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Zambot 3 Ep. 14: Scarf of Eternity


On the Bandock, Killer the Butcher is getting a shave and is shown a map by Berattar showing how much of Japan they have taken over. Butcher notices an undamaged area that hasn’t been attacked yet and orders that it be attacked. Meanwhile, Uchuta approaches Hokkaido, talking with Ichitaro. The Mecha boost Kamezon flies by him and by blasting red material out of his mouth causes a hole to appear in a ship. Ichitaro and Gengoroh talk more to Uchuta, asking him to help minimize the damage. They do not know where Kappei is. Suddenly Kappei walks onto the bridge and Ichitaro asks what he has been doing since he has been ignoring his duties. Kappei says he was at a refugee center and is told that the city of Hakodate is in danger due to the Mecha Boost that has arrived. Ichitaro and Gengoroh talk and Ichitaro thinks Kappei was visiting his friends Aki and Michi, whom he calls the ugly pair. Kappei as he takes off hopes they are okay. He was told at a refugee center that they have likely headed to one of 7 possible refugee camps in Hokkaido. Kappei hopes they didn’t go to Hakodate. Many people jump off the ship as it is attacked by the Kamezon. Uchuta attacks it in the Zambull but is knocked away. He uses his crusher drill attack but has no success as it strikes the flower like face coming out of the Kamezon. Kappei arrives in the Zambird and fires at the Kamezon, which runs away from them. Heizaemon wonders what direction it went into and tells Ichitaro to have Kappei and the others head after it as it goes towards Sapporo. Keiko catches up with Kappei and Uchuta in the Zambase. Meanwhile at a refugee camp Aki’s mother and uncle arrive and are greeted by them. They talk inside. Aki hopes the Gaizock won’t come and Michi says it will be okay. They don’t think the Gaizock will come all the way to Hokkaido. Kappei flies in the Zambird around Sapporo, wondering where the refugee camp is. Kappei tells Ichitaro he doesn’t see the Mecha Boost and Ichitaro tells him to try the suburbs. Kappei uses the Ace Change to change the Zambird into the Zambo Ace as he approaches the refugee camp. In the camp, Aki’s mother notices Aki still has a patched up blanket and wonders why she hasn’t thrown it away. Aki says it is important to her and puts it away. She thinks of being in the Zambo Ace as it destroyed a Mecha Boost, and her and Michi telling Kappei that a scarf or cloak would fit the Zambo Ace well. Suddenly an alarm goes off and an announcement is issued about the oncoming Mecha Boost, saying to evacuate. People run out, but Aki’s mom has a hard time, tripping. Aki refuses to leave her and says she’ll stay here with her. She recalls that this is the Jin’s family’s fault, and their uncle agrees. They remember an earlier Mecha Boost attack. Aki starts crying and runs outside. Kappei runs through the crowd and finds Aki. Kappei asks if she and Michi are okay and she tells him to go away. She says it was very difficult for them since they last parted; her home was destroyed and her mother was injured without a doctor being able to see her. Now that things have finally settled down for her a Mecha Boost has attacked. She says this wouldn’t have happened if he and his family weren’t around.

The Kamezon stomps through the city and many people flee, but are attacked by its tentacles. Keiko and Uchuta approach in their crafts and Keiko contacts the 1st Beal Ship to let them know they’ve found it. Ichitaro asks her to head to the refugee base outside the city since they’ve lost contact with Kappei. There Kappei talks to Michi about if they should move Aki’s mother to a hospital in the city but she says there is more likely to be a Mecha Boost attack there. Keiko arrives and asks Kappei what he’s doing. She tells him about them finding the Mecha Boost. She tells Michi that she should evacuate and Kappei calls into the building there for Aki to do so as well but she and her uncle refuse to go and yell at him. The Kamezon blows up a subway car. Uchuta fires a missile at it and the Kamezon counterattacks with one of its own, which strikes the Zambull. Keiko and Kappei arrive and their crafts and Kappei uses the Ace Change to change again into the Zambo Ace. The Zambase shoots out its Zambo Magnum weapon. The Zambo Ace avoids the Kamezon’s attack and fires at it, but soon has its foot destroyed. Ichitaro tells Kappei to not be reckless and to combine their crafts. Gengoroh says they should bring their ship towards Sapporo as well and the 1st Beal Ship heads out of the water towards the city. The Kamezon fires at the Zambo Ace, knocking it over. Keiko attacks with a laser in the Zambase and is also struck down. The Kamezon heads towards the refugee camp. Ichitaro contacts Kappei and Kappei says they should head towards the refugee camp which they do. Kappei feels that he must save Aki and Michi from the Gaizock. The Kamezon approaches the refugee camp. The Zambo Ace kicks it in the back. Kappei then fires at it. Gengoroh and Heizaemon try to head inside where Aki and the others are but it is boarded shut. Aki’s mother lies down, asking Aki if Kappei really should be viewed as her enemy. Aki looks out the window and sees the Kamezon throwing around the Zambo Ace. Aki and MIchi decide to let Gengoroh in and they head outside, watching the Zambo Ace fight. Ichitaro calls for them to head to the ship. Ichitaro tells Keiko that Kappei is in danger and to head over there. Aki’s mother is brought aboard on a stretcher and Aki approaches the bridge, seeing Kappei fight and say he’ll protect Aki and Michi. Aki says sorry to Kappei and starts crying. The Zambo Ace grabs the Kamezon’s leg with no luck as it approaches the refugee camp. Uchuta fires at the Kamezon and the three crafts then combine into the Zambot 3. The Zambot pulls out its sais and rushes towards the Kamezon, slicing off its tentacles. The Zambot avoids a blast from the Kamezon’s mouth then stabs it with the Zambot Cutter. The Kamezon shoots a missile at the Zambot, stunning it then attacks with its claws. The Zambot is able to dodge though and slices off the Kamezon’s head. It then finishes it off with the Moon Attack. On the Bandock, Barettar apologizes to Butcher for failing and Butcher damns the Zambot 3. On the 1st Beal ship, Aki cries over her mother who is in bed. Gengoroh says they should stay on the ship, but she doesn’t want to be a burden. Later, Michi brings Kappei the multi-colored scarf she was preparing for the Zambot. Kappei waves farewell to Aki and puts the scarf on the Zambot. Aki and Michi says he looks great.


Kappei’s friends Aki and Michi return for the first time in a while, marking the second episode in a row with some sort of reunion for Kappei. Like practically everyone else in the show their lives have been turned upside down by the Gaizock and there is a lot of resentment held towards the Jin family, although things work out by the end of the episode. In the overall scheme of things this is a rather average episode, with no new themes that we haven’t seen before. Also the Mecha Boost in this episode is quite tough at first, but once the end of the episode arrives goes down quite easily to the Zambot 3 simply so the episode can end.

Overall Rating
Zambot 3 Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Fuyunori Gobu
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki
Katsuhiko Taguchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Ryoji Fujiwara

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer(s):
Takeo Watanabe
Yushi Matsuyama

23 episodes

Japan 10.08.1977 – 03.25.1978


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