ATM-09-HC Berserga Imitate


Model number: ATM-09-HC
Code name: Berserga Imitate
Unit type: custom mid-class armored trooper
Manufacturer: Gilgamesh Confederation/Melkian Federation
Operator: civilians
First deployment: unknown
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso/head
Dimensions: overall height 4.223 meters, 2.627 meters (standby mode); overall width 2.568 meters; overall depth 2.025 meters
Weight: dry 7.947 metric tons; full 8.812 metric tons
Armor materials: unknown material, armor thickness 6-16mm
Powerplant: unknown
Muscle cylinder system: 1P-MJ-S2
Polymer ringers (PR) liquid type: DT-MO
PR liquid power: 10.2 hp per liter squared
PR liquid capacity: 185 liters
Reserve PR liquid tank capacity: 35 liters
PR liquid replacement time: 231 hours
Performance: gliding wheel speed (dry weight): 82.1 km/h; gliding wheel speed (full combat weight): 43 km/h; gliding wheel power: 300 hp; gliding wheel torque: 75 kg/m
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; MCT-128-C control computer
Fixed armaments: pile banker, mounted on shield on left arm
Optional hand armaments: GAT-49min 50mm Pentatrooper

The ATM-09-HC Berserga Imitate was a custom AT created by Quentman Ru Shako. The Berserga Imitate used the body of a standard ATM-09-ST Scopedog, but its exterior was heavily modified to resemble the standard Quentian-use AT, the ATH-Q58 Berserga DT. Like the Berserga DT, the Berserga Imitate was armed with a shield/pile banker and an assault rifle. Shako used his custom AT to assist Chirico Cuvie in a fight against Radaa Niva, an experimental Balarant Perfect Soldier.

Pilot: Ru Shako
First appearance: Armored Trooper VOTOMS: Big Battle
Original mechanical designer: Kunio Okawara


Big Battle Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Soji Yoshikawa

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

1 episode

Video Release:
Japan 07.05.1986
U.S. 05.14.2019


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