Dunbine Ep. 48: Cross Fight


Seagulls land on the drifting remains of a Drumlo which is blown up soon after. Aboard the Gea Gring Riml asks a soldier where Louser is and is told to head to the third bridge. Riml rushes there, holding tightly the knife she has brought with her. Bishot tells his soldiers to tell Drake that the Guran Galan has more Aura Battlers than he counted on there being and he’ll retreat if he doesn’t get reinforcements. He doesn’t want to be used as Drake’s shield. Aboard the Will Wipps Drake tells his soldiers to contact Bishot and tell him the Will Wipps will soon arrive. Drake indeed does plan on using Bishot as a shield. Musiy prepares to head out on a Bubuly that Shot confiscated from Bishot for her. He orders his Vierres unit to head out. An Aura Battler crashes towards the Guran Galan‘s bridge. Ceila says everyone should concentrate their souls on letting justice prevail. One of Ceila’s soldiers tells her to get some rest but she refuses. She is glad her soldiers care for her. She says she’ll fulfill her promise to Shou and destroy all Aura Battlers once this battle is over. Shou continues to fight the Black Knight’s Galava, which attacks the Billbine from behind. The Black Knight starts feeling uneasy and feels like he’s being drained of his Aura power. Shou charges towards him but the Black Knight goes hyper and the Galava expands in size. About to fire, the Black Knight’s power is once again mysteriously repressed and the Galava shrinks back to its original size. He flees from the Billbine. TV cameras record the action from the Carl Vinson. Realizing they wish to settle things between themselves, the Carl Vinson‘s captain decides to not get involved. Images of the battle play around the world. On the Graon Elle lies in her room alone until a soldier asks her to come out. She looks in the mirror and realizes she has been sensing the Black Knight. Marvel talks to Abe on the bridge and Elle as well when she arrives. Marvel heads out on the Dunbine leading another force of soldiers. The Will Wipps approaches the battlefield and Nie and Keen make their way towards it in their Botunes. Musiy thinks that Shot desires for Drake to be killed in this battle and heads towards the bridge of the Will Wipps, but Keen and Nie intercept her. She is mad at them for interfering since they too would benefit from Drake’s death. She damages Keen’s Botune, but Nie saves her. Realizing Ceila is at the center of the enemy’s plans, Shot tells his soldiers to locate her whereabouts. They locate her Aura Power aboard the bridge of the Guran Galan and Shot has the Spriggan head that way. A Drumlo cuts through the bridge of the Guran Galan, but no one is harmed. Kawasse wants to bring back the Billbine to defend them, but Ceila says no. Instead she decides to go along with Kawasse’s plan to attack the Gea Gring. The Guran Galan flees from the Spriggan and heads towards the Gea Gring. Louser asks Bishot what he has done with Riml and he tells her he hasn’t seen her yet since they are in the middle of a battle. Bishot tells his soldiers to take her to her room. The Black Knight goes hyper again and fires upon the Billbine. Shou doesn’t want to go hyper himself fearing what will happen and the Black Knight charges right by him, choosing instead to attack the Guran Galan. The Galava is about to fire upon the bridge of the Guran Galan but Shou deflects it just in time. The Guran Galan is still struck however, and takes heavy damage. Ceila warns Shou not to go hyper. The giant Galava attacks the Billbine again but the Aura Barrier deflects the attack and it flies off.

