Xabungle Ep. 39: Team Play is the Key!


The Gear Gear undergoes repairs in a cave, while Elchi tells her men to not be sluggish with it. She throws a knife at some of her men who she feels aren’t working hard enough. Dowas asks her how she plans on attacking the Iron Gear. Elchi wants some women fighting with her, finding the men she has been assigned useless. Caron Cal hasn’t returned yet, but Dowas speaks of if they should use a plan of hers. Meanwhile, at the Iron Gear, Fatman stands atop a cannon, howling as if he was a wolf. Kotsett yells at him to calm down and stop it. Inside the ship Jiron and the Sand Rats work on counting their supplies. They speak of Elchi, how she was brainwashed and wonder if she will come back. Jiron blames the Innocent for this and speaks about going after her again. Birin comes in saying they need to hurry up and that the medical team also needs help. Jiron helps her by carrying around supplies she is gathering. She says that the Innocent also seem to be on the move. Rag shouts at some people helping with repairs and is happy that Jiron has come to help. Rag comments on Birin being pretty and ponders if Jiron was interested in Maria too. Jiron makes his way to a medic tent where Maria is helping one of the injured men. Maria’s head hurts and Jiron and Medick recommend she rest, but she insists on continuing to work. Jiron asks Medick why he is helping Salt and he claims they need someone like him as part of the organization. Jiron helps Medick put bandages on the injured man, and accidentally cover him up entirely. Elchi spies on the camp on a cliff above with Gautz, a fellow woman, as well as several underlings. Elchi plans on kidnapping Maria, thinking it will draw Jiron to them. When she thinks of Jiron, Elchi’s head hurts. On the bridge of the Iron Gear, Katakam tries to open up a communication line with Arthur Rank. Kotsett tells him to stop fooling around with things and that he doesn’t know the Innocent’s communication cycles. An angry Fatman eats a piece of paper Katakam gives him and distracts him while Kotsett continues with repairs. Elchi knocks out several men in the camp with her knives and moves forward with several of her colleagues. Gautz makes her way in front of the tent on a vehicle and her colleague quickly grabs a hold of Maria. Elchi arrives and grabs Maria, telling Medick and Birin to tell Jiron that if he wants Maria back to come to where Elchi is. Birin tells Jiron and the others about Maria’s kidnapping. Katakam speaks about how the Elchi they were always told about saving has turned out to be a harsh person. Jiron and Rag get upset at Katakam dismissing the importance of rescuing Maria. He relents upon seeing their reaction and says they need to figure out the enemy’s plan. Jiron tries to rush off but Katakam tries to stop him, knocking him to the ground. Rag grows angrier and tells Jiron to go rescue Maria.

Jiron makes his way to the Gallier and heads out on it with Chill. Birin follows on her own craft. He tells her to head back but she wants to give him a hand. She says Fatman has also headed out on the Xabungle. Inside a cave Elchi talks to Gautz and tosses Maria down, kicking her in the head when she talks back. Fatman makes his way through the snow in the Xabungle but is soon fired upon. The Xabungle gets back up and dodges several attacks from the enemy Walker Machines. Jiron and Birin spot the explosion and Jiron fires upon the enemy from above, causing them to retreat. Jiron chases after Fatman, who continues on in the Xabungle while Birin tries to keep up. Jiron says he won’t simply be able to talk to Elchi and worries about Maria’s fate if Fatman also comes. Jiron stops the Gallier and convinces Fatman to not go further. On the Gear Gear Elchi talks to a bound Maria, who claims she is not afraid. Elchi feels as if Maria is looking down on her and claims she is simply bait to lure Jiron here. On the bridge of the Iron Gear Rag yells at Kotsett for them to get the Iron Gear going. Kotsett is happy to see her not being crazy about Katakam. Katakam is surprised to find the Iron Gear leaving. Medick stops him, saying Jiron and the others are more righteous then him and actions at times are more important than theories. Jiron looks around for the Gear Gear when some missiles strike. Jiron tells Birin to depart, since only he was to come. However as soon as she does, Jiron realizes Fatman has returned to the battle. The enemy Walker Machine knocks the Xabungle over. Fatman climbs up the enemy Walker Machine, and flies around on a missile they fire until it crashes into the ground. Jiron knocks over one of the enemy Walker Machines and Birin helps by throwing a grenade at it. Jiron follows one of the enemy Walker Machines as it makes its way to the Gear Gear. Elchi is angry at Jiron for bringing other Walker Machines with him. Fatman charges in the Xabungle and Elchi orders her men to attack. Fatman is able to defeat an enemy Walker Machine then rushes on top of the landship to where Elchi is. Elchi gets thrown a gun by Gautz and fires at Fatman until he pulls back, surprised that she would shoot at him. Elchi shows Jiron the captured Maria, being dangled by one of the Walker Machines. Elchi demands Jiron depart the Gallier and duel with her. Maria tells Jiron not to do it, but Jiron agrees to it. Meanwhile on the Iron Gear, Katakam warns Rag that something bad will happen if they don’t stop. She refuses to listen to him. Jiron tells Elchi everyone’s lives are precious and that he will bring her back with him. He questions her on if she really thinks they are enemies and tosses her to the ground. Elchi fights her way back up and continues the fight with him. Meanwhile Birin climbs up the Walker Machine holding Maria and forces out its pilot. The Iron Gear arrives shortly after and fires upon the Gear Gear. Elchi is surprised since they have a hostage, but Birin has saved Maria and is taking off with her. Elchi tells Jiron she’ll pay him back for this. The Gallier and Xabungle retreat. Afterwards, Katakam claims they got lucky and thinks they shouldn’t invest so much military might in saving one person. Maria claims Elchi is a pitiable woman. Fatman howls in frustration while Jiron sits on the Gallier, thinking of Elchi.


Not much plot movement in this episode, which comes off primarily as filler. What I kind of feared last time seems to be coming into play here, with Elchi acting as the episode by episode antagonist for our heroes, in the role of a Timp or Horla. Kidnapping who is a rather minor character in Maria doesn’t pose the highest stakes. The most interesting part of the episode for me is that Katakam’s influence seems to be waning. In my eyes Katakam is making the right call; they are risking too much simply to save one person in Maria. Although that is not the mentality of people like Rag and Jiron, something even a character like Medick understands more than him. Even Birin directly disobeys his orders, coming along with Jiron to help save Maria. Birin continues to impress and has become one of the show’s strongest female characters, nearly on the level of a Rag or Elchi. Rag, who has seemed obsessed with Katakam since first meeting him really seems to be getting over her desire for him, even insulting him by calling him an old man.

Overall Rating

Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Yoshiaki Akutagawa
Yoshiyuki Tomino

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

50 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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