Gundam X Ep. 24: Double X, Activate!


On Zonder Epta the Freedens crew is engaged in a firefight with New U.N.E. soldiers. Witz wonders how the New U.N.E. discovered their plan to escape, but Roabea says they don’t have time to think about that. Elsewhere, two soldiers escort Ennil and Techs down a hallway. Techs tells Ennil he was too optimistic about her, but he doesn’t regret his decision. She tells him she’s moved by his words and thinks she should atone for what she’s done. She then opens her shirt and pulls a flashbang out from between her breasts. She blinds both the soldiers and takes their machine guns after knocking them out. Elsewhere, Garrod and Katokk use the towing line from the container to get onto the Berkomo. Tiffa tells Jamil that everyone is trying hard to change the future, so he decides he will do the same. He then attacks one of the soldiers escorting him and takes his machine gun. A soldier reports to Aimzat that Jamil has escaped and that intruders are onboard the ship. Aimzat figures that Garrod will go after the Double X, so he orders that the ship be locked down. While Garrod and Katokk search for the Double X’s hangar, Jamil and Tiffa hide from the soldier pursuing them. On Zonder Epta, an armored vehicle begins firing at the Freeden‘s crew. Another armored vehicle driven by Ennil and Techs appears and destroys it. On the Berkomo, Olba and Shagia decide it’s time to move to the next stage of their plan. Katokk and Garrod find the Double X’s hangar, but the entrance is blockaded by several soldiers. A soldier tosses a grenade at Katokk, but he punts it back at the soldier. They then run into the darkened hangar, and Katokk seals the door and shoots the controls. Garrod looks at the Double X, and Katokk knocks him aside to save him from a sniper’s shot. The two hide behind a crate, and Katokk sees that the room is filled with snipers. Outside, several soldiers begin to cut through the door with blowtorches. Katokk has an idea and asks Garrod to run on his signal. When the door opens, the light blinds the snipers, giving Garrod a chance to run to the Double X while Katokk shoots at the soldiers. Garrod jumps into the Double X and is shocked to discover it has no G-controller. On the bridge, Aimzat laughs as he holds the G-controller from the Double X. On another part of the ship, Jamil and Tiffa retrieve the G-controller from the GX Divider and head for Garrod’s position. Garrod gets out of the Double X’s cockpit and rejoins Katokk to help him fight off the soldiers.

On Zonder Epta the entire crew is reunited after the New U.N.E. soldiers retreat. Witz thinks the sudden quiet is a bit too convenient and wonders where all the soldiers went. On a nearby boat, Shagia and Olba forge an order from Aimzat to completely evacuate Zonder Epta. Shagia wonders who will have the Double X when a flock of birds arrives. More soldiers prepare to run into the hangar, but Jamil fires a gas canister at them and shoots them in the confusion. Tiffa gives Garrod the G-controller and tells him that she wants to change the future. Several more soldiers run into the room, and Katokk jumps in front of Garrod and is shot several times. Jamil shoots back while Garrod and Tiffa pull Katokk behind a crate. Katokk tells Garrod that he was always looking for a place to diem so this isn’t so bad. He reminds Garrod about what he said earlier about adults and tells him not to be burdened by the war or the Gundam. He warns Garrod not to repeat the mistake from before and dies. Garrod asks Jamil to cover him while he makes another run for the Double X. As soldiers fire bazookas, Garrod jumps into the Double X’s cockpit and activates it with the G-controller. He then moves the Double X and fires his head vulcans at the soldiers. Garrod holds Tiffa, Jamil and Katokk’s body in his hands and blasts out of the Berkomo‘s hangar. As he flies away, he sees the Freeden pulling out of Zonder Epta. He lands on the ship’s deck to drop off his passengers and returns to the air when a squad of Balients approaches. Garrod attacks the Balients alone and destroys them with his beam swords and vulcans. Suddenly, a large task force of transport planes and Balients from the General Staff Office appears on the horizon. On the Berkomo, the Frost brothers hold Aimzat at gunpoint and tell him that he wouldn’t understand what it’s like to be labeled as useless people. Aimzat tells them he treated them well even though they were Category Fs and not actual Newtypes. Shagia tells him that they as Category Fs will make the future, not Newtypes. Garrod activates the twin satellite cannon and prepares to fire at the New U.N.E. task force. He thinks about Katokk’s words and the mistake Jamil made 15 years ago. At the last minute, he changes his target and fires at Zonder Epta. The island is completely destroyed, and the Frost brothers retreat after killing Aimzat. Later, the crew of the Freeden gives Katokk a burial at sea. In Europe, Bloodman declares the founding of the New U.N.E. and promises he will not repeat the war from 15 years ago.


Well, this episode certainly was filled with plot and action. Katokk’s death was to be expected, because you knew he had to die at some point after being on the show for four episodes. In the end he finally gets his wish and dies so he can see his wife and kid. Talk about someone who’s tortured. Garrod gets the fancy new Gundam Double X, but I wonder what happened to the other Gundams, since they were in the container that sank. The mention of Category F at the end explains some things about the Frost brothers. Category F is mentioned as if it’s some experiment that went wrong. Perhaps they were experimented on, and that is why they can communicate telepathically. It’s also revealed that they’re part of the General Task Office, whatever that is. At the end, Bloodman’s declaration of the New U.N.E. leads the series in a new direction. Now, the Freeden crew is going to be pursued by the U.N.E. instead of Orcs and Vultures. Somehow, I’m doubtful of the sincerity behind Bloodman’s promise to not repeat the war.

Original Review: August 22, 2000

Overall Rating

Gundam X Info

Shinji Takamatsu

Hiroyuki Kawasaki

Mechanical Designer(s):
Kunio Okawara
Junya Ishigaki

Character Designer:
Nobuyoshi Nishimura

Musical Composer:
Yasuo Higuchi

39 episodes

Japan 04.05.1996 – 12.28.1996


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