Xabungle Ep. 41: Katakam is Finished


Jiron, in the Gallier, looks over the remains of some of the defeated Dorans from the last battle. Repair continues on the deck of the Iron Gear, with help from various Salt members. A man wearing a yellow hat offers both Kotsett and Rag assistance. Jiron returns in his Gallier, commenting on the inability of them to use certain cannon turrets. Kotsett calls out from above saying they are moving out. The man in the yellow hat, Gell, reports to Dowas on the state of the Iron Gear, revealing himself to be an Innocent spy. Dowas tells him to look into the movement of the rest of Salt. He looks over a map, realizing Kid Horla’s Gavalier is the closest to the Iron Gear. At that moment on the Iron Gear Horla punches Geraba for not calling him captain. He gets a video communication from Dowas telling him of the state of the Iron Gear and Katakam being in disgrace. Horla thinks this is a good opportunity to use a new walker Machine he was given. Dowas says he can keep both that and the landship if he destroys the Iron Gear. Horla proclaims he will be able to get with Elchi too, and punches out Geraba when he calls her a slut. Horla orders the Gavalier to head off. On the Iron Gear, Kotsett says they need to throwaway more things as they still weigh too much. Meanwhile Katakam is on his own landship and spots the Gavalier, realizing it is headed towards the Iron Gear. He orders his hands to prepare for battle. His men think they would be heading to a sure death with their small forces, but Katakam doesn’t care. Geraba and Horla spot the approaching landship by the Salt flag it is bearing. Geraba warms up and gets another punch from Horla. Katakam mans the guns, firing upon the Gavalier. Geraba heads out in his Walker Machine Brockary and fires upon Katakam’s landship, destroying its bridge with a single punch. By stopping the landship he is able to knock off the Brockary. He launches his landship towards the Gavalier in a suicidal attack and it is blown up. In a dream-like state, Katakam rushes towards the Iron Gear, claiming he is a leader and not all talk. Katakam is brought back to reality by getting knocked away by Geraba’s Walker Machine. Katakam claims he’ll keep fighting as long as he has the Salt flag. Back on the Iron Gear, Blume complains about their slow pace. Jiron thinks they won’t be overlooked by the Innocent if they discover what state they are in. Chill spots a whirlwind on the horizon and Jiron, realizing it is a landship tells everyone they need to prepare for battle. Rag looks further upon the landship and tells Jiron to stop, that it is a dock ship approaching. Jiron looks at it via binoculars, finding Kaldas Bruhn to be the captain. Blume and the others are pleased at the new weapon supplies Kaldas has brought. Rag is surprised to find Kaldas is now a carrier rather than a rockman. Jiron ask how he knows what the Iron Gear needs and Kaldas claims it’s his business to. They are suddenly struck by shots from the approaching Gavalier.

Kaldas orders people around as they work on installing the new cannons onto the Iron Gear. Horla tells Geraba to head out on the Brockary. Jiron fires at the Gavalier via the Gallier on top of the Iron Gear deck and is almost crushed by a cannon dropped on him. Katakam spots some approaching crafts, including one with Maria, Medick and children. Maria ties a bandage on Katakam’s arm while Medick tells him some are calling him a traitor. Katakam admits to being wrong to this point and that he needs to not just be logical, but strong in battle. They spot an explosion nearby, where Medick planned on meeting up with the Iron Gear. Katakam proclaims that he can fight and heads off in one of the nearby Walker Machines. Back at the Iron Gear, Blume struggles fighting off the enemy in a Xabungle. Jiron and other members of the Iron Gear move forward via their Walker Machines. Geraba tells his allies to leave the Gallier to him. Geraba knocks down the Gallier, but is then attacked by Katakam from behind. Katakam proclaims that he has returned to fight, surprising Jiron and Rag. Salt members wonder if this is for real. Katakam charges towards the Gavalier. Jiron tells him to not be reckless and throw away his life. Katakam is knocked out of his Walker Machine and tries to take charge of the Gallier saying he must fight as leader of Salt. Rag shows up and he pushes her out so he can use her Walker Machine instead. Rag gets in the Gallier and demands Jiron follow him. Horla is surprised that Katakam keeps coming and orders his forces to attack him. Katakam climbs up onto the Gavalier and is able to strike it with a grenade. Dyke also has some success hitting the enemy with their new cannons. Horla is told by his men that they are unable to retreat when he orders it. Geraba also starts struggling in his battle with the Gallier. Katakam is able to toss an explosive into the Gavalier‘s bridge that Horla is unable to get rid of. Katakam gloats about finishing off a landship with his own hands. Geraba’s Brockary is surrounded by the Gallier and Xabungle. Horla tells Geraba he is self-destructing the landship. Geraba tries to get away but Jiron and the others want to take hold of his Walker Machine. Geraba is able to escape from them and grab Horla just as his landship explodes. Rag and Blume watch from afar, thinking Katakam was on the landship when it blew up. Everyone is surprised at his bravery and thinks he has died. Later, Katakam makes his way out from under the wreckage of the Gavalier and wonders where everyone is. He climbs a hill and spots the Iron Gear crew holding a funeral for him. Various individuals like Blume, Dyke, Maria and Birin sorrowfully say their thanks for Katakam. Katakam starts crying at what is happening. Rag falls to her knees and cries before Katakam’s grave and Jiron points to an eagle in the sky, saying Katakam has become that. Katakam continues to cry over the ceremony. Once the funeral ceremony is over, Jiron, Rag and the others return to their usual selves, revealing they had been behaving that way to honor the ceremony of the funeral rather than actually having such feelings. Jiron says they will continue heading towards Yop to meet up with Arthur Rank. Katakam, who hadn’t heard this last part, and having felt so honored by the funeral, proclaims himself dead.


This is a fairly strong episode, once again focusing in particular on Katakam. Katakam finally realizes how wrong he has been with his past actions and that he has to take part in the fighting in order to earn the respect that he thinks he deserves. He performs quite impressively, being able to defeat Horla’s Gavalier landship all by himself. Upon seeing the crew of the Iron Gear, having mistakenly assumed he was dead and holding a funeral for him, he cries tears of joy and decides to keep up the charade of being dead. If this is the last we see of Katakam, I think it is a good conclusion to his arc. I also enjoyed the fact that we got a break from battles with Elchi, and Kid Horla returns to the forefront for the first time in a while. We also see Kaldas for the first time since episode 22. From a mecha standpoint, it was interesting to see Blume piloting the Xabungle, the first time he has done that in the series. Geraba’s Brockary looks like a newer version of the Gallier, causing me to wonder if our heroes would take a hold of that Walker Machine too, but Geraba was able to escape with it still in his possession. This episode also returns to the fourth wall breaking for the first time in a while, such as a brief sequence where Geraba warms up and Maria’s children singing the opening theme of the show.

Overall Rating

Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Yoshiaki Akutagawa
Yoshiyuki Tomino

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

50 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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