Dunbine Ep. 26: Elle’s Spiritual Powers


Elle takes care of her sick mother Pat Hood in their cabin in the woods. Pat Hood feels sorry about keeping Elle inside, where she is unable to work on increasing her spiritual power. Elle says its alright. The Zelana lands in a town in Lao to get supplies. Jerryl, hearing about the mother and child in the woods realizes it was those who opened the Aura Road and brought Shou back to Upper Earth. Elle heads in the cabin to see how her mother is feeling when Jerryl arrives with armed troops. Jerryl grabs Elle in her Leprechaun‘s hands and demands to know how they brought Shou to Byston Well. Pat Hood rushes towards the soldiers with a knife and they kill her. Jerryl is upset for them killing her too soon, but a monster soon arrives and the solders all flee. Elle is dropped to the ground and runs while Nikusu watches. Jerryl kills the monster and Elle runs off, upset about her mother’s death. The Zelana receives their supplies but no one wants to help. The Commanding Officer talks of an Aura Ship under construction and awaits a day when they don’t need the Zelana‘s help. Shou and Chum are upset at him for saying that. Bishot Hate goes to Drake castle with Riml and receives praise from Drake. Bishot asks to talk to Drake in private so he can see the powerful Will Wipps Aura Battleship they have constructed. Elle arrives at the Fortress of Naburo, where the Zelana is, and tries to get in but the soldiers refuse entry and attack her. Hearing from Chum that she’s arrived, Shou comes out to help her. Elle tells Shou her mother died and passes out. Hon Wan arrives soon after and is let through, the guards not wanting to get hassled again. Hon Wan informs everyone about the latest developments involving Bishot Hate and Drake’s new Aura Battleship. After taking a shower Elle cries over her mothers death in front of Marvel. Nie, Shou and the others want to leave the fortress and attack Drake’s forces and receive permission from the commander. Nie orders Hon Wan to spy on the Will Wipps. Jerryl leads a small force of Tungys over the sea towards Lao and is attacked by some of Lao’s forces. She has no trouble taking out the weaker Aura Battlers attacking her. Elle, aboard the Zelana feels her ominous presence.

Everyone decides to head out based on Elle’s intuition. The Zelana‘s forces quickly encounter Jerryl’s and Shou attacks her. Marvel has trouble fighting the Tungys. Elle tells Nie to finish the battle quickly and standby in the air, for an even larger shadow will soon be upon them. Shou destroys the Leprechaun’s sword but Jerryl forces the Dunbine into the ocean then shoots at it. Shou bursts out of the water and slices through the Leprechaun. Marvel teams up with him to attack it again and they knock the Leprechaun into the water. Jerryl just narrowly escapes from the Aura Battler before it explodes. The rest of the forces retreat. Meanwhile Todd talks to Allen, who tells him Jerryl already headed out. Todd is angry and flies off, nearly flying into Drake’s massive Will Wipps Aura Battleship. Bishot Hate, aboard with Drake talks about how shocked he thinks Foizon and Ceila Lapana of Na will be when they see the Will Wipps. Drake is more cautious, thinking of how quiet Foizon has been lately. Drake orders his forces at the Cape of Silver to start advancing towards Lao. A large fleet of Drumlos, Vierres and Leprechauns head out. Elle becomes nervous and the Zelana heads off. Lao’s troops at Naburo prepare for the assault on the ground and blast at the Aura Battlers from the ground. They soon send their own Aura Battlers out as well. The Zelana reaches the battle a little late and sends out their forces. Todd decides to have Allen attack the fortress and attacks Shou on his own. Shou tells Todd that only his hatred has grown larger, not his Aura Power. Todd doesn’t seem to care about what Shou’s saying. Elle tells Nie they should retreat and that Naburo will fall to the enemy. Marvel tries to join in on Shou’s battle with Marvel but Shou tells her to retreat. It’s too late, as Todd damages her Botune. Keen heads out on the Fou and saves her. Shou and Todd continue to battle, exerting a lot of Aura Power. Shou realizes Todd has indeed powered up. They exert so much power that a light similar to that which appeared at Elf Castle appears and they vanish. Elle claims that they did not return to Upper Earth. Bishot Hate decides to head back to Ku on a Bull Beggar and prepare for their upcoming attack on the Land of Na, planned for after Lao is defeated.


A lot of interesting stuff happens in this episode, resulting in my highest score in a while. After a long period of time hiding out the Zelana rejoins Lao’s forces, although some there don’t appear too happy with them. Elle reappears on the scene after her mother dies and her spiritual powers appear stronger than ever. It looks like she’s going to join the Zelana for a while, and at just the perfect time considering Riml left the Zelana in the previous episode. Drake’s massive Will Wipps Aura Battleship makes its first appearance here. With the war escalating expect similar such crafts in the future. Drake finally begins his attack on Lao, resulting in the Zelana teaming up with a large number of allies, something we don’t all see that often. So many different plot threads coming together in one episode make this the best one we’ve had in a long time. After a rather slow stretch things really seem to be picking up.

Overall Rating

Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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