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Eureka Seven Ep. 46: Planet Rock


Aboard the Ginga, Ageha Squad members pinpoint the control cluster being at the center of the Tenshan Mountain range. Dewey is pleased and says they will proceed with Operation Nenocantus. Meanwhile Eureka’s children bring a first aid kit to Renton, whom they have brought back to the Nirvash. Renton opens his eyes as Eureka tries giving him some medicine. Eureka tells the children to get her a wet blanket for his arm. Suddenly dark clouds appear over the water. At Tresor, Jurgens asks Morita if they will be alright as they work on the Izumo, which will now be known as the Super Izumo. Morita says to trust him, and that it will be a different ship. Greg asks Jurgens if he wants some candy and Jurgens declines. On the Gekko, Woz and Jobs argue about the some computations. An LFO pilot from the Super Izumo attacks Holland before being told to stop by Talho. Talho ask why men have to be so stupid around each other. She admits they killed their colleagues but that they shouldn’t expect any apology. It won’t solve their problems and attacking Holland won’t actually make him feel better. She asks him to put that aside for now as they have a job to do. Talho grabs Holland’s face and showing the sore on his face dares them to pilot the Terminus typeB303, which she says tears out one’s soul. She says the world will be destroyed if they let Dewey have his way. On the Ginga, Ageha Squad members announce calculations as they plan to launch the operation in 3 hours. Back on the beach, Renton starts grunting and Eureka, feeling his cheek realizes his fever hasn’t gone down. Renton feels great pain upon touching his arm and passes out. Maeter asks if they can come over there and she says sorry as they come into an embrace. They wonder what will happen with the storm around them. While initially comfortable with Eureka, Maeter suddenly pushes herself away, saying long ago she felt something warm that smelt nice which suddenly turned really cold. Maurice tells her to stop it. Eureka asks for them to forgive her and says because of her their mothers were killed. The children tell her she’s their mother now. Back at Tresor, the Super Izumo has been equipped with various enhancements including a homing laser and more hangar capacity but Jurgens complains about its color, wanting it red to match the blood of the soldiers aboard it. In Holland’s room, Talho says despite his exhaustion from piloting the Terminus typeB303, he’s still pulled a stubborn act like this. Holland says she’s wrong and that he’s scared. He said he’d save the world and believes by fighting and winning they can save the planet, but admits to being afraid of it and where he goes from there. He wonders if he has the right to live a life with Talho and their child after what he did to Charles and Ray. Matthieu comes in, saying the army has made their move, a worldwide deployment, as reported by various people from around the world. Holland realizes they have found the control cluster. Talho says they should leave their fear and worrying for after everything is over. On the Super Izumo, Dominic sits in Anemone’s old room with Gulliver. Jurgens comes in, saying the Federation forces are on the move and this is his last chance to leave the ship. He asks if he’s sure about sharing this ship’s fate. Dominic says he feels like a member of the ship’s crew and he’s sure she’ll understand someday. Jurgens says that is something only young people like him could say. He asks if he has been feeding Gulliver properly, noticing that it’s still using his bed. Meanwhile Anemone sits in front of theEND in a dazed state, holding a rose in her left hand.

