Gundam Wing G-UNIT Vol. 3


When MO-V receives a distress call from a container ship, Odin launches in the Gundam Griepe to investigate. He brings the container ship back to MO-V, which is revealed to contain parts they ordered six months earlier. Lucille finds a young woman inside the ship and takes her to the infirmary. She begins to ask the girl questions about what happened, but Odin tells her to let the girl rest. Odin speaks to Roche and tells him he may need help with the girl. Odin visits the girl in the infirmary, and she tells him her name is Luna Armonia. Odin takes Luna for a walk and shows her all around MO-V, including the hangar where the Gundam Griepe is stored. Aretha sees Luna and tells Roche that something seems familiar about her. Lucille approaches Odin in a strange dress and storms off angrily when he doesn’t want to go with with her. Roche tells Odin that he’s better off being with Luna to keep an eye on her because she’s suspicious. Later, Luna sneaks into the mobile suit hangar and finds Odin waiting for her in the Gundam Griepe’s cockpit. She asks him how he knew about her, and Odin points to Aretha and Roche. Aretha says that she remembered seeing Luna as one of Valder’s underlings. Luna then removes one of her earrings and throws the hidden bomb on the floor, setting off an explosion. She takes Odin hostage and has him fly the Gundam Griepe out of MO-V. As they leave, Luna tells him that she’s planted bombs all over MO-V and threatens to set them off if he doesn’t listen to her instructions. Odin criticizes her for taking advantage of his kindness, and she tells him she’s only following her mission. Odin tells her she shouldn’t fight her good heart, and Luna says that she has to do things for the sake of her sister. Suddenly, Solis Armonia approaches in the Vayeate Suivant along with the mobile doll Mercurius Suivant. Odin pulls out his beam lancer to fight Solis, and Luna threatens to set off the bombs on MO-V. Odin says the remote control is out of range, and Solis fires her double beam cannon at him. Odin fires his buster mega particle cannon at Solis, but the Mercurius Suivant uses its planet defensers to deflect the shot. The planet defensers are then deployed around the Gundam Griepe to create an inescapable energy barrier. Luna tells Odin he has been beaten by a mobile doll. At MO-V, the bombs are all successfully disarmed, but there is no word from Odin. Odel wants to launch in the Gundam Aesculapius to find Odin, but it isn’t ready for battle yet. Roga doesn’t want Odel to leave MO-V defenseless, so Roche asks to borrow the Gundam L.O. Booster. Roche then launches in the Gundam L.O. Booster, and Odel wonders if they can trust him.

Odin is escorted to the Granshirio and taken inside to meet with Valder. He demands to know what Valder intends to do with MO-V, and Valder likens his plans to a chess game. He says a game should be played to win, and he fully intends to do that. In the mobile suit hangar, Dr. Berg examines the Gundam Griepe and is impressed with the performance settings that Dick altered. He is shocked when he sees that the plasma jet conduits have been altered to the designs of Odin and Odel’s dead father Mark. Luna takes Odin to a cell and tells him there’s no way for him to escape. Odin says that they are both alike in that they want to pilot mobile suits to impress their older siblings. He tells Luna that Solis is using her, so Luna slaps him. Luna tells him he doesn’t understand anything because he hasn’t had her life. She tells him that their parents died when they were young and that they were taken in by guerillas fighting against the United Earth Sphere Alliance. They fought as rebels until the fall of the Alliance and tried to live normal lives, but it didn’t work out. They then met Valder, and Solis vowed to work for him and protect him. Odin says his life hasn’t been easy either because his parents died in a shuttle accident when he was young, but he goes on to say that the people of MO-V became his family. Odin asks Luna to bring Solis with her and live with them on MO-V, but she storms out of the room. As Roche approaches the Granshirio, Kratz launches in his Leo-R to intercept him. Roche attacks with his beam cannons, and Kratz can’t believe he’s alive. He decides he wants a Gundam for himself and sends two Virgo mobile dolls to attack Roche. Roche easily destroys the mobile dolls and feels there is no honor fighting pilotless machines. Luna and Solis attack Roche, and Dr. Berg sets Odin free to help Roche. Odin asks Dr. Berg why he’s letting him go, and Dr. Berg answers that it’s for scientific research because he wants to see what the Gundam Griepe can do. Odin joins with Roche to help in the fight, but the two have trouble because Luna and Solis move in perfect unison. Roche has an idea and has Odin transform into mobile armor mode. He rides on the Gundam Griepe’s back as Odin fires the buster mega particle cannon. Roche then jumps off and uses Odin’s beam lancer to destroy Solis and Luna’s weapons. Odin asks Solis to surrender, and she tells him it doesn’t matter if they die. She asks him how he plans to use his Gundam in the escalating war, but he says he hasn’t thought about it. The Granshirio fires its beam cannon and destroys Luna and Solis. The spirit of Luna asks Odin to stop the war so that the world doesn’t produce more girls like herself and Luna.

