Xabungle Ep. 42: Greta Roars


The Iron Gear travels along with several other landships. Kotsett tells Fatman to get Kaldas, but Fatman won’t do so. The landships soon come to a stop and Kaldas’ men help with repairs. Medick talks to Jiron, telling him he has to remember he’s viewed as the leader now that Katakam is gone. On the bridge everyone reads over plans put together by Medick that he claims to be Jiron’s orders. Jiron jokes around, ordering Chill to get him some coffee. Jiron nervously tells everyone about what course they will take in their travels, wanting to move straight towards Point Y instead of taking a safer detour. Meanwhile Elchi approaches an Innocent dome in her Gear Gear landship. The Gear Gear makes its way inside but causes a lot of ruckus. Elchi angrily complains to Biram, saying Gautz committed treason by fleeing the frontline. Biram says he forgives her failure to defeat the Iron Gear; he will allow her to be resupplied due to her lack of sufficient forces and Gautz will pay her debts at a later time. Biram has Elchi’s new aide come in, Greta Karas. As they head back to the Gear Gear, Gautz introduces herself to Greta, warning her of Elchi tormenting her. Greta isn’t that concerned. Elchi tells Gautz to head out ahead and for Greta to come see her. Elchi thinks she has seen Greta before but gets a headache when she tries to remember. Elchi’s force departs the dome. Meanwhile Jiron pilots the Gallier in front of the Iron Gear as it travels on. Medick talks to him about becoming his staff officer. Medick says they are approaching an area called Modo Hell, which Jiron agrees to head towards. Medick says that Jiron does better than Katakam in drawing out powers from people they didn’t know they had. The Gear Gear waits at Modo Hell for the Iron Gear to arrive so it can attack. Jiron agrees with Medick’s recommendation to send ahead some Wolf walker machines. They approach Modo Hell where a large number of Doran Walker Machines launch an attack. The Gallier falls to the ground and takes many shots but the Iron Gear is able to successfully fight the enemy. Elchi tells Gautz to provide support for the Dorans, but Gautz tells her subordinate to take the order leisurely. Greta tells Elchi she’ll herd in the Iron Gear‘s forces in her Doran and slaps Elchi when she tries to stop her from heading out. Greta swears revenge for her husband as she gets in the Doran and takes off.

The Dorans are able to knock down Haiya’s Walker Machine, causing him to complain. Jiron thinks the enemy is starting to retreat but Chill thinks it is just the first round of the attack. Greta arrives in front of Jiron and calls him a kid. Jiron realizes it is Karas’ wife. Jiron and Chill say it isn’t their fault Karas died. Chill fires at the Doran causing Greta to pull back. Greta says Chill won’t turn into a fine woman like herself and Jiron is able to kick her back while she’s distracted. Medick calls Jiron to come back towards the Iron Gear, but Jiron ignores him. Blume is disgusted to hear they are fighting Greta again. Medick asks Birin to do reconnaissance on the Gallier and Xabungle, which continue towards the caves of Modo Hell. Jiron and Chill are nervous about how quiet and dark it is. Blume follows Jiron into the cave via the Xabungle. Elchi angrily shouts out for Greta, who doesn’t respond. Gautz tells Elchi the Iron Gear has stopped and she wants some instruction, blaming things on engine trouble. Greta looks at the Gallier from the shadows, but her Doran falls off a collapsing cliff. She is nonetheless able to relaunch her attack on the Gallier. The Gallier is able to catch the Doran off balance but the tables are soon turned and it is forced to flee. The Gallier falls down a lengthy chasm. Blume, who now has Birin with him keeps looking for Jiron. Elchi is mystified by Greta’s actions. The Doran is able to keep stymieing the Gallier with its swift actions. The Dorans start throwing rocks at the Gallier. Medick tells Rag that Elchi is being cautious as she hasn’t transformed the Gear Gear into Walker Machine mode. Elchi soon realizes to her dismay that Gautz’s forces are retreating. Blume is able to call down to Jiron about an approaching landship. Jiron realizes the pillars holding up the cave are weak to vibrations and tells Chill that they should blow them all up. Greta just thinks Jiron is being reckless, but nearly is taken out by one of the falling rocks. Blume lets down a rope with the Xabungle that enables the Gallier to crawl up, but Greta approaches and fires with her Doran. Jiron is able to use the Gallier’s hovering feature to bounce off the ground. Both the Doran and the Gallier have run out of bullets. An earthquake caused by the Gallier blasting the pillars causes the cave to collapse on Gautz and her forces. Greta returns to Elchi but still thinks of getting her revenge. Later on the deck of the Iron Gear Jiron struggles with lifting weights while everyone else relaxes with their shirts off.


Unfortunately, much of this episode comes off as filler. We get the return of Greta Karas, who has been gone for nearly 20 episodes at this point. Where she has been all this time is not explained at all, and her desire for revenge for her husband is quite cliche and expected. Elchi continues to struggle with her subordinates and Gautz, who is more than happy to ignore orders ends up getting killed, kind of out of nowhere. The most interesting aspects of the episode for me were the landscape of Modo Hell, which is rather unique compared to what we’ve seen before, as well as Jiron starting to experience his new role as leader. Jiron is fortunate that he has Medick around to help provide so much advice. Still, these aspects of the episode didn’t override the fillerish nature of the rest of the episode.

Overall Rating

Xabungle Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Tsunehisa Ito
Fuyunori Gobu
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Yoshiaki Akutagawa
Yoshiyuki Tomino

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Koji Makaino

50 episodes; 1 compilation movie

Japan 02.06.1982 – 01.29.1983

Theatrical Release:
Japan 07.09.1983


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