The Spriggan tries to head back towards the Guran Galan, knowing one more big blow will sink it. Shot’s soldiers tell him Ceila’s Aura Power can’t be sensed and it appears that she has gone further into the ship. They find her on the sub-bridge of the Guran Galan. Marvel attacks the Spriggan in the Dunbine and smashes right through it. The engine is partially damaged and the pilots are dead, but Shot takes control of piloting the ship himself. The Dunbine slices its sword through the bridge of the Spriggan and Shot is forced to retreat. Ceila thanks Marvel for helping her out. She says to forget about her and back up Shou. Marvel tells Ceila the Graon will soon arrive to help. Aboard the Graon Elle uses her strength to absorb the Black Knight’s power, causing the Galava to shrink. Bern has so much strength however that he’s able to go hyper a third time just as Marvel arrives. Both the Dunbine and Billbine attack the Galava but the Black Knight still desires to destroy the Guran Galan first. Kawasse, El Fino and Bel Al tell Ceila she should escape, but she refuses. She plans on self destructing the Guran Galan in order to destroy the Galava. The Black Knight fires at the Guran Galan but is unable to penetrate the Aura Barrier. The Graon continues to approach from above. The Dunbine and Billbine get in the Galava’s path and the Graon crashes into it from above seconds later. Elle tells the Black Knight to disappear from this world. Everyone worries about what will happen to her. The Black Knight is sapped of his power by Elle who tells him to be gone. He refuses to yield to her. Elle absorbs all of the Black Knight’s strength, which is too much for her. Her armor burns up and she collapses to the ground. The Galava shrinks back to its normal size. Elle tells Abe that Riml mustn’t be allowed to kill her parents, and dies. Abe tells Shou and Marvel she is at peace. Upset over Elle’s death, Shou tries to head towards the Black Knight but Marvel stops him and Ceila tells him going hyper would mean Elle’s sacrifice was in vain. The events of this battle play across Tokyo and are watched by Marvel’s parents in Dallas. Riml takes advantage of the confusion aboard the Gea Gring to sneak to Louser’s room. Inside, Louser is upset at Bishot for their conversation on the bridge. Riml comes in, and Louser wonders why she hasn’t seen Bishot yet. She sees the anger in Riml’s eyes. Riml tells her she’s the root of all this chaos. Riml rushes at her with her knife, but Louser dodges her, telling her that things won’t end if she is killed. Riml says she must be punished for using Drake and Bishot as her pawns. Louser laughs at her and opens a drawer with a gun in it. Nie heads towards the Gea Gring, looking for Riml. Shou heads into the dock, looking for her as well. Riml charges at Louser again with her knife, but Louser grabs the gun out of the drawer and shoots her in the head. Nie senses Riml’s aura. Riml’s corpse falls to the ground. Nie pounds on the wall of the Gea Gring, looking for Riml. He tears through the wall and sees her there, dead. Nie yells at Louser for killing her own daughter then fires upon her with the Botune. Nie cries and tells Shou what happened. The Billbine and Botune, with Riml’s corpse in its hands flees from the Gea Gring. With Riml and Louser dead, Ceila says there’s nothing here but hatred and she’ll take decisive action and die fighting. She orders the Guran Galan ahead, but the Graon forces its way ahead of them. Abe tells Ceila the Graon will take care of the Gea Gring. Holding Elle’s corpse in his arms he says they’ll return to Byston Well and make it peaceful once more. The Graon crashes into the Gea Gring, crushing Bishot. The remains of the two ships start collapsing towards the ocean.


This episode is as good as they come and to this point is without a doubt in my mind the best episode of the series. Tomino sure isn’t called “Kill ‘Em All” for nothing, as Riml, Louser, Bishot, Elle and Abe all die. Riml’s death was about as shocking and brutal as they come. Seeing her shot in the head by her own mother certainly was tough to watch. Considering Tomino did something similar in Ideon however, I guess I can’t really be all that surprised. It’s the second most brutal Tomino death ever in my opinion outside of the death of one of the children in Ideon. Luckily for the viewer the very hatable Louser is killed by Nie seconds later. In addition to all the deaths, this episode has a lot of exciting action with the Black Knight going hyper not once, not twice, but three times until Elle is forced to sacrifice her life to stop him. With Shou and him on equal footing now its setting up to be quite an exciting finale…

Overall Rating

Dunbine Info

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Minoru Yokitani
Yoshiji Watanabe

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kazutaka Miyatake
Yutaka Izubuchi
Tomonori Kogawa
Hidetoshi Ohmori

Character Designer:
Tomonori Kogawa

Musical Composer:
Katsuhiro Tsubonou

49 episodes

Japan 02.05.1983 – 01.21.1984


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