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Code Geass Stage 18: I Order Suzaku Kururugi


On the Black Knights submarine, Lelouch lays out the new organization chart for the group. He’s put Tohdoh in charge of military affairs, and Diethard in charge of intelligence and publicity, which Tamaki objects to. Chiba asks why a Britannian is being put in that job, and Lelouch reminds them that he’s not Japanese himself. He says they need people who can produce results, so personal background is meaningless. He appoints Ohgi as vice commander, Rakshata as head of technology and Kallen as the commander of his personal unit. Kallen notices that C.C. doesn’t have a position, and Diethard says he’d like to discuss an agenda with Lelouch. Elsewhere, Suzaku enters the chamber for his knighting ceremony as Britannian nobles express dismay over the idea of an Eleven becoming a knight. Suzaku bows before Euphemia and hands her his sword. After agreeing to follow a knight’s vow, Euphemia proclaims him as a knight of Britannia. There’s no reaction from the crowd until Lloyd and Darlton clap their hands, forcing the reluctant nobles to applaud as well. At the Black Knights mobile base, Diethard suggests assassinating Suzaku because he’s become a symbol for the Elevens who want to pledge their loyalty to Britannia. Tohdoh objects and says they won’t win the support of the Japanese through underhanded methods, and Ohgi agrees. Privately, C.C. tells Lelouch that he can just use Geass on Suzaku, but Lelouch refuses. She asks if it’s out of feelings of pride, friendship or stubbornness, and he says it’s everything. Elsewhere, Euphemia speaks to Cornelia over video conference about Suzaku. Euphemia says that Suzaku has the quality of a knight, but Cornelia reminds her that national policy is to treat Numbers differently than Britannians. Euphemia vows to change that policy, and Cornelia notes that means becoming the Emperor. Elsewhere, Charles is told of Prince Schneizel’s plans, and he happily welcomes a challenge from Schneizel. Back at the clubhouse, the student council throws a party organized by Nunnally to celebrate Suzaku’s knighthood. While looking for Suzaku, Lloyd runs into Nina and sees that she’s researching uranium-235 on her computer. Kallen approaches Suzaku with her pouch knife, but Lelouch grabs her by the arm and says Shirley needs help carrying the pizzas. Suzaku comes over and asks Lelouch what he wanted to talk about earlier, but Lelouch says it’s ok now. Lloyd enters the room and tells Suzaku he has work to do. Milly asks Lloyd why he’s there, and when Nina asks Lloyd if he knows Milly, he explains that she’s his fiance, which shocks everyone in the room, especially Rivalz. Lloyd tells Suzaku that an important guest is arriving by ship, and Euphemia and the Lancelot have to be present.

Later, Cecile, Lloyd and Suzaku sail on a ship for Shikinejima Island. Nearby, the Black Knights submarine also heads for Shikinejima Island. Lelouch explains that Euphemia is going there to greet a foreign aristocrat, so their mission is to capture the Lancelot and Suzaku alive. Later, Lelouch asks Diethard what he inspired Kallen to do, and Diethard says he only wanted her to follow him and dropped some hints. Lelouch tells him to not do things without permission. Diethard says the truth doesn’t matter because they can use the media to cover things up after the fact. At Shikinejima Island, the Britannian headquarters suddenly come under attack by the Black Knights. Suzaku states that he will protect Euphemia, but she wants him to assist headquarters. An officer objects and says that Suzaku could defect because the enemy is the Black Knights, but Lloyd reminds him that he’s criticizing royalty. Euphemia tells Suzaku that she wants him to demonstrate his abilities and put an end to such criticisms. Tamaki tries to make the killing blow on a Sutherland damaged by Kallen, but he’s forced to eject from his Burai when Suzaku attacks. Tohdoh and the others begin to fall back, and he orders them not to do anything to Suzaku. Lelouch uses himself as bait to draw Suzaku into a sand pit, and Rakshata activates a ring of Gefjun Disturbers that disable the Lancelot and Burai. Lelouch tells Suzaku that if he comes out he’ll be treated well as a captive, but if he doesn’t he’ll be shot. Euphemia gives orders for Suzaku to come out and wonders why the Lancelot won’t move. Lloyd explains that it’s caused by the Gefjun Disturber, and he says he was too careless because he thought it would remain theoretical. Lelouch asks Suzaku to join him, and Suzaku reiterates that it’s useless to achieve results with the wrong methods. Lelouch asks if the current peace is meaningless and says that there would have been constant battles if Japan hadn’t surrendered seven years ago. Suzaku says he’s fighting to preserve the peace created by his father Genbu, and Lelouch says that Japan’s surrender wasn’t Genbu’s decision, but rather that of the person who killed him. Suzaku is shocked, and Lelouch says that the will of the people was stolen. The base commander contacts Suzaku over the radio and orders him to capture Zero while missiles are fired at the Black Knights. Suzaku then attacks Lelouch and grabs his gun. Euphemia, furious at the orders, hops into a Portman and heads for Suzaku’s position. As Suzaku forces Lelouch into the Lancelot’s cockpit, the Guren jumps into the Gefjun Disturber ring and Kallen begs Suzaku to let Zero go. The Black Knights open fire on the incoming missiles, but suddenly the airship Avalon appears and blocks their fire with its shields. Lelouch tells Suzaku that he’ll die if this continues and opens his mask’s eye slit to use Geass. The Avalon opens its lower bay and bombards the ground with fire from the Knightmare Frame Gawain‘s hadron cannons.


Euphemia follows up her controversial decision from the last episode and makes Suzaku her knight, to the dismay of many Britannian nobles. That makes Suzaku a legitimate target for assassination in Diethard’s eyes, and he convinces Kallen to do it, which she almost accomplishes, save for Lelouch’s intervention. Lelouch doesn’t want to use Geass on Suzaku, and he instead wants to capture him and bring him to the cause of the Black Knights. He should know that Suzaku is incredibly stubborn, and Suzaku predictably babbles his line about using the “wrong methods.” However, Lelouch is playing dirty and using the information revealed by Mao against Suzaku. It doesn’t quite work, and the situation takes a turn for the worse when the Britannians decide to destroy the Black Knights with land-to-land missiles. Things get even more mixed up when Schneizel arrives in the airship Avalon and opens fire on the ground. It’s certainly not the ideal situation for Lelouch.

Overall Rating

Code Geass Info

Goro Taniguchi

Ichiro Okouchi
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Yuuichi Nomura

Mechanical Designer(s):
Akira Yasuda
Kenji Teraoka
Junichi Akutsu
Eiji Nakata
Takumi Sakura

Character Designer(s):
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer(s):
Hitomi Kuroishi
Kotaro Nakagawa

50 episodes; 3 compilation movies

Japan 10.05.2006 – 07.28.2007 (S1);
04.06.2008 – 09.28.2008 (S2)
U.S. 04.27.2008 – 10.26.2008 (S1);
11.02.2008 – 06.07.2009 (S2)

Theatrical Release:
Japan 10.21.2017 – 05.26.2018


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