own. Jiron, Rag and the others talk aboard the deck of the Iron Gear while cooking some food. Kotsett comes out, wearing only his boxer shorts, upset at everyone for things being broken. Everyone takes him back inside. Meanwhile Elchi is shown the Gear Gear, the new landship she is being provided with.


While not that critical to the plot, especially in comparison to the previous one, I thought this to be a fairly good episode. The battle provided a bit of excitement, including our first time in a while that the Iron Gear has changed into Walker Machine mode. Birin is provided more character development, being revealed to be the sister of Caron Cal. At least for one episode, Jiron and Fatman are able to avoid the urge to head out on another fruitless quest to bring back Elchi. Elchi meanwhile is provided her own personal landship to attack the Iron Gear, so it looks like she’ll be the primary foe our heroes are to face in the near future. The highlight of this episode was Kotsett’s illness, which provided a lot of laughs when he started going crazy.

Overall Rating
Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

50 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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