City Police Machine

General and Technical Data

Model number: N/A
Code name: City Police Machine
Unit type: variable patrol vehicle
Manufacturer: unknown
Operator: City Police
Rollout: unknown
First deployment: unknown
Accommodation: 2 crew in standard cockpit
Dimensions: unknown
Weight: unknown
Armor materials: unknown
Powerplant: unknown
Propulsion: 2 x tilt rotor engine (flight mode), 4 x wheel (Patroid mode)
Performance: unknown
Thrust-to-weight ratio: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; police sirens; searchlights
Fixed armaments: unknown
Optional hand armaments: 2 x firearm, usable in Patroid mode

Technical and Historical Notes

The City Police Machine was a variable patrol vehicle used by the City Police on the Macross 7 long-distance emigration fleet. The City Police Machine could transform between a ground Patroid mode that featured a pair of arms and a flight mode. The City Police Machine could carry optional firearms in its Patroid mode. Two variants existed – one intended for operation inside the sealed atmosphere of City 7, as well as a space-use version with different engines. City Police Machines conducted continuous patrols in 2045-46 as Varauta “vampires” infiltrated City 7 and attacked civilians to sap their Spiritia energy.

Miscellaneous Information

First appearance: Macross 7



Macross 7 Info

Tetsuro Amino

Sukehiro Tomita
Minto Hajime

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Kazutaka Miyatake
Hiroshi Ogawa
Munehori Nawa
Meijo Maeda

Character Designer:
Haruhiko Mikimoto

Musical Composer:
Fire Bomber

Japan 10.16.1994 – 09.24.1995


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