With MO-V running out of supplies, Odel thinks it is time they took the offensive against OZ Prize. Using data that Odel brought back from the Granshirio, Dick creates D-UNIT mobile dolls from Leo parts to defend MO-V. Dr. Berg addresses the soldiers of the Granshirio and tells him that the final battle between Earth and White Fang is beginning. He says that they can’t allow the G-UNITs to fall into White Fang’s hands, so they have to destroy MO-V and capture the G-UNITs before joining the fight against White Fang. Valder is impressed by Dr. Berg’s speech, and Dr. Berg says history shows that the side with the better weapons wins. Valder isn’t interested in that and only wants to test his skills against Treize Khushrenada. Odin asks Lucille to increase the PX system limit on the Gundam Griepe, and she reluctantly agrees when he promises he won’t overdo it. Virgo mobile doll units from White Fang approach the Granshirio, and Dr. Berg sends Kratz out in the new Gundam Burnlapius to fight them. On the battleship Libra, Quinze is surprised to hear that OZ is at MO-V. He realizes that his mobile dolls are heading into a trap and that they’ll have to proceed without capturing the G-UNITs. As the Gundams prepare to launch, Odel tells Tricia that they should get married when he returns. Roche asks Aretha to help everyone in the control room, and Lucille informs Odin that she increased the PX limit by 64 seconds. She hugs Odin and doesn’t want him to go, but he promises he’ll come back. The three Gundams launch, and Odin is amazed by their new speed. Odel explains that it’s because their father and Roga worked to design engines for interplanetary travel. The three arrive at the battlefield and find the Virgos floating lifelessly. Kratz appears with his new Gundam Burnlapius and attacks Roche. Odin wants to help him out, but Dr. Berg re-programs the Virgos from White Fang to destroy Odin and Odel. Odin uses his hyper mega particle launcher to destroy most of the mobile dolls. Roche fends off Kratz’s attacks, but Kratz activates the PX system and goes crazy. Odel activates his own PX system and tells Kratz to stop because his mind can’t handle the PX system, but Kratz ignores him. The PX system overloads and destroys the Gundam Burnlapius. Nearby, Valder appears before Odin in his Hydra Gundam for the final battle.

Odin orders Valder to call off his forces, and Valder laughs at him and says he wants to settle their fight like men. Odin says he will do whatever it takes to save his people, and Valder answers that it’s time for action, not words. Odin fires his hyper mega particle launcher, but Valder dodges it. He then attacks with his beam lancer and realizes he’ll have to act quickly because Valder is too good. Dr. Berg proceeds with his plan to do destroy MO-V, but Odel asks him to stop. Dr. Berg asks Odel to join him again, but when Odel refuses Dr. Berg says he’ll have to kill him too just like his father. Dr. Berg sends out several Virgos, and they easily capture Odel. Dr. Berg explains that he knows all the moves of the G-UNITs and programmed them into the Virgos. Dr. Berg tells Odel that his father Mark stood in the way of Dr. Berg’s plan to seize control of MO-V, so he arranged to have him killed. In response, Odel places his PX system into overdrive and slams into the Granshirio. Although the ship is damaged, Dr. Berg activates a specially programmed self destruct sequence where the Granshirio will destroy MO-V and all the colonies on the way to Earth. Odel calls Odin and tells him that he has to destroy the Granshirio before it destroys the colonies and crashes into Earth. Odin puts his PX system into overdrive as well and is able to keep up with all of Valder’s attacks. Valder can’t believe that Odin is keeping up with him and says that only Treize is his equal. Roche tells Treize that he just found out Treize is dead and Earth has surrendered. Odin makes his final attack and slices the Hydra Gundam in half with his beam lancer. Although he’s defeated Valder, the PX overdrive has drained the Gundam Griepe’s power reserves. Roche and Odel give Odin parts from their G-UNITs so that he can intercept the Granshirio. As the Granshirio approaches MO-V, Odin destroys it with his hyper mega particle launcher. In February AC 196, Preventer Quatorze (aka Lon) helps restore MO-V’s communications system. In space, Odin and Odel have one final dogfight in Leos with paint guns. Roche thinks it’s too much for Odel to be having a dogfight at his own wedding. Odin and Odel begin their last fight before destroying the Leos in the name of peace.


So there ends the Gundam Wing side story G-UNIT. In typical Gundam fashion, Odin has a brief encounter with a doomed female enemy pilot. However, unlike guys like Amuro Ray or Kamille Bidan, he doesn’t allow it to depress him. The fight carries on against the cruel Valder and power mad Dr. Berg. Roche goes out into battle again and proves that he’s not a bad guy by putting his life on the line for MO-V. Kratz meets a suitable end as one of Valder’s followers, and it should be noted that for some strange reason TOKYOPOP decided to rename his suit to Prometheus Gundam. Valder himself gets killed by someone he never thought would match his skills, and it’s too bad for him that he didn’t know his great opponent Treize committed suicide. A brief cameo by Quinze reveals that he wanted to steal the G-UNITs to presumably use them against the other Gundam pilots. It would have been interesting to see the G-UNITs up against the anime Gundams. Following the end of the story, you can see more of Tokita’s great Go For It, Domon Gundam Party SD strips. Overall, this side story offers an interesting companion story to Gundam Wing that is fun, but not particularly original.

Overall Rating


Koichi Tokita

Koichi Tokita

Mechanical Designer(s):
Koichi Tokita

3 volumes

Manga Release:
Japan 05.01.1997 – 03.01.1998
U.S. 12.10.2002 – 04.08.2003


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