B-ATH-XX Ecrevisse “Danger Melon”


Model number: B-ATH-XX
Code name: Ecrevisse “Danger Melon”
Unit type: heavy-class armored trooper
Manufacturer: Balarant Union
Operator: Balarant Union
First deployment: unknown
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso/head
Dimensions: overall height 4.380 meters, 2.205 meters (standby mode); overall width 2.200 meters; overall depth 1.752 meters
Weight: dry 7.895 metric tons; full 8.922 metric tons
Armor materials: unknown material, armor thickness 7-18mm
Powerplant: unknown
Muscle cylinder system: PP-BJ-XX
Polymer ringers (PR) liquid type: BP-CZ
PR liquid power: 11.2 hp per liter squared
PR liquid capacity: 187 liters
Reserve PR liquid tank capacity: 13 liters
PR liquid replacement time: 138 hours
Performance: gliding wheel speed (dry weight): 85.6 km/h; gliding wheel speed (full combat weight): 51 km/h; gliding wheel power: 400 hp; gliding wheel torque: 170 kg/m
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; NGCT-2CP control computer
Fixed armaments: 2 x 50mm machine gun, mounted on torso; pile banker, mounted on right forearm; 2 x missile launcher, mounted on left forearm, crab claw, mounted as left hand
Optional hand armaments: none

As the Gilgamesh Confederation built customized ATs for its Perfect Soldiers, so too did the Balarant Union. Appearing after the Hundred Years War, the B-ATH-XX Ecrevisse “Danger Melon” built up an undefeated record at the Battling ring in the Melkian city of Aa Koba. The highly maneuverable Ecrevisse featured a wide variety of armaments, including dual machine guns and missile launchers, a pile banker and a crab claw. It was piloted by Radaa Niva, an experimental Balarant PS who was nearly killed by the elite Red Shoulders and as a result was filled with cybernetic implants. The implants made him stronger than normal and allowed him to control the Ecrevisse with his mind, but at the cost of emotional stability. Radaa’s perfect win record continued until an encounter with Chirico Cuvie and his ATM-09-LC Light Scopedog.

Pilot: Radaa Niva
First appearance: Armored Trooper VOTOMS: Big Battle
Original mechanical designer: Kunio Okawara


Big Battle Info

Ryosuke Takahashi

Soji Yoshikawa

Mechanical Designer:
Kunio Okawara

Character Designer:
Norio Shioyama

Musical Composer:
Hiroki Inui

1 episode

Video Release:
Japan 07.05.1986
U.S. 05.14.2019


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