Space Patrol Boat

General and Technical Data Model number: unknownCode name: Space Patrol BoatUnit type: patrol boatManufacturer: unknownOperator: Earth Federation ForcesFirst deployment: unknownAccommodation: unknownDimensions: unknownWeight: unknownPropulsion: unknownEquipment and design features: ...

M65 Light Armored Vehicle

General and Technical Data Model number: M65Code name: Light Armored VehicleUnit type: armored vehicleManufacturer: unknownOperator: Republic of MunzoFirst deployment: unknownAccommodation: 1 driver and multiple passengersDimensions: unknownWeight: unknownPropulsion: ...

FF-1F Hog

General and Technical Data Model number: FF-1FCode name: HogUnit type: space fighterManufacturer: unknownOperator: Earth Federation ForcesFirst deployment: unknownAccommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpitDimensions: unknownWeight: unknownPropulsion: rocket thrusters: total output unknownEquipment ...

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