Gundam Wing Ep. 8: The Treize Assassination


As night falls, Leo and Tragos units continue to attack the Gundam pilots. Wufei and Trowa break into a hangar, but find that it is wired with explosives and infrared sensors. Wufei doesn’t care about them because he’s after Treize, so he runs through the hangar and sets off the explosives. He then escapes in a transport plane, followed by Trowa in another. Duo sees that Treize used them as puppets, and Quatre comments that they all screwed up the mission. Duo thinks they can still catch up to Treize, but Quatre disagrees and points out that they’ve lost the element of surprise. More Leos begin attacking, but Heero just stands there and takes their attack. Elsewhere, Treize’s shuttle lands on a fleet out at sea. Une reports to him that she’s ordered Zechs to take command of the Luxembourg area where there’s still some resistance. She asks what to do about the Gundams, and Treize leaves it up to her. Several OZ soldiers ask Une for permission to head to New Edwards, but she tells them to just activate the self-detonation devices on the missiles instead. In the air, Sally attempts to make sense of all the chaos around the world. She hears a report that the New Edwards Base will be destroyed to take out the Gundams, so she orders an immediate hard landing. Sally and her men make it to the control room and try to stop the OZ soldiers from activating the detonators. She points out that their wounded colleagues are still at the base, but they activate the detonators anyway. With the codes locked in, Sally hopes that she can reach out to Heero and get his help. Duo and Quatre are forced onto the defensive to cover for Heero since he is still non-responsive. The Wing Gundam is knocked down by fire from a Tragos, and Heero hears Sally over the loudspeakers. She tells him about OZ’s plan to destroy the base and the Gundams, and Quatre confirms that an explosion of the base’s 47 missiles would wipe out the surrounding area for 300 kilometers. Duo wants to escape, but Quatre points out that there’s only 10 minutes and that they can’t cover that much ground in that time. Sally asks Heero to deactivate the missiles, and he takes off. Heero flies over to the missile silos and cuts his way into the underground chamber. He then jumps out of his cockpit and swings down to a catwalk. Sally tells him over the radio that the largest missile’s explosion will cause all the others to explode, so he has to take out that one. Quatre continues to hold off the enemy forces while Duo secures two transport planes. Heero crawls into a control room and stops the detonation. He returns to the surface and screams that he screwed up his mission. Une apologizes to Treize for her failure, and Treize points out that the Gundams saved them because they can’t thoughtlessly pollute the planet. He then tells her she needs to learn more about OZ.

Noin sits on a motorcycle and reflects on how the Alliance forces under Brigadier General Daigo Onegell won’t surrender even after the damage they’ve suffered. At his castle fortress, Onegell declares that he won’t let OZ win, but then Zechs casually strolls into his office. Zechs pulls out a gun and sees that Onegell recognizes him. Onegell claims that the attack on the Sanc Kingdom wasn’t his fault and that the Alliance made him to it. Zechs says that many countries opposed the Alliance’s military expansion, and that by eliminating the Peacecrafts, Onegell wanted to make an example for other countries. Onegell then realizes that Zechs is Milliardo Peacecraft and reaches for his gun, but Zechs shoots him first. Une thinks about what Treize said and wonders if she doesn’t understand him. Two carriers request communications with the fleet, and Une realizes they are the Gundam pilots. One of the planes crashes into a ship, and the rest open fire on Trowa’s plane. He exits in the Gundam Heavyarms after the plane explodes and comes under fire from 20 Leos. Une orders them to push Trowa into the water and leave him to the Cancers. Wufei exits from his wrecked plane and attacks one of the ships. Une tells her men again to knock Trowa into the water. A Leo gets onto the catapult line and uses its launch speed to tackle Trowa and knock him into the water where the Cancers are waiting. Wufei heads for Treize’s ship, which has left in advance of the fleet. Une flies over in a Leo equipped with a high mobility pack and slams into the Shenlong Gundam. She pulls out a beam saber and tells Wufei he won’t get any closer to Treize’s ship. She dodges his beam glaive, but he grabs her beam saber hand and rips off the forearm. Wufei tells her to stop because she knows she can’t win. Treize’s ship then pulls in closer and blows its horn. Une tells him to get away, but he says he’ll take care of things. Wufei smashes the side of ship with his dragon fang and sees that Treize is waiting with a saber for a duel. Wufei grabs a sword and attacks Treize head on, but Treize effortlessly dodges his attacks and gets his sword onto Wufei’s neck. Wufei asks to die, but Treize turns away and says he hopes they can fight again. Wufei then returns to the Shenlong Gundam and jumps into the water. Une asks Treize why he fought, and Treize answers that it was honorable for Wufei to leave his cockpit and fight man-to-man. Next time, Treize intends to fight with a mobile suit. Trowa uses his combat knife to slice apart the last Cancer. He notices Wufei sinking next to him and asks if he accomplished his mission. When he doesn’t hear a response, he knows what it means.


The fallout from the failed New Edwards mission continues in this episode. Heero, still in shock from killing the Alliance pacifists, spends the first few minutes of this episode in an almost catatonic state. He then springs into action after Sally asks for his help. Une further demonstrates how ruthless she is with her plan to destroy the Gundams. As much of a nuisance as they are, destroying a base and the surrounding 300 km is more than overkill. Luckily, Heero is able to stop her with barely a second to spare. Meanwhile, Wufei tries to take on Treize in a swordfight and fails spectacularly. His failure here will spark a series-long duel between them. Finally, while attacking Alliance forces, Zechs takes the opportunity for revenge by killing Onegell, who led the attack that destroyed the Sanc Kingdom. Unlike his masked forbearer Char Aznable, here Zechs is actually able to take revenge on someone who was directly responsible for killing his family, as opposed to Char’s reprisal in killing Garma Zabi.

Original Review: December 1, 2000

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Gundam Wing Info

Masashi Ikeda
Shinji Takamatsu

Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Akemi Omode
Toshifumi Kawase
Masashi Ikeda
Katsuhiko Chiba

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Hajime Katoki
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Shukou Murase

Musical Composer:
Ko Otani

49 episodes

Japan 04.07.1995 – 03.29.1996
U.S. 03.06.2000 – 05.11.2000


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