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Zambot 3 Ep. 5: When the Ocean is Filled with Anger


A ship is loaded with various civilians to bring them to a refugee camp. Kappei pilots the Zambo Ace nearby, bringing some supplies with him. The people don’t seem to be too pleased, and Kouzuki swings a hook near the Zambo Ace. Kouzuki blames Kappei and his family for their city being destroyed. Kappei says the Gaizock would have arrived regardless but Kouzuki won’t agree and the crowd starts getting upset with him. Kappei sees Aki and Michi onboard the ship and finds that even they won’t support him. Kappei launches a punch towards Kouzuki with the Zambo Ace, stopping right in front of him. Kappei says he is kidding and leaves. Meanwhile, the King Beal heads through the water. Onboard, Kappei leads the others in helping to get supplies together for those who lost their homes. Suddenly an alarm starts going off. Uchuta thinks it is the Gaizock. Heading to the bridge, Ichitaro detects that something is coming from the southeast. It is the latest Mecha Boost, Garunge. On the Bandock, Killer the Butcher is excited at the prospect of more bloodshed as he plays a chess like game with one of his subordinates. He is shown video of the Garunge destroying various landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. Uchuta’s family heads towards the 2nd Beal ship. Heizaemon talks to Keiko’s father and they head towards the 3rd Beal ship. Ichitaro says they are going to stop patrolling and will head towards where the Mecha Boost is. Ichitaro orders the Zambull and Zambase to take off and they do so. Ichitaro calls out to Kappei on the Zambird. Kappei is working on cleaning up the supplies and eating. He is pleased at the opportunity to work off his anger fighting. Killer the Butcher spots the boat carrying the refugees and orders it destroyed. Aboard the ship Kaoru asks Kouzuki what is going to happen and he says he doesn’t know. The ship starts changing direction to head towards the nearest port. Kaoru notices the Zambird flying past them and Kouzuki calls it another enemy. Kappei approaches the Garunge and complains when he notices Uchuta and Keiko are approaching it in their crafts as well. The Zambase and Zambull fire at the Garunge and Kappei transforms the Zambird into the Zambo Ace. He jumps onto the Garunge’s neck and starts punching it. The Garunge descends and is able to knock it off onto an island below. The Garunge fires at the Zambo Ace, but it gets out of the way. Kappei is provided with the Zambo Magnum equipment and fires at the Garunge but is unable to harm it. The Garunge slams into it and knocks the Zambo Ace to the ground. Uchuta launches his own attack. Aboard the King Beal, Heizaemon is concerned about their inability to harm the enemy. Ichitaro says they are still analyzing it. Ichitaro tells Kappei to combine but Kappei doesn’t want to.

The Garunge flies towards the Zambo Ace and launches an attack on it. Keiko and Uchuta call out to Kappei to combine with them and he agrees. The three crafts combine into the Zambot 3. The Zambot launches another attack on the Garunge, which is able to armor itself and deflect the attack. It strikes into the Zambot 3, which stabs at it with its sais. Kappei combines the weapons into the Zambot Cutter and swings it at the Garunge. However the Garunge’s hard armor causes the Zambot Cutter to shatter. The Garunge launches itself into the Zambot and slams it into the ground. It then starts emitting an electric current through the Zambot. Killer the Butcher laughs at them trying the same trick again and orders the Garunge to finish it off. He smashes one of the chess pieces in his hands. Keiko and Uchuta think they will be finished but Kappei is able to fling the Garunge off of them. On the King Beal, the analysis of the Garunge is finished and Ichitaro reads it off. Heizaemon realizes that due to its armor, the Zambot Cutter won’t work against it. Ichitaro shows them footage of how the Garunge transforms and Heizaemon realizes when this takes place there is a weak spot that they can attack. Ichitaro contacts Kappei, telling him to fly up and that they’ve developed a plan. The Garunge reverts to its normal form and pursues the Zambot. Killer the Butcher thinks the enemy is scared and running away. The Garunge approaches the Zambot which avoids the attack, but the attack instead hits the nearby supply port, completely destroying it. The captains of the refugee ship think they won’t have enough supplies now to reach the refugee camp. Kappei tells Uchuta to draw in the Garunge and he attacks it. The Garunge starts transforming but Kappei attacks its weak spot as he does so. Wreckage spills down over the ship, causing many of the refugees to flee. The Zambot slices one of the wings off the Garunge, which crashes into the ship, killing many. In the resulting explosion Kouzuki is separated from his sister. The Zambot and Garunge head into the ocean and a large tidal wave results, blowing Kouzuki’s mother away from him. He swims over to save her as a building topples above them. The Garunge launches a final attack on the Zambot, but the Zambot attacks its weak spot where its wing once was, causing the Garunge to be defeated. It tries flying into the sky but the Zambot launches its moon attack, destroying it. Killer the Butcher is surprised and upset that his Mecha Boost was defeated, knocking aside the game he was playing. Later, the Jin family tries to help the refugees and bring them to the refugee camp but is refused. The refugees tell them they’d rather die than receive their help and that the Jin family is to blame for this. On the land, Kappei looks for Kouzuki and finds his friend Michi. She refuses his help and says if he wants to truly help, he should leave the Earth. Kouzuki searches the wreckage, calling for his mother, father and sister. He calls out to them with no success and looks angrily at the King Beal. He says he’ll never forget what happened today, blaming Kappei and his family for it.


This is another pretty good episode story-wise, continuing with the theme from the last episode showing that Kappei and his family aren’t treated as heroes at all but are blamed for everything going wrong. In this episode their attempts to help are completely refused and the battle between the Zambot and Garunge causes tons of destruction. It looks like Kouzuki has lost his entire family as a result, and he swears revenge. Kappei surely didn’t help his cause when he punched at Kouzuki while in the Zambot early in the episode. This episode features rather lackluster animation, particularly early in the episode with many stills used, and by this point the long combining sequence of the Zambot’s three components is getting a bit played out. On the bright side, the Garunge was the most interesting looking Mecha Boost thus far.

Overall Rating
Zambot 3 Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Fuyunori Gobu
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki
Katsuhiko Taguchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Ryoji Fujiwara

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer(s):
Takeo Watanabe
Yushi Matsuyama

23 episodes

Japan 10.08.1977 – 03.25.1978


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