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Zambot 3 Ep. 15: Old Admiral Disappears to the Ocean


Uchuta and Keiko rest on the beach on an island while Kappei plays with Chiyonshiki in the water. Heizaemon comments to Gengoroh how this stop for supplies has become an unexpected vacation. Gengoroh had hoped for the 2nd and 3rd Beal ships to join them. Heizaemon says they are reaching their limits. Kappei’s grandmother runs up to them but loses her teeth and they are unable to understand her. Once she puts them back in she says they have been contacted by the U.N. forces. The U.N. representative says existing forces in many countries have been destroyed and they want to provide assistance. The Jin family is happy that they are finally accepted internationally. The representative says a supply ship led by Lee James is coming to them. Hearing of his name surprises Heizaemon. Meanwhile Kappei rests on a raft in the ocean. Chiyonshiki starts barking as a large number of ships approach. Kappei thinks they may be Gaizock and the ship starts firing at them, although it is revealed to be firing at some sharks that are swimming around Kappei. Lee James gets out on the deck of the ship and notices Kappei, thinking he is Heizaemon’s grandson. He says to rescue Kappei. Later he gets aboard the 1st Beal ship to greet Heizaemon, saying he is surprised that he is an ancestor of the Beal. The two had been classmates 40 years ago. Lee says that the 1st Beal ship will be under their command until the remaining Japanese forces arrive. Kappei complains, but Lee tells him he saved him from the sharks and must obey orders. Snai-Sworders spy on the ships. On the Bandock, Killer the Butcher watches, sitting in a chair that massages his back with bones. Gizarr shows Butcher a catalog of Mecha Boosts and Butcher picks one of them, Deskamel. Butcher asks how much they will suffer causing Gizarr to show him by striking him hard in the back with some giant bones. Lee orders Ichitaro and Gengoroh from his ship to act as reconnaissance. Kappei says with so many ships they’ll be an easy target for enemies. Heizaemon asks Hanae to look into Lee’s history and says even he doesn’t know about it all. Elsewhere the Deskamel rises from the sea and destroys several fishing vessels. Ichitaro notices them and tells Lee, who orders interceptor fighters to be gathered. A number of jets head out. Kappei heads onto the Zambird with Chiyonshiki and takes off. The Zambase and Zambull follow. The Deskamel raises its head from the ocean as they approach. The various jets fire upon it with no effect and it destroys many of them with ease. Kappei and the others activate the combination sequence and form the Zambot 3. Kappei says he’ll show the admiral how strong the Zambot 3 is. Uchuta reminds him that they were to defend the fleet, but Kappei thinks destroying the Mecha Boost will accomplish that. Zambot and the Deskamel start fighting and head under water. Lee calls out to Kappei, asking who ordered him to fight and saying that if he disobeys orders they’ll consider him an enemy and attack him. The Zambot attacks the Deskamel with its sai and then rises to the water. Kappei yells at Lee asking if he’s crazy and Lee orders them to attack him. The Zambot avoids the blasts and ascends. Lee orders the attack to stop. Kappei tells Keiko they’ll stay up in the air when she asks what they should do. The Deskamel launches further attacks on the ships and is unharmed by their attacks on him. Kappei calls cheerfully for the Deskamel to attack the ships. Lee orders the ships to avoid the attacks but the carrier is still hit. Gengoroh says they must attack and fires at the Deskamel. Lee gets angry at them for disobeying their orders and yells at them, telling them to rescue the other ships. Hanae finishes her research on Lee and talks to Heizaemon about his history, saying he has been in the UN defense force for 40 years but has no actual battle experience because it was during peace time. He fought the Gaizock earlier and failed and is going to be forced to retire soon. Ichitaro worries about such a man being in charge. Kappei thinks he knows what Lee is trying to do.

The Zambot 3 separates into its three crafts. Uchuta asks Kappei what he is doing as he transforms into the Zambo Ace. The Zambo Ace lands on Lee’s ship and Kappei runs out, into the ship and up to the bridge. Lee says as a deserter Kappei should be arrested. Kappei says he shouldn’t pick on him just because he’s a coward. The Deskamel continues to attack and hits the bridge. Kappei says he doesn’t want to commit suicide with Lee and to let him go. Lee says he’ll let him go once the mission is over. Kappei says he just wants some action before he is forced into retirement. Lee says he doesn’t expect to defeat the enemy but will definitely win this mission. The ship is struck, knocking them over and causing the Zambo Ace to fall into the ocean. The 1st Beal ship dives in order to rescue it. While underwater they notice some nuclear submarines. Heizaemon realizes Lee’s plan. On the surface of the water, the Deskamel continues to destroy some ships with relative ease. Kappei continues to argue with Lee about how everything is sinking due to him, even his Zambo Ace. The 1st Beal ship rises out of the ocean with the Zambo Ace. Lee says to let Kappei go and says his ship will charge into the Mecha Boost. He says it is Kappei’s turn to do some work and since he’s still young he’ll have plenty more time to show off. He tells Kappei to take care and throws him off the balcony down to the deck of the ship. Kappei says he’ll show him and gets into the Zambo Ace. Kappei calls out to Uchuta and Keiko and they combine into the Zambot 3. The Zambot 3 and the Deskamel start fighting. The Deskamel breathes fire at the Zambot, which then tries its Zambot Grap attack. The Deskamel is able to continue to launch fire at it. Butcher watches from the Bandock and Gizarr causes the massage chair to go into overdrive, knocking him out of it again. Lee orders his colleagues to evacuate the ship and they do so. He watches as the Zambot and Deskamel fight and orders his ship to charge forward. Kappei yells out for him to stop, but Lee simply says to stay clear. The ship charges into the Deskamel from behind, but it is able to ascend into the air. Heizaemon asks Lee if he can evacuate but he says it is impossible. He tells Heizaemon the real supply fleet is underwater and that the fleet on the surface was just a decoy fleet. He says this makes them even. He tells Heizaemon that with energetic kids like Kappei they will not be destroyed. The ship blows up and he is killed. Uchuta and Keiko realize they were wrong about Lee but Kappei just says he was stubborn. The Deskamel attacks the Zambot, and Kappei throws his sais and the Zambot Buster at it. He punches the Deskamel relentlessly then grabs it by the neck and throws it. He launches the moon attack, which destroys it. On the Bandock Butcher yells at Gizarr and puts him in his painful massage chair, as punishment for what he did before. The chair is turned up all the way and explodes. Meanwhile the submarines with supplies land, providing supplies for the rest of the Jin family. Above on the 1st Beal ship, Kappei watches. Gengoroh and Heizaemon come onto the deck. Gengoroh tells Kappei not to put Lee’s death to waste and Kappei says he was stubborn, but is clearly sad over what happened. Heizaemon says Kappei understands more than he shows.


The U.N. forces decide to finally help out the Jin family, and they receive some major cooperation in battle against the Gaizock for the first time since the start of the series. Despite this, Lee seems quite stubborn, and clashing with Kappei’s aggressive behavior causes them to even turn on each other for a bit. He clearly wanted to go out a hero and launches a kamikaze attack on the Gaizock. While this was frustrating at times, it did make sense by the end of the episode when his true plans were revealed. I wonder if the Jin family will continue to receive some help from the U.N. now or if this will just be an outlier and the family will go back to being hated by the general populace though.

Overall Rating
Zambot 3 Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Fuyunori Gobu
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki
Katsuhiko Taguchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Ryoji Fujiwara

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer(s):
Takeo Watanabe
Yushi Matsuyama

23 episodes

Japan 10.08.1977 – 03.25.1978


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