Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Ep. 10: Circling Thoughts


A Cathedra committee announces to Sarius that they will not press charges for the Gundam Aerial utilizing the GUND Format, and Sarius asks why Delling is giving this suit special treatment. He asks why Dominicus isn’t hunting down the witches, but Rajan answers that their response won’t change. Sarius leaves the Cathedra front on a shuttle and grumbles to Vim about how Rajan is Delling’s lapdog. Vim orders fancy wine as a pre-celebration because he plans to kill Delling. Suletta tends to Miorine’s tomatoes and is interrupted when Shaddiq comes by to talk. Suletta mentions that Miorine and the Gundam Aerial will be back soon, and Shaddiq hopes that Suletta can resume dueling because challenges have been piling up over the last two months. Suletta vows to do her best and thanks Shaddiq for arranging to postpone the duels. He comments that Miorine’s two-week business trip was long, and Suletta beams while thinking about how Miorine entrusted the greenhouse to her. Chuchu calls Suletta and yells at her for being late to the GUND prosthetic leg test. Suletta runs over to Earth house and squats on top of a pair of prosthetic legs. Although she stumbles at first, she’s able to successfully complete an obstacle course with jumps and a balance beam. Belmeria announces that Suletta cleared the Class A standard test, and when Nuno asks if that’s enough to get into the medical industry, Belmeria elaborates that it just means they’re qualified for review. She comments that if the GUND Format gets licensed, it can be applied to any kind of prosthetic. Nika mentions that all that’s left is advertising, but Suletta forgot to get permission to shoot their new commercial. Everyone laughs at the way she admits forgetting, so she runs off to the barn to mark “tell a joke and make everyone laugh” off her list. Nika sneaks up on Suletta and asks what’s next on her list, and Suletta shows her a pair of matching keychains. Suletta explains that she always wanted to share an accessory with someone and feel closer, and Nika assumes one of the keychains is for Miorine. Suletta wonders if Miorine will use it, and Nika nervously comments that Miorine will love it. Suletta comments that as soon as she saw the keychains in the store, she fell in love with them. Miorine meets with Delling at his company’s front and reports that financing through convertible bonds went smoothly. He asks if she considered the risk of stock value dropping at the time of conversion, but she answers that she didn’t. He then grills her on various business questions and gives some suggestions. He comments that Miorine has done well evaluating the cost effectiveness of her investment. After the meeting, Miorine joins up with Till and looks over the spaceship she bought. She then meets her crew, which includes Feng Jun, the woman contracted to smuggle her to Earth, and a man named Guston Parche. Miorine is surprised to see Feng, who comments that she does all sorts of jobs. Miorine asks who they are and if they’re after the Gundams. Feng offers to explain if Miorine can guess her affiliation, and Miorine correctly guesses Space Assembly League. Feng says they’re still investigating and she’s not an enemy, and Miorine asks if she could be an ally. Sarius calls Shaddiq and tells him about Vim’s plan to kill Delling, but he dismisses Vim as an oaf who could never pull off something so bold. Shaddiq recommends helping Vim because if Delling is gone and someone from the three branches is the Holder, their stock plus Miorine’s would give them majority ownership. As it stands now, Shin Sei and Suletta don’t have enough for a majority, so duels won’t determine the next president. Sarius responds that a student like Shaddiq should focus on duels and warns that he’ll lose his position if he fails. Shaddiq says that he hasn’t forgotten his debt and vows to win. A school official denies GUND-ARM permission to shoot where they want, and Suletta recommends the Dueling Committee lounge, which she can use as the Holder. Petra watches them and grumbles to Lauda that Guel would still be the Holder if Suletta had never come to the school. She asks Lauda if Guel is still missing, and he wonders where Guel has gone. Elsewhere, Guel works a menial job in a front under the name “Bob.” A co-workers tells Guel that he’ll be coming along in five days on a trip to deliver cargo to Plant Quetta, a Benerit Group factory.