Wind blows along the beach around the tarped off area where Eureka and the others are. Renton wakes up and screams, jerking around in pain. Eureka grabs a hold of him and the kids soon join in to try and hold him down. Renton runs low on energy and stops. Eureka starts crying and suddenly starts feeling pain in her arm. The green spots around her arm grow until they have taken over her entire left arm. Large wings grow out of her back. Maeter says she turned into a butterfly. Eureka says sorry and that she can’t be their mother after all as she’s not like the rest of them. The kids protest this. The wind picks up and she tries to hold the tarp down, with the children joining in. Eureka calms down and they all smile. On the Ginga, Ageha Squad member pick up a signal from another ship participating. The operation has been in effect for 7 days at this point. They think it will take five days to drop from an anchor point in orbit. One squad member relaxes another by saying being 2 days behind is okay and that Dewey seems relaxed so they shouldn’t worry. The Gekko crew spots the control cluster being at the Tenshan Mountain range on the other side of the planet. Noticing the way they are communicating across the planet, Jurgens ask Holland if all ref boarders break the law like this. Holland says he’ll do so for something important. Jurgens thinks they are being reckless as it is 2 ships against 13,000 from the military. Holland says it’s preposterous but still has to be done by them. The Ageha Squad spots that Ortario #8, a large craft has reached the specified point. On the beach, Renton wakes up the next morning, by himself. He gets dressed and heads out near the shore, seeing Eureka and the kids there. Eureka initially calls out to him but grows hesitant upon realizing her changed appearance. Renton tells her that her wings are beautiful and she hugs him, telling him she loves him and wants to be with him forever. Renton says the same and promises they’ll stay together. Renton says things still hurt but he’ll manage. He asks if she nursed him all night and she says the kids did their best, helping her as well. Renton asks Eureka if he can touch her wings which she allows. He claims they are warm and she leans into him. Linck says he’s found something amazing. They head over with him and the kids, finding a large piece of amber in the ground and footprints on it. The five of them head up to the top and hold hands as they make their way there. Upon getting there they see marks across the water, which Maurice says wasn’t there yesterday. On its own, the Nirvash stands up. At Tresor, Jurgens announces to the crew that they are about to embark on a battle with no guarantee of victory and for those who will fight for the world and don’t care about this to step forward. Everyone steps forward. Jurgens thanks them although says they’ll likely regret this tomorrow. Nearby at the Nirvash, everyone gathers around Gonzy until Holland stands and says it is time to go. In the sky a number crafts have gathered positioning themselves to target the mountain range in 3 hours. They start a countdown. Dewey says 10,000 years ago this system was made to bring wealth to the land and they’ll rid the world of evil with it, enabling mankind to control this world. Morita, Greg and the other technicians watch as the Gekko and Super Izumo head off. Greg still has something they need to do, holding a disc with Eureka’s bio data. The Nirvash heads across the water. Maeter asks Renton about what is ahead of them and Linck points out that the Compac drive is glowing. They believe it is pushing them towards a glowing colorful Scub-like area before them. Dewey heads to see Anemone, telling her its nearly time to enter the stage, asking her to show him her best performance as he hands over the drug that will enable her to pilot. The Gekko and Super Izumo head through space, just above the planet as they make their way towards Tenshan. The Nirvash makes its way to a beach. The area before them appears quite large although Renton believes there will be an entrance somewhere. He spots a figure standing off in the distance, his sister.


This episode comes off as mostly a set up episode, moving the pieces around and inching us to what will presumably be more exciting stuff in the last few episodes of the show. The stuff with Dewey and the Ageha Squad throws a bit too much techno babble at us and the length of time that we are supposed to believe goes by (in excess of 10 days most likely) isn’t presented in the best fashion. The odds they present to us (two ships against 13,000) also comes off as quite overboard, knowing that it’s unlikely this show is going to conclude with our heroes losing. Renton, Eureka and the kids finally wrap up their time on the beach (although are at a new one by episode’s end), and Eureka’s body continues to transform such that she now has butterfly-like wings. One wonders if she will continue to transform or if this will be it. Renton’s long absent sister finally appears at the episode’s end, although is it really her?

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Eureka Seven Info

Tomoki Kyoda

Dai Sato
Hiroshi Ohnogi
Chiaki J. Konaka
Ichiro Okouchi
Yuuichi Nomura
Shotaro Suga
Megumi Shimizu

Mechanical Designer(s):
Shoji Kawamori
Yutaka Izubuchi

Character Designer:
Kenichi Yoshida

Musical Composer:
Naoki Sato

50 episodes

Japan 04.17.2005 – 04.02.2006
U.S. 04.16.2006 – 04.29.2007


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