GaoGaiGar Ep. 33: Departure to Below Freezing


Several months ago, Taiga and Leo study the message inside Galeon warning of the Primevals. In anticipation of their attack, the Orbit Base was constructed in secret with the help of the technology from the G-Stone. In the present, 3G is trying unsuccessfully to track the twenty eight Primeval cores that landed on Earth. Leo assumes that at least they shouldn’t be able to recover quickly from the loss of their bodies. Mikoto takes Guy and Mamoru down to the second order room, where they find former Zonder victims Tohru Nozaki, Minoru Inobuzaki and Akiko Hirata working as Orbit Base staff. Liger explains that they designed the various systems of the base, including its four new ships: Division I High-Mobility Forward-Deploying Projection Carrier Izanagi, Division II Multipurpose Special Machine Ship Kanayago, Division III Spaceborne Multidimensional Warning/Reconnaissance/Command System Susanoo, and Division IV High-Mobility Twin-Body Supply and Maintenance Ship Amaterasu. Unfortunately, the Orbit Base isn’t 100% complete yet and the Brave Robot Corps are still offline. Mamoru asks if they’ll be ready in time, and Mikoto replies that it’s all up to their internal repair systems right now. Guy assures Mamoru that they’ll awaken because they’re heroes and asks if they’ve located the Primevals yet. Mikoto says that they’ll perform a thorough scan once the base is complete but Guy should take it easy for now. They pass by the damaged Mic Force and Mic flies towards them offering Mamoru a ride back home. Mamoru is hesitant but Mic assures him that all his brothers are fine. Mamoru bids the other farewell and Mikoto gives him his new satellite-based 3G pager. Guy lies in the infirmary to rest when he suddenly spots a young woman who promptly disappears. Guy assumes he’s just tired and thinks nothing of it. Mamoru returns home and his parents can barely hide their excitement. While sitting in the bathtub, Mamoru wonders about his powers and why he has them but doesn’t get far in his thinking before Isamu barges in and jumps into the tub. Isamu tells Mamoru to bring Hana with them on their next fishing trip. Elsewhere, the massive mining platform Explorer Seven is taken over by Legs Primeval. It becomes ZX-04 and begins freezing the water around it using electromagnetic waves as Pagliaccio watches.

The truth about 3G, the Zonderians and the Primevals is made public to the world and all citizens are given a hotline number to call and report any suspicious activities. Sunou asks Sueo if his brother really works for 3G and Sueo replies that he was sent out to space recently. Sueo and Hana express their desire to go to space and the teacher reminds everyone not to make prank calls. On the way home, Mamoru invites Hana to his family fishing trip and she agrees before running back to her house. Mamoru suddenly spots Kaidou behind him. Kaidou summons the J-Ark from the sea and invites Mamoru aboard. On the bridge, Mamoru spots J and recognizes him as Pizza. J tells him that Pizza is dead and his real identity is the J-Jewel cyborg Soldat-J. J tells Mamoru not to get in his way or he’ll be treated as an enemy. Kaidou’s hair glows as he senses the Primeval and J has the J-Ark launch. Hana spots the J-Ark and contacts 3G, who promptly start tracking it with their satellites as it heads towards the Arctic Ocean. The J-Ark approaches ZX-04 and fires its Anti-Meson cannons but ZX-04 blocks the beams by forming several icebergs in front of it. It starts forming icebergs right under the J-Ark and J retaliates by destroying them with missiles. 3G monitors the battle and Leo explains ZX-04 ability to freeze water with electromagnetic waves while the rest wonder why the J-Ark is fighting it. J fire ES Missiles which go through the icebergs and score a direct hit on ZX-04. Swan reports that ZX-04 is continually moving north and Leo figures out what its true purpose is: To reach the north pole and disrupt the Earth’s magnetic field, depleting the ozone layer and allowing solar radiation to bombard the planet and kill all life on it. J tries to get in close to ZX-04 to fire his weapons at point blank range but the Primeval repels him by spinning around and creating an ice storm. It bombards the J-Ark with a rain of ice shards and causes it to fall into the ocean. Taiga quickly orders Izanagi to launch with Guy, Galeon and Mic in it to stop the Primeval. Mikoto reminds Guy not to overdo it because his repairs aren’t complete. Pagliaccio announces that the Earth’s destruction is inevitable.


The action mostly takes a backseat here to allow 3G to unwind and rebuild their strength, as well as give some more exposition. It was really nice to see one shot characters from the first season return to join the ranks of 3G, since they put all their scientific skills to good use this time. Now that the conflict is on a global scale, it makes sense that the entire world is told about it. Otherwise it’d be hard to explain giant structures around the world springing to life and abducting people. We’re still in the dark about Kaidou and J, though, aside from the mention of the J-Jewel. That and Kaidou having similar abilities to Mamoru seem to imply that Cain and Abel liked to copy each other’s notes a lot.

Overall Rating

GaoGaiGar Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Ryosuke Takahashi
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Takahiro Yamada
Takehiro Kirao

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

49 episodes

Japan 02.01.1997 – 01.31.1998


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