In an abandoned building on Earth, a girl named Sophie shows another girl named Norea the commercial for GUND-ARM. Norea asks if Suletta is a witch, and Sophie dismisses the company for making light of things. Sophie asks where Naji is and heads out to the garden to tell him he’s got a call from the Prince at Asticassia. Naji answers the call and is surprised by Shaddiq’s lack of caution in not using a go-between, and Shaddiq answers that this explains how important the issue is. Shaddiq explains that he wants them to attack Delling in five days when he visits Plant Quetta. Naji notes the difficulty of going into space to attack a major Benerit facility, but Shaddiq reassures him that security, run by Jeturk, will be lighter than usual. Naji agrees to the job, but he wants to see the flight route and have a ride provided for them. After the call, Shaddiq thanks Nika for facilitating things and adds that her father figure said hello. At the school, Secelia complains about people from Earth House being in their lounge,  and Suletta and the others watch Miorine give a TV interview about GUND-ARM. Ojelo comments that Miorine suddenly seems way beyond them, and Nuno adds they were never close to begin with. Ojelo compares Miorine to a thoroughbred and them to weeds, and Lilique asks if she’s grazing on them. Everyone laughs when Ojelo says that Miorine will chew them up and spit them out, but he seriously tells Suletta that Miorine will grow beyond her too. Suletta insists that it’s not like that, but she’s called away by Belmeria to test the prosthetic legs again. Suletta thanks Belmeria for helping them, and Belmeria explains that she originally wanted to become a medical engineer, so she’s happy to help them out. Belmeria mentions Suletta’s last duel, but she’s interrupted when Suletta receives a phone call and leaves. Suletta runs through the forested area and encounters the new fake Elan, who tells her he’s officially back in school. He makes Suletta nervous by saying she looked cute in her commercial, and then he touches her chin. Suletta comments that he seems to have changed, and he says it’s thanks to her. He asks Suletta on a date, but she says she can’t because of Miorine. Elan says that’s all a lie and that everyone is gossiping that Suletta is being used as a shield so that Miorine can avoid getting married. Elan moves in close for a kiss, but Suletta pushes him back and runs away. Elsewhere, the real Elan talks to Nugen about his new double, and she mentions that she chose this one because his personality is just as wicked as Elan’s. Suletta says to herself that Elan seemed rather frightening, and she runs over to the greenhouse when she sees two men there. She says they can’t be there, but Miorine explains she hired them to work the greenhouse for her. Suletta is surprised that she’s back, and Miorine explains that she bought a spaceship and got back faster. Suletta takes the news of the new employees to mean she’s not needed for this job, and Miorine thanks her for having done well at it. Miorine asks if she ran into Elan, and Suletta explains what happened. Miorine doesn’t care and says she wants them to get along because she hired Elan to serve as another test pilot for GUND-ARM. Miorine says she doesn’t have to ask Suletta for everything now, and Suletta says she doesn’t need to be there. She says that she’s been getting wrong ideas on her own, but Miorine isn’t paying attention. Miorine tells Suletta she should come along to pick up the Gundam Aerial from maintenance, and Suletta drops the keychains. Delling arrives at Plant Quetta and is greeted by Prospera. Guel hands out food to the bridge crew of his ship, and their sensors pick up two unidentified mobile suits. The Gundam Lfrith Thorn and Gundam Lfrith Ur, piloted by Norea and Sophie, fly around the ship menacingly and draw their weapons. At the school, Renee asks Shaddiq if it’s time to be making waves like this, but he intends to follow through on his plan to break up the Benerit Group. Naji makes direct contact with the ship and tells them that it’s now under the control of Dawn of Fold.


Two months have passed since the previous episode, and it seems like a lot has happened in the interim. Duel requests have been piling up for Suletta, but the Gundam Aerial is under maintenance for all the damage it incurred in the duel. GUND-ARM has also advanced and now has a working pair of prosthetic legs as its first product. Belmeria seems happier working on this instead of with creepy fake Elans, and it seems like she was going to say something important to Suletta about the last duel before being interrupted. The new fake Elan is definitely a manipulative creep and working to undermine Suletta and Miorine, which in the end he accomplishes. Suletta has clearly developed feelings for Miorine, but the combo of Elan’s creepiness and Miorine’s indifferent attitude leaves her feeling crushed. Lots of political maneuvering goes on in this episode, with Vim moving yet again to kill Delling. Shaddiq reveals his true aspirations and we learn the nature of his shady connection to Nika. These new Earth witches piloting Gundams seem like they will definitely shake things up, and I wonder if Prospera is also going to make a move against Delling at Plant Quetta.

Overall Rating

The Witch from Mercury Info

Hiroshi Kobayashi

Ichiro Okouchi

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kanetake Ebikawa
Wataru Inata
Ippei Gyoubu
Kenji Teraoka
Ko Inaba
Takayuki Yanase

Character Designer(s):
Marie Tagashira
Juri Toida
Hirotoshi Takaya

Musical Composer:
Takashi Ohmama

25 episodes

Japan 10.02.2022 – 01.08.2023 (S1); 04.09.2023 – 07.02.2023 (S2)
Streaming 10.02.2022 – 01.08.2023 (S1); 04.09.2023 – 07.02.2023 (S2)


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