GB-9700 Gundam Belphagor


Model number: GB-9700
Code name: 
Gundam Belphagor
Unit type: 
anti-Newtype mobile suit
United Nations Earth
United Nations Earth
pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
head height 20.0 meters
empty 10.5 metric metric tons; max gross weight unknown
Armor materials: 
Luna Titanium alloy
Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rating unknown
Equipment and design features: 
Flash system, gives Newtype pilot increased control and response; sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 
2 x strike claw, mounts large beam saber, mounted on shoulders, fold over arms in use; 2 x atomic scissors, mounts scissors beam gun, mounted on knees; 3-barrel sonic smash cannon, mounted in torso; many x anti-bit heat wire, mounted in wrists
Optional hand armaments: none

One of the biggest factors in the Seventh Space War was the existence of Newtypes. In addition to their increased senses and natural combat prowess, the defeat of a Newtype resulted in a major blow to one side’s morale. As the United Nations Earth developed its new Gundam mobile suits, a new concept came to them: a Newtype mobile suit specifically designed to battle other Newtypes. To that end, they constructed the GB-9700 Gundam Belphagor. The UNE focused entirely on making the Belphagor a high performance machine regardless of the cost, resulting in a devastating (if expensive) machine. The Belphagor’s armament consisted of a pair of shoulder-mounted claws, which could be used as short-range striking and grappling weapons, as well as mounting large beam swords. The knees mounted atomic scissors as a surprise weapon, as well as installing beam guns in them. The Belphagor’s chest panels hid a set of sonic smasher cannons for powerful long-range attacks. For the purpose of its anti-Newtype role, the Belphagor was given a multitude of heat wires in its wrists, intended to shoot down enemy bits.

Like its brethren, the Belphagor used a Flash system; however, its system was redesigned to give the pilot improved performance at the cost of the ability to control bit MS. However, the Belphagor still had its flaws. The extreme G-forces put on the pilot were not adequately compensated for, making it highly dangerous for the pilot to fly at high speeds. To this end, the potential Newtype pilots for the Belphagor were seen as little more than expendable parts. Though the Belphagor’s service records were unknown, it was said that their participation in the ground battle prevented the Space Revolutionary Army from launching a full-scale invasion of Earth. After the war, the Belphagor was used as the basis for the NRX-0013 Gundam Virsago and NRX-0015 Gundam Ashtaron, the personal mobile suits of the Frost brothers. In AW 0024, one Belphagor was found and activated by a mysterious Newtype named Kai, who for reasons unknown turned on the Vultures who rescued him.

Pilot(s): Kai, Cyaan Linden
First appearance: SD Gundam G Generation F
Original mechanical designer:
Junya Ishigaki



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