Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE Ep. 17: The Sacred Beast Cuadorn


Cuadorn tells the Build Divers to leave because this is a problem for the people of Eldora to deal with, and if they’re to be wiped out, they’ll have to accept it. Hiroto states that they don’t have time for this because they don’t know when Alus might launch another attack. Cuadorn asks if they know about the Moon, and Hiroto answers that they caused the attack. Cuadorn tells them that the satellite cannon won’t be able to fire for at least another 500 hours, and May asks Cuadorn if he knows Alus. Muran mentions what Cuadorn described as the Nemesis in the Moon, a being atop the Silver Tower that surpasses their understanding. Cuadorn explains that Alus was created by the Ancients to protect Eldora. Parviz wonders if the Ancients lived on Eldora, and May comments that Alus is doing the opposite of protecting Eldora. However, Cuadorn counters that Alus is adhering to his duty and won’t stop until the New People are annihilated. Hiroto asks why Alus would attack the people instead of protecting them, and Cuadorn answers that this is his duty. May asks if Alus is out of control, but Cuadorn responds that the people of the Gunpla don’t need to know any more and should return to their world. Freddie asks if New People refers to his people and asks why they need to be annihilated. Muran notes that the Ancients left Eldora to their ancestors and that Cuadorn vowed to protect the world. Muran adds that they as the New People trust the Build Divers and need their strength. Cuadorn notes that many were sacrificed by trusting Masaki, and the same could happen with the Build Divers. Cuadorn explains that Alus is a special entity created by the Ancients to counter outside invaders. He was given special abilities and fought to protect Eldora, but eventually he was damaged and went into a long sleep. An eon passed on Eldora, with the planet regenerating and developing new life. When Alus awoke from his slumber, he regarded the New People as invaders and began attacking them. To Alus, annihilating the New People is protecting Eldora. Kazami asks if they can clear up the misunderstanding with Alus, but Cuadorn explains that only the Ancients can do that. Cuadorn says that it will head into space when its wounds are healed and destroy the satellite before Alus can attack again. May asks if that means killing Alus, and Cuadorn answers that this is its duty. It explains that it joined the ancient kings in protecting Eldora’s land and sea to ensure the prosperity of the people. Hiroto asks if Cuadorn can speak to Alus, but it again tells them to leave. Muran asks if Cuadorn is troubled by Masaki, and the Build Divers realize that Cuadorn summoned Masaki to Eldora. Cuadorn answers that Masaki was the only person who answered and that the Ancients who could control Alus are all gone. Cuadorn explains that the Ancients left Eldora so that the war torn planet could recover, but some wanted to see the planet when it was reborn and created a system to transmit their bodies across space-time. Nearly all traces of the Ancients vanished, but one led Cuadorn to Earth and GBN. Masaki answered the call and used the Gundam Tertium to protect Eldora. Muran sees that Masaki was captured by Alus and somehow forced to do his will. Cuadorn states that the purpose of the summoning platforms isn’t to bring in the people of the Gunpla, but rather to let the Ancients return. Cuadorn thinks Masaki’s betrayal was punishment for misusing the summoning platforms, and Hiroto cuts in to say that he understands why Cuadorn would be suspicious of outsiders. Cuadorn asks why they would fight when they have no connection to Eldora. Parviz asks how long before Cuadorn’s wounds heal and says there’s no point if the people they’re trying to protect aren’t still around. Kazami declares that he doesn’t want the people to cry any more, and May adds that they want everyone they know to be happy. Hiroto says that they don’t want to waste the sacrifices made by everyone in the Resistance, and May says that people who act alone can only do as much as one person can. Freddie sees that he can work the summoning platforms and begs Cuadorn to let them fight. The sacred beast finally relents, and Muran vows that Cuadorn can trust the Build Divers. Hiroto asks about the other ruins being left intact even when the surrounding villages were destroyed, so he wonders if Alus can’t attack the places the Ancients are meant to use to return. Cuadorn thinks this is likely, but adds that hiding there would be only a temporary solution as Alus would change the ruins to target status. Hiroto thinks a temporary solution is fine while they stop Alus, and he asks Muran to evacuate the villages. Freddie wants to help, but Kazami notes that they need him to perform the summoning. The Build Divers decide to return in two days, and Cuadorn shares a concern.

