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Zambot 3 Ep. 9: Danger! King Beal


The Zambull and Zambase land aboard the King Beal, having failed to buy some supplies from some locals who refused them. Meanwhile Kappei is thrown aside by some men at the dock. The boss, Chairman Otaki shows up and says they are falling behind schedule. Kappei begs for them to be able to buy supplies to help repair the King Beal. Otaki refuses, saying he won’t sell to aliens, despite selling to Heizaemon in the past. Otaki spits upon the Zambo Ace. Kappei continues to beg and Otaki slaps him. Otaki says Kaiun Maru is the only surviving ship and they should work to stop the war before repairing their ship. Otaki leaves. Kappei is greatly bothered by their refusal to help. Kappei thinks of stealing the supplies but decides that it is impossible to do so. Meanwhile Ichitaro and the others work on trying to repair the King Beal, having trouble due to how old the parts are. Ichitaro talks to Heizaemon who thinks they have enough supplies. They detect a Mecha Boost approaching, which they forecast will arrive at the King Beal in 10 minutes. Heizaemon tells the Zambull and Zambase to head out, and they do so. Meanwhile, Kappei follows the Kaiun Maru and Ichitaro tells him to intercept the oncoming Mecha Boost. Kappei transforms the Zambo Ace into the Zambird and sees the Mecha Boost Amonsgar approaching. The Amonsgar dives under the water near the Kaiun Maru, which is having trouble going fast due to the supplies it carries. Amonsgar fires upon the ship, causing it to start to freeze. Kappei fires upon the Amonsgar, which causes it to fire upon him and freeze one of the wings of the Zambird. Kappei is able to melt it and warns Uchuta and Keiko of the freezing gas the Amonsgar has. The crafts arrive and start fighting the Amonsgar, blasting it from various angles. They are successful and the Amonsgar blows up. However, various round devices from the wreckage attach themselves to the Kaiun Maru. They are surprised at how easy the recent battle was. Meanwhile on the Bandock, Barettar brings a drink to Killer the Butcher, who has just bathed. He is told that the Amonsgar has been destroyed earlier than anticipated. The men on the Kaiun Maru continue to be frozen and Kappei, Uchuta and Keiko climb onto the boat. Uchuta says the material is still unharmed and able to be used. Kappei notices that Otaki is still alive. Keiko and Uchuta want to bring him to the King Beal and Kappei decides to go along with them. Later Kappei visits his mother who is watching over the sleeping Otaki. Otaki is having a bad dream, moaning about his possessions. Otaki wakes up, asking where he is. Kappei tells him where he is and he wants to go back to his ship. Kappei tells him to stay calm for a while due to his frostbite. Otaki struggles trying to get out of the bed. Otaki says he’d rather die than be saved by them. Suddenly an alert sounds and Ichitaro says on the loudspeaker for Kappei and the others to come to the bridge. There, they watch, seeing many of the round objects from the Amonsgar aboard the deck of the King Beal. Kappei wants to tear them off, but Heizaemon says to wait until they can find out what they are. Kappei heads out on the Zambo Ace and senses a strong magnetism from the devices. He tries to pull them off with no luck. They then launch themselves into the Zambo Ace, blowing up as they do so. The Zambo Ace is knocked into the water, but is for the most part unharmed. Ichitaro realizes that these things attached to the ship are bombs.

Ichitaro receives a report from the King Beal that says the bombs are made of the same material as hydrogen bombs and that they only have 13 minutes until they explode. Heizaemon thinks that the resulting explosion could destroy all of Japan. He says they should move as far away from Japan as they can to minimize the damage. The King Beal ascends. Meanwhile Otaki crawls towards the window, wondering what is going on. He still wants to go back to his ship. Kappei is concerned about them running away. Hanae arrives on the bridge and says that Otaki has vanished. At that moment he is on a small craft and is able to take off from the King Beal. The magnetism from one of the bombs draws his craft right back however. Otaki calls out for someone to let him go. Heizaemon says to leave him there. Kappei heads aboard the ship in the Zambo Ace. Ichitaro realizes the mecha boost has a strong magnetic field and that they should work to unbalance it. He thinks by using the base laser they can cause the magnets to fall off. Kappei says he is going to help Otaki but Heizaemon tells him to return to the Zambo Ace even though they need to sacrifice Otaki’s life by doing so. Kappei decides to still help Otaki, and takes off his uniform, thinking that with no metal on him he will not be affected by the magnets. Kappei is able to grab Otaki and pull him up with a rope. Kappei’s parents pull up the rope when Kappei weakens. The three crafts take off and ready the laser, with the countdown now down to 4 minutes. They fire the laser at the ship and are able to cause the magnetic devices to fall off the ship and assemble into each other. As they do so, the Amonsgar reforms. The three crafts combine into the Zambot 3. The Amonsgar launches itself at the Zambot but is knocked back. The Zambuster attack fails and Kappei quickly moves onto the Zambot Cutter, which is frozen by the Amonsgar’s icy breath. Heizaemon tells him to keep the Amonsgar from approaching Japan. Meanwhile Otaki watches from the bed and is being tended by Kappei’s mother. She talks to him of their ancestors, and that their planet was destroyed by the Gaizock. The timer has fallen to 2 minutes. The Amonsgar again breathes ice on the Zambot’s weapon. Kappei readies the Moon Attack as the timer goes down to 10 seconds. This knocks back the Amonsgar, which falls into the ocean and explodes. Parts of the King Beal break apart due to the explosion and Heizaemon has the ship descend. The explosion ends. Otaki says he was shown something worthwhile before he dies. He says that his ship can be used by the King Beal and passes away. Later, the King Beal has landed on the beach and a small ceremony is held for Otaki, who Heizaemon says was the first person to come and understand them. Kappei, sobbing, punches the side of the King Beal. Heizaemon says they should split up the King Beal for now and work on making repairs to the ship. The three ships split up.


While not a great episode by any means, this episode is a bit of an improvement over the previous one. In particular, Kappei seems to have, at least for this episode, gotten over his immaturity and does show a lot of care for Otaki, despite being treated by him cruelly earlier. This works out quite well for our heroes as they are able to get the supplies they needed as a result. Uchuta’s mother, who was so annoying in the previous episode appears again here towards the end of the episode, but seems to have gotten back to normal. The episode has an interesting concept with the Mecha Boost splitting itself up into numerous magnetic bombs, and such bombs appear to have been an inspiration for the Mobile Suit Gundam episode “Time Be Still” where the Zeon are able to attach magnetic bombs to the Gundam.

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Zambot 3 Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Fuyunori Gobu
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama
Soji Yoshikawa
Yoshihisa Araki
Katsuhiko Taguchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Ryoji Fujiwara

Character Designer:
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko

Musical Composer(s):
Takeo Watanabe
Yushi Matsuyama

23 episodes

Japan 10.08.1977 – 03.25.1978


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