GaoGaiGar Ep. 37: The Coming of Cain


Mamoru is brought back home by Mic and is greeted warmly by his parents. Back in China, a training exercise is conducted for the dragon robots. They are pitted against tanks firing live ammunition, which get destroyed in rapid succession. Yan marvels at their teamwork as they approach the final target: A large cannon guarded by attack helicopters. The Japanese dragons destroy the helicopters and reach the cannon. RaiRyu flies in on his dump bed but EnRyu suddenly grabs on to it and they both fall into a canyon. They bicker briefly before RaiRyu blocks a blast from the cannon. HyoRyu and FuRyu distract the cannon and berate their brothers for fooling around. The cannon fires again and the dragons combine into ChoRyuJin and GekiRyuJin. GekiRyuJin lifts ChoRyuJin upwards with Xiang Tou Long and the two begin firing on the cannon. Yan finally realizes that the hearts and souls of the machines are what allow them to combine and not the program calculations. The cannon is finally destroyed when both robots attack it physically. Yan informs the Chinese dragons that they’re being transferred to 3G by the United Nations’ request. FuRyu protests that their mission is to protect the homeland, but Yan tells him that protecting the Earth is the same thing. They all depart on Amaterasu and head back to Orbit Base. On the Orbit Base, the staff relaxes in the swimming pool. Taiga and Guy discuss the situation as Entouji reports that they finished their investigation. They confirmed that Kaidou is not biologically related to his mother and was found eight years ago on Mount Aso in Kyushu. Guy deduces that it was Kaidou that restored J and Taiga wonders what the relation between them is. They still don’t know what their goal is and where they got the J-Ark from. Taiga suspects it’s of alien origin like Galeon, and suggests they give ‘that’ a shot. Ai makes Mamoru dinner but his 3G pager goes off. Mamoru says he has to go and Isamu tells him to call them if he’ll be late.

Guy spots the mysterious woman and she disappears again. Mikoto is in her room looking at her high school photo album when she spots a letter addressed to Guy. The latter suddenly bursts into her room and asks if she’s seen any ghosts in her room, causing Mikoto to throw a pillow at him and scream out in horror. Guy spots the letter and Mikoto hides it while telling Guy to at least knock next time. As they both stare out into space, Mikoto says that she can’t believe they’re fighting to defend the Earth when they were high school students not too long ago. She adds that she doesn’t think she’s very helpful to Guy, and he tells her that she’s the one that allows him to perform Final Fusion and wield the Goldion Hammer. Their tender moment is interrupted by an announcement saying that Mamoru has arrived and asks everyone to report to the second order room. 3G recounts the events that have happened since the Primevals’ arrival, and deduce that while they have targeted 3G for elimination; their true goal is to Zonderize the entire planet. The reason Mamoru was brought in is so that he can try to extract new information about the Primevals from the black box panel on Galeon. Mamoru is hesitant, so Taiga gives him the box he got from his parents, which contains a G-Stone pendant. Leo explains that it’s a special G-Stone with a different composition and Mamoru asks where they found it. Leo and Taiga dodge the question and ask Mamoru to put the pendant on. The pendant glows and Mamoru touches the panel, but it displays the same data that 3G already has. Mamoru apologizes but Taiga and Guy cheer him up. Liger adds that Disc X is now ready so there’s no need for Mamoru to fight. Elsewhere, a satellite rocket is launched from Kazakhstan carrying Brain Primeval. Mamoru sits alone with Galeon and asks him about Cain and why he always protects him, but the lion is silent. A voice then speaks out, calling itself Cain and declaring that the time has come. Mamoru’s hands glow and he touches the panel again, releasing a flood of new data and unsealing his memories. He doesn’t get long to digest what he just saw before he suddenly senses a Primeval. Brain Primeval merges with the rocket and becomes ZX-06. Pagliaccio orders it to destroy the Earth. 3G detects an ES Window opening and Taiga quickly scrambles the Brave Robot Corps and the Mic Force. ZX-06 starts drawing an asteroid cluster through the window, and Kazou reports that the asteroids are all on a collision course with Earth.


We get another break in the action here following the events in China. You’ll notice that from this point on, I’ll be referring to the Ryu robots as the dragons in the summaries for brevity’s sake, because typing up their individual names each time they act as a group is really tiring. Mamoru’s parents are now in the know about his 3G adventures, but all they care about is his safe return home. Mikoto has quite an interesting habit of pinning photos in her album using stickers with her portrait on them. And for some reason the shots of album are all live action. The woman that Guy keeps seeing will be a recurring mystery for the next few episodes like how Kaidou was in the first season. And finally we get to see the contents of the mysterious box, though it’s not quite clear where the Amami’s got it from. The naked Mamoru certainly didn’t have it on him when Galeon brought him to Earth, but at least it seems he’s back in business now.

Overall Rating

GaoGaiGar Info

Yoshitomo Yonetani

Yoshitomo Yonetani
Ryosuke Takahashi
Fuyunori Gobu
Yuichiro Takeda

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Takahiro Yamada
Takehiro Kirao

Character Designer:
Takahiro Kimura

Musical Composer:
Kouhei Tanaka

49 episodes

Japan 02.01.1997 – 01.31.1998


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