Kazami and Parviz feel exhausted after returning to GBN, and Kazami wonders if the mobile suits appeared because Cuadorn summoned Masaki. May thinks that Alus must’ve accessed GBN and created copies of Gunpla to fight Masaki before capturing him. May thinks Cuadorn initially refused them in fear of more people of the Gunpla failing to protect Eldora. Kazami asks Parviz why he left his sword behind, but Parviz stumbles to answer. Hinata awkwardly tries to come up with an excuse for running into Mizuki at the hospital again. At his house, Kazami sketches out plans for Gunpla upgrades and looks at a group photo from the Space Crossing festival. He thinks about how he’s scared to death, so the people of Eldora must be even more so. Kazami remembers going to a festival with his father and seeing an Aegis Gundam kit at a stall. Patrick recalls flying a glider through a storm and having lightning strike a wing, leading to the crash that left him paralyzed. Following the accident, Patrick’s older brother Ruck told him that GBN was a place where he could revive his dreams of flying. May meets Magee in a park to talk to him about Eldorium mirror sand that can read electromagnetic records and materialize any kind of object. Magee wishes he could support them, and May said it would be good to summon more people, but restrictions on Eldora prevent them from changing the number of people. She says this isn’t a job for a random four person party and that knowing everything is real makes it more exhausting and scary. May thought of asking if everyone wanted to continue, but the looks on their faces told her they would be fine. Magee says this means they aren’t just a random party anymore, and May responds that she at least understands everyone better now. Hiroto stands atop a hill at night and thinks about his encounter with Alus’ copies of his Gunpla. His father Osamu walks up and says this is a good place for thinking, and Hiroto asks if he’s in a slump again. Osamu answers that he isn’t and asks if Hiroto is the one in a slump with Gunpla Battle. Osamu tells Hiroto that he has to climb out of that slump, and he mentions he got a new job. He explains that when he was young he worked intensively on a story more than anything else he had done, but it was also his biggest failure. Now he’s been tasked with remaking it, and although he prefers not to think about that dark history, he’s going to try. Osamu says that even though a story is just fiction, it can make people happy or help someone. Because of that, even Hiroto can save the world with his Gunpla. Back at home, Hiroto opens the box with a planet Armor. At the G-Cafe, Hinata thinks about Mizuki showing her Masaki in his comatose state, and she hopes Hiroto is safe in GBN.


While this episode is mainly an exposition dump, it does explain a lot of what is going on in Eldora. We learn that Alus was once the planet’s protector, but after his long slumber he has come to view the New People as invaders to be destroyed. Cuadorn sought to stop this and followed the trail of the Ancients, which somehow led to GBN and Masaki. What’s the connection there? Could all the EL-Divers that now exist within GBN have some relation to the Ancients, who had extremely advanced technology? Or did the Ancients leave Eldora and somehow colonize Earth or seed humanity’s development, similar to the Protoculture in the Macross franchise? We don’t have any of these answers yet, but I expect some will be forthcoming. Flashbacks also show how Parviz became paralyzed, but they also explain his love of flying and his initial fears about flying in GBN. Now that the Build Divers have new summoning platforms to get their full Gunpla, they’ll be able to fight more effectively against Alus and the One-Eyes.

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Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE Info

Shinya Watada

Yasuyuki Muto
Yasunori Yamada
Atsuo Ishino
Tatsuto Higuchi
Shogo Yasukawa

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Kenji Teraoka
Ippei Gyoubu
Fumikane Shimada
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki
Takayuki Yanase
Shinya Terashima

Character Designer:
Shuri Toida

Musical Composer:
Hideakira Kimura

26 episodes

Japan 10.10.2019 – 08.27.2020
Streaming 10.10.2019 – 08.27.2020


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